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  1. I take all these Youtuber reviews with a grain of salt. They’re great for seeing numbers on an indoor LM but I’d put more stock into it if it was outside or course which happens once in a while. I was fell for the 770 hype machine and preordered and sold them after 9 holes. The reviews for the 410+ were great and I ordered blindly and hated everything about it on course. That said I’m gonna get a 425 LST blind while I’m recovering from ankle surgery lmao.
  2. What he's saying, poorly saying at that, is basically 10 more yards with the latest and greatest is a great feeling, but getting that extra 10 yards looking at an old outdated driver is like kissing your sister. You're getting some action, but it ain't what you want...unless u on that 'bama vibe LOL...J/K lol
  3. The reviews are pushing me to go back to the 400LST instead of the 425 lineup for the drivers. The TXG live review was maybe the worst content I've seen from them.
  4. Justification for a backup set...
  5. Agreed...next time I go to Bandon from the East Bay Area I'm driving. It's probably pretty close with driving to the airport, checking in, flying to a connecting flight to Eug and driving the rest of the way. Also won't have to deal with a ton of flight delays like I did last time and I can have my clubs and push cart with me.
  6. No trades I ship USPS Priority to the lower 48 states only Pic pretty much tell the story. Standard LLL. Will split heads from shafts but only if I have a buy for at least the heads. If split will require 1-2 days to get that done. $899 for the whole set. $675 for heads only.
  7. Yep...I brushed up against a wet wooden fence that left a huge dark mark on the bag. Wiped off with a wet paper towel and looked like new.
  8. Like the poster above, I had cancer too and a major surgery (whipple) that kept me from swinging a club for 2+ years. Came back extremely slow. Recently, had a left ankle injury and spent almost 3 months on crutches. Just got off crutches about 2 weeks ago and my timing, tempo, and entire swing is terrible. Still have pain and limited mobility in the lead ankle and super nervous about getting to that lead leg. I agree with sticking with what you got till you know wherever you get to is where you should be at.
  9. Appreciate the response, but I think I'll wait till 2022. I had a group of buddies that wanted to go together. I think the wait list might be closed too, but I'll check.
  10. I'd love to chunk and skull a few with these beauties.
  11. Just discovered this thread. I thought I had signed up for an email to get notification to the Solstice. Called Bandon today and apparently I was not in their system. Totally bummed out.
  12. No trades I ship USPS Priority to the lower 48 states only Add $5 east of the Mississippi Not much to say. Pics speak for themselves. Bought this from another highly regarded WRXer who only rolled it on a practice green. I haven’t taken it out at all. Plastic still on grip. $1k firm.
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