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  1. Shot a 40 once. But it was a short course with probably 4 driveable par 4's. It was horribly organized and they ended up letting us buy 20 ft of string per person...... We strung in for a one on two different par 4's. We were actually mad we didn't break 40. The field was infuriated because we came in 6 shots clear of second. This was with a former college golfer hitting from the ladies tees. Because of this tournament, I'm reluctant to ever say someone cheated. It seems like every time I've ever played in a scramble, there are several people claiming cheating because they just coul
  2. Open to any and all reasonable offers. --Set of .355 Taper Tip Project X 6.5's pulled from a set of Ping iBlades. These have 2 rounds and 4 buckets of balls on them. They also have brand new Golf Pride Multi Compound Grips. $240 OBO. Heavy emphasis on Or Best Offer. --Cleveland 60 degree RTX 588 wedge. 3 dot bounce. Great shape. Maybe 2 rounds at <50 swings. $80 OBO.
  3. I'll play. This should be good. Random Callaway Bag from a raffle. Callaway XHot Pro 9.5 Tour AD-DI 7x Cobra Bio Cell Plus 14.5 Stock X Flex Titleist 585H 17 Pro Force V2 Hybrid 110g X Flex Powerbuilt 2 iron. (Granddad's) Taylormade Speedblade 4-PW DG S300 MIzuno T5 50, 54, 58 Black nickel KBS Tour X Flex Odyssey White hot
  4. I found the tip size and ordered some KBS Tour x-stiff black nickel wedge shafts. They are .355 taper tip, which I am fairly certain is correct. They are 37.5 inches uncut. Currently these wedges are shafted with TT DG wedge flex shafts. Couple of questions. I know that the KBS shafts are 3 grams heavier. But, does anyone know if the balance point of the KBS shafts would lend to a higher or lower swing weight? I've found that the current state of the wedge makeup sends the ball straight up in the air. It felt like it's because the center of gravity of the head is very low and
  5. LOL she has to be from down South because we say the exact same things the same way. BTW Shagging is a dance in fact it is the State dance of South Carolina. All of us here call a Pinnacle a peeknuckle. Please don't speak for all southerners. This is not the way anyone I know pronounces any of these things.
  6. Yea from nc to new hampshire it's about double that for four day ground. But, you can have them shipped straight to the course and not lug them around the airport and the taxis/rental cars etc. But you're right, the expense is definitely an issue. I've just had nightmares lost and delayed baggage in general on flights that it would almost be worth it to me.
  7. Why not just ship it ups or fedex? Just checked shipsticks.com and it's like 75 dollars each way from east to west coast. Imagine it's pretty comparable to checking that big bag at the airline, especially if you're not traveling super far. From SC to Florida it was 40 each way. I would just avoid the idiots at the airport entirely and use ship sticks.
  8. Some OEM's actually called them that in the irons sets. I always though AW stood for a_nus Wedge.
  9. If you were balling on a budget, back against the wall, and needed a solid set of irons leaning towards game improvement, what would you go for? Picked up a set of tm speed blades 4-pw for $245 a couple years back. Can I do better two years later?
  10. If it comes down to it, and you're eventually willing to sell the xhot pro 8.5 head by itself, I'd be interested.
  11. Driver 3 wood 17 degree 2 iron 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW 50 54 58 P
  12. I can't ever tell who it is but someone sounds like they have the mic shoved up their nose. It's the most annoying and distracting thing ever.
  13. I have no issues hitting lower flighted shots. They also fly much higher and shorter that the same move with the vokeys.
  14. This was my initial feeling. It's not that crazy of a change. Unless there is a special tip section in the wedge flex. I do feel a different kick point. I'm no pro, but I'm a 6 handicap. I'm pretty certain I'm putting the same move on the ball. The contact feels solid. I'll use some tape to see if I'm hitting center on both, but I'm confident I am. I wonder if the bounce has anything to do with it...
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