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  1. Found the first picture to be a little distracting on trying to determine real or fake. Might be one of the funniest ebay listings I have ever seen.
  2. [list=1][*][quote name='King_Slender' timestamp='1301671824' post='3109443'] Thanks - I was asking primarily because I have a Scotty Cameron Classic II that I'm selling and need to make sure it arrives in one piece. Looks like I'll be going USPS. [/quote] Just make sure you insure it. I have sent a lot of things through USPS without a problem until just recently. I had sent a large and expensive item and for about a month they had no idea where it was at. Thankfully it showed up the day I was going to make the claim. I still would use them, but won't ever do it without insurance not
  3. I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that the left the 8 off the end of the price.
  4. My AP2's are custom and they also have 5 characters, 2 numbers and 3 letters. My other custom items from Titleist follow that pattern. The off the rack items have 7 numbers and would only be on the 6 iron hosel.
  5. This is why I enjoy this site so much, I have been wondering this same thing for awhile now. I currently play the original AP2's but have wondered what differences there would be in going to the CB 710. I am in the middle of the sticks so testing clubs requires a pretty good drive so the information I can get off here is very beneficial.
  6. [quote name='odshot68' timestamp='1301487063' post='3101801'] 909h 17 voodoo...perfect [/quote] I would have to agree, the 909 h 17 voodoo is a very good club. Have not tried the 910h yet, but am getting the itch from what I have read.
  7. I was a lot like you. Had the fairway wood in the bag, but it never really got used because wasn't sure what it was going to do. I have found the hybrid clubs just work better with my swing. Last season I finally pulled the fairway wood out and replaced with 17 degree hybrid and I also carry a 21 degree hybrid. Finally decided it was better to have a club I knew I would use instead of having a club fill the back just because I thought I should have a fairway wood there.
  8. Last year I dumped the fairway woods and went all hybrids. Just never knew what was going to happen with the three wood. I found that I was a lot more consistant with the hybrids. Probably am sacrificing some distance, but the straight walk down the fairway is a lot better than the curvy one.
  9. I found a tool from Golfsmith that really seems to do the trick on getting grips off and reusing them. I have successfully removed both cord and velvet grips with this tool. I have attached the link becuase it is hard to find on their website. [url="http://www.golfsmith.com/products/8218?Ntt=8218"]http://www.golfsmith.com/products/8218?Ntt=8218[/url]
  10. I use to play a Titleist 585h in 19, but changed the bag makeup to have a Titliest 909h in 17 and 21 a year ago. I really did not see much difference in consistancy playing the 17. It allowed me to ditch the fairway wood which I always had trouble with consistancy.
  11. Love the Pistol Pete golfer towel. Also like the orange and black fill on the Scotty. Go Pokes.
  12. I believe Ashworth is part of the Taylormade family.
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