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  1. This was my same experience. i sold the quickly. Man but those wedges were beautiful
  2. Thanks. I have the same issue. This information was very useful.
  3. I'm attempting to re shaft my iron. I prepared the epoxy, add some in the hosel, add some on the tip of the shaft. But when I insert the shaft it quickly pops back out. It's like there is pressure build up. I've had this problem before but somehow overcame it. This club is giving me fits. Am I missing something? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  4. So tempting..but Ecco is still very proud of their shoes even after 40% off.
  5. Tell him that you will remove the shaft.
  6. I buy and sell mostly on Facebook. No problems so far. Ebay and BST on occasions
  7. Picture and price tells the story these were at a Target in Maryland. Enjoy!
  8. Yes...she is missing a few teeth.
  9. Yes it is. I'm planning to get it refinished.. suggestions??
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