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  1. Hey folks - So it's been about a year since my switch to a full set ( 2-PW ) of the Mizuno HMBs and I just wanted to post and comment about how much I've enjoyed these irons. Between making some minor swing changes and getting these clubs, I've had an awesome year and am looking forward to many more. Just thought I would share that and hope to hear other comments about folks who have used HMB this year.
  2. No clue why more high handicappers are not following this lead - these wedges are so good, they are idiot proof.
  3. Dont kid yourself - go get fit and see how your numbers are. Im a 12 and play all HMBs.
  4. Since this is WITB here is what's really in my bag.,..
  5. Because they take the idiot out of shot-making and make me look good. Seriously - give them a try.
  6. Great bag - funny - I play a course in PA, USA named SugarLoaf. Love me some HMBs!
  7. I know many players are choosing to mix and match the mp20 line but all of my numbers were great with the HMB throughout the bag. Don't be fooled, you will be able to work the ball with HMB - just maybe giving up some of the buttery feels with the MB. For a 12.5 handicap player like myself, everything just made sense. Thank you all for the kind words.
  8. Tom Brady (air), Lance Armstrong and many of the MLB and NFL (doping), the list goes on and on. We all want to think pro athletes have sound morals but in the end, they're looking for that "competitive edge" - no matter how they get it.
  9. You will not be disappointed - long and surprisingly forgiving. Mines fitted with a 44 1/2 inch Px Evenflow and the honeymoon just won't end.
  10. My Ping Umbrella is safe. B) Been in the bag since 2010 and still going strong. Stiff flex shaft has held up in the strongest winds around.
  11. > @Huntingchris0000 said: > I went from 900 forged to full set of HMBs. Honestly the full set of HMBs look great to me. I can use the extra forgiveness as my handicap has creeped up to a 5 from a 2 when I had more time to play +1 Only able to play a couple of rounds but have really enjoyed these wrenches so far.
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