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  1. I would be fine with Shoal again, but only made it to one of the outings there. August would work. The only dates I couldn't are 3-4 and 24-25. My drive is about hour and a half and could make mid morning work, but I am closer than midmogolfer.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new thread. I would be interested in attending again.
  3. J, I saw in an earlier post that you have you hzrdus smoke tipped an inch, have you ever played one not tipped? I ask because I just got a triple diamond with an untipped smoke shaft. It felt pretty loose compared to the agera ric proto I got from you a few years back and I am trying to figure out how much I need to tip it.
  4. This might be a bit much, but I guess you could put the user id of the person you are working with out and see if others have had dealings with them. Basically what feedback did, but might be the best way if you are really wanting to do trade.
  5. DS nice to see you posting again. Always nice to see how things are going for Stratton.
  6. I say, "yes, please" to the the orange black combination.
  7. Sorry not playing Thursday. We actually played Legacy yesterday and was in good shape even with the rain they had that morning. Have TCI today for a business outing.
  8. I was going to be in the Des Moines area the next couple of days and was wondering the conditions for Legacy and TCI?
  9. Curious as to what the sound is like on this putter? I owned a minovai for a real short time because I did not like the sound it made when putting.
  10. Finally was able to track this thread down again. I would be interested in doing this again this year. I know the May18-19 date is no good for me because I have kid playing travel baseball that weekend. Completely understand if that is the date, since that is the only one that works for Q.
  11. I opened this excited to see an update and am in total shock. I have had many conversations with Dizz/JW over the years and at one point pretty sure my bag was made up mostly of his clubs that did not make his bag. JW I will miss you and send prayers for your family. RIP my brother.
  12. Had the pleasure of playing with Neil Smith, Chiefs/Broncos defensive end. It was a fundraising scramble that a number of Husker football alumni make an appearance. Current Husker coach Scott Frost and Heisman winner Johnny Rodger's attended other years.
  13. I picked one up, but this horrible winter has not let me get out with it. One of the better known members, Pure745, plays a tr 757x and has since last year. You might try sending him a PM.
  14. I putt cross handed with left hand low and I have really liked the feel of the SNSR contour pro. I have been testing against a super stroke pistol gtr 1.0 and an iomic absolute grip. The SNSR is tapered which I like over the non tapered gtr 1.0. Against the iomic it has more area to it for the lower hand so I don't seem to get the sense of my lower hand taking over the stroke. I notice when I pull a putt it is when my lower hand takes over or gets stronger. Unfortunately I have not been able to putt anywhere other than in the house. I do think you will like this grip based on what you de
  15. So I just got mine last night and haven't had time to put it on yet. Here is a couple of pics with the grip next to a SS pistol gt 1.0. I would say it is similar in size to the 1.0, here is some pics.
  16. ^^^^Know what you mean by snow and blizzard conditions. Still anxiously waiting on mine showing up in the mail.
  17. I received the 104cc a couple of days ago. Currently I am looking at a blanket of snow that just won't go away and more coming Sunday. So getting outside is not going to happen anytime soon. I was very interested in the SNSR last year but the colors really turned me off. The new one in grey/black with yellow highlights was a nice color change. Like others when I first opened the package and felt the grip it was very soft. Being that I currently use a midsize Winn Triple Line firm grip I was a little concerned. My other putters have an Iomic absolute pistol grip, Cameron baby t grip, an
  18. KING F9 TOUR LENGTH SPEEDBACK DRIVER ColorSatin Black / Avalanche HandRight Loft 9.0 ShaftMitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange 70 - Graphite Tour X-StiffShaft Length1.00” SHORT (44.50") Grip Type Standard Grips (Cobra Connect Not Included) GripGolf Pride - MCC Plus4 - Grey - Std Grip OptionsSTANDARD
  19. Sad to lose you back to Neb, but no better reason than family. We will miss you at the annual KC Golfwrx outing.
  20. Good looking bag. Might have to change your screen name with all the mizuno product you have in there.
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