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  1. Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec. 34/340 head. Gamer. Grip should be replaced and can add one if you like. $160 SOLD
  2. Cool idea. Just sad that they sell out in 1 second like Scotty Cameron items do.
  3. PXG Gunboat H in mint condition. 35” with headcover. $old Ping Anser TI pixel. 33.5. Looks like pervious owner sanded down initials on the toe. Pixels are perfect. $120
  4. ^^^ same. Order excellent and they were new. If you have ever ordered from CPO, conditions is way better than stated.
  5. 1. Golf Galaxy, Westminster CO 2. Thornton, CO 5. 14 4. TS2 10.5 set at B3 with a UST AxivCore 5. Fitted for shaft on a 913. Used same shaft on 917 & TS2 6. TSi2 7. Yes
  6. What is the turnaround time these days?
  7. Titleist T200 irons. 5-W with AMT black stiff shafts. Standard LLL. $600 Scotty Cameron Laguna 2.5. Torched. 34.5. $old
  8. Thanks, but not looking for trades right now.
  9. Mint Piretti Elite Cortino. 35”, headcover, and weight kit. Best anser style head I have ever used. $310
  10. Mint Piretti Matera Elite. 34” with headcover and weight kit. $old
  11. Mint TaylorMade Ardmore 3. 34”’ with headcover. $160
  12. Misc1600

    Pxg gen 2

    Just received a gen 1 dagger and it’s all milled face. Are there two different versions? One with the milled face and the other the TPE insert?
  13. Mint PXG Dragger. 35” and 1 degree flat. SS GT tour 1.0. Ships in PXG box as well. $195 SOLD
  14. Misc1600

    PXG Dagger

    Any experience with the PXG Dagger or how the Gen1 feels? Interested in the CS version, just not sure how the insert will feel.
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