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  1. Not sure what the 09X is. My 090 is 9.0 loft. Looks like you're CT is 243. What are your trade interests?
  2. Hey, Jon Rahm uses a 37''! I'm 6'1", so not crazy tall, but generally just find it to be way more stable and keeps my arms relaxed
  3. Bro, I wore these for a couple years, my favorite shoes ever. If these were white you'd have a sale!
  4. Prices include shipping CONUS. USPS priority Trades: -60g x shaft tipped 1" or more for Titleist driver any length 45"+ -Ventus black 60x velocore tipped 1" or more for Titleist or Srixon -odyssey 2 ball 10. -Cleveland premier 10.5 -c taper S+ shafts 4-pw -plumbers neck mallets (no TaylorMade) -long neck with no lines -versa 1w 1) Scotty Cameron Flowback 5, mint 36", 2.5 loft, 70 lie. All factory $320 NOW $295! 2) TaylorMade milled grind 52 and 56 wedge heads Ever make a trade on Golfwrx a
  5. I can get it adjusted tomorrow if you can pay asking price. Feel free to DM me. Artisan golf is right up the road, and they do the best work anywhere.
  6. Hey all, feel free to ask any questions or need more pics. Prices include shipping CONUS. NO TRADES. $20 off each additional Club you purchase. Thanks! 1) BRAND NEW SIM udi 2 iron +1/4" 1.5° strong 1.5° flat HZRDUS smoke 90 6.5 Std grip and swingweight $189 $179 2) Srixon u65 23 degree 4 iron +1" length D3 swingweight This thing is amazing, goes 225 without ballooning and lands like a 7 iron. Oban i93 x flex $95 $85 3) RSi UDI 1 iron and Tour preferred UDI 2 iron -can't tell ya why
  7. Can it normalize for the golf ball like trackman? My course has pretty new balls, but they are striper, two piece range balls. And when did you purchase this? Thanks
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