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  1. I have always enjoyed your posts when you are testing something out. They have great deatail on what you are doing and what you are thinking. Oh, that view from you patio is killer.
  2. Looking for a 7 X-stiff. Having a titleist fairway adaptor a bonus. Needs to be at least 42.5".
  3. The 7m is a little longer heel to toe and the overall footprint is bigger.
  4. Got the x5 because I wanted something smaller than my 7m.
  5. This was my first Scotty with a little paint fill change.
  6. No you weren't the only one. I was hoping it would be more like this one that deerslayer's son, Stratton had built.
  7. 1. Lake Shawnee Golf Course 2. Hiawatha, KS 5. 8 4. Titleist 917 D3, C3 setting, Agera Ric Proto X flex 5. No 6. TSi 3 7. Yes
  8. Up first is a Scotty Phantom X5. It is 33" and has new ultraslim 1.0 superstroke. Got this a few weeks ago and decided to stay with my futura 7. Headcover included. Looking for SOLD. Second is a Rombax P95x. Measures 41 1/8 and has Titleist fairway adaptor. Shaft has had very little play, as you can see the graphics are in excellent condition. If you don't need titleist adaptor, I can pull. I also have a taylormade adaptor I can send with shaft. Looking for $125 shipped conus.
  9. I was at a course here in Kansas and as we were getting ready to warm up and the Titleist rep started setting up. I was so excited, but then found out they were fitting their club pros and it would be about a month until they did regular joes fitting.
  10. So let's see the guy has finished 2nd and 4th in his first two majors as a pro at the ripe old age of 21. Oh and he won the 2019 NCAA individual by five strokes, but let's write him off as not having "it" already. You might be right when it is all said and done, but a little premature in my opinion.
  11. Glad I saw this. I was looking at Grimm Reaper pistol gt that they had for sale. Hope you get your full refund.
  12. That will definitely change things for you. Congratulations Q.
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