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  1. Titleist TS4 8.5 head with -4 gram weight. Includes headcover that is in excellent condition. Head has been played for part of this season and is in great condition. There are a few scuff marks on sole of the head. I do have a -2 gram weight I can include if price is met. Looking for $265 shipped CONUS.
  2. Tiger winning last year's Masters and then hugging his kids. As a parent and fan, it was just an amazing moment.
  3. Another fan of Delilah's work.
  4. City, Sate? Hiawatha, KansasHandicap? 8Current driver and shaft? Titleist TS4 8.5 w/ xphlexx agera ric proto x flexWhat would you improve with your current setup?? Consistency What Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test? White 75txDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and quality photos? Yes!
  5. Thanks. Yes, it is 33". Discovered a few years ago by accident that I putt better with a shorter putter.
  6. Picked up this Scotty Futura X 7m. Really like the all black look. Been playing an odyssey 7 and thought I would give this a shot. Rolls nice on the carpet and hope to get out to course some day.
  7. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver features a higher toe, more face progression and a straighter top line than the standard Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver. This new head shape helps you align the face to the target line to help promote a neutral to fade biased shot shape. Callaway created this new shape because it has become increasingly popular among Tour players. Per Callaway.
  8. I have a Callaway Epic Triple Diamond 9* head with Project X hazardous smoke 6.5 70g shaft. Shaft is tipped 1" and will play to 45". Club is in excellent condition and will come with headcover. I don't have a Callaway wrench. Looking for $400 shipped conus. I will separate head, $325, and shaft, $100. Long time member and had 100+ positive feedback before it went away.
  9. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Golf MD Olathe, KS What performance are you seeking with a new driver shaft? Would like to get tighter dispersion and lower launch. What weight / flex Ventus Black you want to win? 7x
  10. Off to Ebay with the evenflow and I am thinking of putting a Callaway adaptor on speeder to see how it works in the Epic Flash TD head I have.
  11. So Jwoz09 offered $70 and I accepted three days ago and now he has gone silent. Will sale for $70 to anyone who would like it. PayPal is [email protected]
  12. I have a few shafts that I would like to find a new home for. First is a Tensei PO 7tx that has callaway adapter and is not tipped to the best of my knowledge. Shaft measures 44.5". I can pull adapter if someone just wants shaft. **TENSEI SOLD** Second is a Project X Evenflow white 6.5 65 grams with Titleist adapter. No tipping to the best of my knowledge. Shaft measures 44.5". Looking for $70 shipped conus. Last is a Fuji Speeder Evolution 757 x tour spec. No tipping to the best of my knowledge. Shaft measures 44.5". Looking for $75 shipped conus. Only trade interest is Graphit
  13. Q if you need a caddy, I only live an hour from both places. :)
  14. Followed J's advice and tried the EF TD and have been very pleased. I just need to tip my current smoke shaft or follow J's lead and try the ad vr or tensei white.
  15. Adding to: @D0ch0l1d4y said: > Adding to quote > > @adam667220 said: > > Well I may have misread a prior post or maybe it was edited. Proposal #2. Everyone confirms their availability for the next month and we just pick the date that the most people can attend. Still plan on Shoal and in the 12-1ish time frame. > > > > Skipping Aug 3/4 as too soon > > Aug 10 - No, No, Yes > > Aug 11 - Yes, Yes, Yes > > Aug 17 - Yes, No, Yes > > Aug 18 - Yes, Yes, Maybe > > Aug 24 - No, Yes, No > > Aug 25 - maybe/unknown, depends on wif
  16. If the 28th works for most people do that, but I will not be able to make that day.
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