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  1. Good time today. Enjoyed getting down to KC and playing with you guys.
  2. This is hard for me to say being the OSU fan I am, but I secretively hoped he transferred and came back and beat us. I figured with all his course knowledge some other D1 would want that as the NCAA championship was at KC.
  3. Thanks for the tee times and price, but I was looking for if we knew which set of tees we were going to play.
  4. Should be able to stick around a little. What tees are we playing? If I missed it sorry.
  5. My brother and I are very close and cannot even imagine the emotion I would have losing him. Prayers are with you and your family Matt.
  6. Um, Oklahoma won last year and it wasn't on their home course. I guess you mean two years ago when Oregon won. With all the college golf championships you have watched I guess you just mistyped that.
  7. Got to think being part of that National Championship team will make things a little sweeter. So in his time there. He was big 12 individual champion (2016), all American (2016), and now national champion. Oh yeah and got a solid education in the process. Congrats to you Stratton and Breck.
  8. Nice shooting. I was just there Wednesday for a meeting and golf. Great course.
  9. You need a few more emojis in honor of Rob.
  10. Out of respect to both Stratton and Breck, why don't we just get back to the discussion of the show and not them. Just my opinion.
  11. I liked the lz more than the pxi. I have played some form of project x shafts for a long time. Moved away from the standard project x to the lz last year. To me the lz had same characteristics of px but with feel. I played the pxi for about a year and got along fine with them, but have just enjoyed the lz more.
  12. Took them out for a quick nine today and they are the most comfortable shoes straight out of the box I have owned. Great pair of shoes and look great too.
  13. Got mine today as well. I have to agree they look even better in person. Very comfortable right out of the box.
  14. I ordered a pair off Ebay today and used the 15% coupon Ebay has going today. Link is https://m.ebay.com/itm/New-2018-Adidas-Tour-360-Boost-2-0-White-Golf-Shoes-F33729-Size-7-14-Med/153008494001?hash=item23a00455b1:m:mJn0SjwXcw7F4wFkAEWnQyw They also have wide under a different link.
  15. Q, you playing 440 m3 or 460? Tried to look back and find it, but gave up after a few pages.
  16. Congrats Q. Never played Manhattan CC, but as you described it is how many others have described it as well. The last few days have been very windy and up on that hill must have been interesting.
  17. My vote would be for 10th. Son has baseball on the 9th.
  18. Seeing we are almost to May, I thought I would see if any date has been picked?
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