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  1. Just call the pro shop and they'll ship it to you. Shipping charge should be minimal.
  2. No trades I ship USPS Priority Add $5 east of the Mississippi Prices are OBRO 1) Justin Thomas inspired Scotty Cameron. Gently rolled on putting green only. Plastic still on grip even tho it’s starting to come off from a bit of club tangle taking it out of storage. Length is 34.5”. Asking $1200...$1100 2) Srixon Z Forged 3-P heads. Excellent condition. Light bag chatter. Standard lofts/lie. 3i pic is separate because I forgot I had it. Not sure how to price these so I’ll start at $600...$500.
  3. I remember when you first started this thread and I had gone to see Monte shortly after. Congrats on the success and best of luck in your new profession!
  4. 718 TMB 4i was the easiest to hit for me. I still kick myself for selling it.
  5. I've had FedEx do me like that. Mine was at the hub for over a week and the delivery date kept changing. They told me they were overwhelmed with deliveries so they'll get to it when they get to it.
  6. Question on reshafting PXG irons. I'm interested in purchasing a set of Gen 3's, but heard that if I pull the shafts out of one of my current sets (Ping/Srixon) that they'll play shorter than standard because of PXG's hosel depth? Can anyone confirm?
  7. That is absurd my friend. I almost want to make the drive to Oceanside to file an in person complaint for you lmao.
  8. No idea how long it takes to get the bag. I got mine from Bandon. The nameplate took 2-3 weeks I think. Wait...your ordered a set of irons and they didn’t send you the whole set? And you’re still missing 3 clubs? I’d say they owe you a free bag!
  9. I have the cool white caddy bag. Favorite bag. I like it a lot more than my Vessel. I haven't gotten it muddy, but I did accidently rub it along a wet dirty fence gate that left a huge dark mark. Wiped it off with some warm water and a paper towel and it looked like nothing ever happened to it. Took less than minute to clean up.
  10. Any comparisons of the 425LST vs the 400LST? I didn't like the 410 lineup at all, and am thinking about going back to the 400LST which I sold like an idiot.
  11. Damn...RIP Breck and condolences to the family. Good dude with nothing but positive and helpful things to say.
  12. I take all these Youtuber reviews with a grain of salt. They’re great for seeing numbers on an indoor LM but I’d put more stock into it if it was outside or course which happens once in a while. I was fell for the 770 hype machine and preordered and sold them after 9 holes. The reviews for the 410+ were great and I ordered blindly and hated everything about it on course. That said I’m gonna get a 425 LST blind while I’m recovering from ankle surgery lmao.
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