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  1. Actually I’d like to hear about the entire lineup.
  2. Anyone take theirs out for a couple round yet have reviews yet? Especially with the leading edge and turf interaction?
  3. When you sell em let me know and I'll drive down and get em lol
  4. Mine came with 14/12 and feels heavy af…6g coming tomorrow
  5. For those that have pre-ordered the T100 is anyone going T100S in the long irons or one of the driving iron options? The T200 plastic badge is a bit of a turn off.
  6. I got mine in 2...been sitting at my house for 2 weeks also cuz I'm lazy getting things reshafted lol.
  7. Probably because there was a release of the triple diamonds that sold out asap and they're relying on buyers who don't know they're back in stock.
  8. Roddy Ranch could’ve been something really special if the bunkers were consistent and they had better mgmt.
  9. Medella is a great pump. We used it for both kids about 8 years ago. Now we use it to milk other things like cats and badgers.
  10. That’s gonna be a great shoot out. I’m still in OG SIM and looking for something a little more stable on bad shots. Hoping the ESTD does that for me. Still deciding on what shaft to try first.
  11. Damn that’s awesome. Hit it well!
  12. I thought it 4-6 weeks delivery time? Ur getting it after just a week?
  13. No worries. I was about to call Callaway when u saw ur post . I’d love to hear your review when compared to the TSi3. I orders both to compare against the SIM.
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