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  1. I have a set of golf pride tour velvet pulls I can include with either set. I also have a set of grip one that are brand new. I was supposed to order ones with orange end caps for my son and accidentally ordered red ones. I might be able to pull a set of tour velvets for a second set.
  2. I moved from px 6.0 to px lz 6.0. Played the regular px for a lot of years, but have really enjoyed the feel of the lz.
  3. Two sets of iron shafts up for sale. First set is project x 6.0 4-pw. This set came out of my 716 tmb/cb set I purchased when they first came out. These will play standard length in a titleist head. 5 iron measurement is 36 3/4". They are in half inch increments except the pw is 1/4" shorter than 9 iron. Looking for $150 shipped in conus. Second set is project x lz 6.0 4-pw. I purchased this set off here in April to put into my 716 cb heads, but they were going to be half inch shorter than standard. Bought another set with the right specs. 5 iron measures 36 1/4" and has half inch in
  4. I actually have a set of 716 cb's separated out at the moment. The 5 iron shaft measures 36 3/4" and in the head 38".
  5. Congrats on making the Kanza Players Cup team. I was checking out the Firekeeper website and clicked on the Golf Academy link and who just happened to be in the video, but our very own QMany.
  6. Q I have always thought this would be a nice golf get away, especially being in the area and your write up has only made me want to do it more. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I have a few items that I would like to find new homes for. First is a Tour Issue M2 with a graphite design tour ad tp 7tx. Club plays close to 44.5". There is a picture with the specs. There is one thing I want to point out and I tried to show it in a picture. There is a faint blue mark on the crown from a pop up. The paint is not scuffed or gouged, it is transfer from a logo ball and for some reason won't come off. Holding the head up to your face you will see it faintly, but down at the ground you will not see it. Looking for SOLD as complete club and will throw in taylormade vintag
  8. The fist pump for lagging it close and coming in fourth. Did just enough to still win the fed ex cup.
  9. OP curios if in your fitting you tried the project x lz shaft? I played the px 6.0 for a lot of years and switched to the lz last year and it has a nice feel to it. The px is a stouter feeling shaft especially when comparing to the TT.
  10. I think all I have left is a 915 fairway with rombax p95x sitting in corner. Have almost two years with the current set up. Found fairways that worked and got wise and stayed with them. Game went south on me late this year and have taken a little break. Good to see you posting.
  11. Those were bad the first time around. Some things should just stay buried.
  12. Couple of weeks back went to see Halestorm/In This Moment/New Years Day. First time seeing all of them, but Halestorm was the show.
  13. Dhartmann34 and Bc33 thanks for the advice. Will take a look at those courses.
  14. Got to make a work trip to Dubuque in mid August. I will have a weekend open and was looking for some suggestions of courses to play in that area. Not opposed to driving a little ways if need to.
  15. Have one custom made by delila at girlygolfer. She does excellent work. There are some past topics on her work.
  16. Thanks for the advice, but have had this for at least a year. I just haven't done anything with it.
  17. Bringing back this topic. Curious of hearing any thought on if anyone paired the Rul up with M2 driver. Bought the Rul back when this started and just picked up an M2 head.
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