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  1. Hiawatha, KS 104cc Have read great things about the SNSR grip and am intrigued by this shape. Would love to test it out against my current Winn grip.
  2. I second the others who have said Srixon 965's. I have played them the last few years and love them. Played AP2's for a lot of years.
  3. Hiawatha, Kansas Zgrip Align standard I play the Zgrip on my fairway woods and would love to test out and feel the difference between the original and the align.
  4. I got a set of 765/965 off the BST a few years back and have loved them. Played many versions of the AP2s before that and I have not had any trouble playing the 965s. Echo earlier posts that they are easy blades to play.
  5. Disturbed and Three Days Grace. Anxiously waiting for Metallica in March.
  6. So Stuart G. I bought the supplies you wrote about, but now have a question. Are you able to use the felt strips to reduce the ferrule using a shoe shining motion or is it just polishing it?
  7. Over 300 views and not even a lowball offer. Makes me nervous the shaft is a dud. Weather here has not let me get out to try my other one.
  8. Looking for a new cart bag for next year and ran across the taylormade supreme. Didn't find much on it here and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on it? It looks very similar to the ping pioneer bag that has a lot of positive comments.
  9. So in true ho fashion I bought this shaft and was going to replace Taylormade adaptor with a Titleist adapter, but found one with the Titleist adapter. Shaft is 44" and is spine aligned with the lower setting on the adapter. Seller told me it was tipped per fujikura's recommendation by Dallas golf. Looking to get $160 shipped conus.
  10. I was told by an Ebay seller that it is more steel blue than charcoal grey. So looks like color in picture is pretty accurate. Would have been better as actual charcoal grey.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up for me, might have to give that a try.
  12. Curious how this one works Personally I was a bit disappointed with it. For me at least, I found that a regular shaft clamp and a shoe-shine motion with either the sanding paper or felt strips was much easier and much more effective. I have done the sand paper strips before to work on ferrules. When you say felt strips, do you mean that you take a felt belt and turn it into strips to work on the ferrule?
  13. Curious if anyone has this color scheme and can tell me if the charcoal part is grey or bluish like the picture shows?
  14. Mesomike that was my thinking as well, but I am leaning towards the belt sander and ferrule turning arm suggestion. Sure wish golfworks would let that 20% coupon for tools to work on the bigger machines.
  15. Anyone had experience with this machine? https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-1-x-30-shaft-cutter-ferrule-turning-machine/p/gw1120/
  16. No real smell but since they were originally on a set of clubs and pulled that might be hard to tell. Here is a pic of what a was meaning by the cord being shaggy. These are just two of the ones I received.
  17. They both look good, but if you are asking, the black is better in my opinion.
  18. You might be right on the stretched. Weighed them and they are pretty close to the real one. There was several that the cord was only attached on one end, shaggy like. None of my others have done that and my current ones had gone two seasons and didn't do that.
  19. So I was getting ready to finish my iron build by putting on the grips and I got one on and it looked funny. I pulled it off immediately and compared it to one I know was authentic and it looks off. I got these pulls along with some shafts I bought off a wtb thread I started. So curious to see others opinion on if these are fakes. Authentic is on left in pictures you cannot see the end wrapper.
  20. I have learned how to build my own clubs, which comes in handy when you have to try out all those new shafts. I learned how to Caswell a putter and almost kill myself with the fumes. I have learned how to use a toothpick to redo paint fill. Basically learned a new hobby and built a shop to tinker. Best of all I have met several good guys and had conversations with others willing to offer help. Oh and a lighter bank account.
  21. So J when will the Modena F7 be available to the public? If I missed this in here, I apologize.
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