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  1. Highland Links is a good layout, but when I played several years ago, the conditions were not very good. It's always ranked in the top ten in Canada. Played Bell Bay on the way to Cabot, would definitley recommend. It's only about an hour to Cabot.
  2. wrigley

    Ontario Golf

    Glen Abbey has a lot of history and it is worth playing once if you have never played it. The front nine is pretty pedestrian, and the best holes are in the valley on the back nine. It can be a slow round and in my opinion not worth the rack rate. Almost every course in the GTA is packed on the weekends now.
  3. I had a SM 4.5 on my Clicgear, it was a terible fit, the bag always shifted to one side and made the cart go to the right. Got a SM Sync for the MGI and it sits perfectly straight. Going to give the weight a try.
  4. Ten plus rounds with the AT and love it. the remote is very responsive and the gyro makes sure it goes in a straight line. Cannot emphasize the tip about locking the remote when you put it in your pocket. My cart has gone into a bunker, across a green and hit a parked car in the parking lot. Lucky for me, it has not found water yet! Only drawback is the compartment on top of the cart is pretty useless, coming from a Clicgear, I'm use to more space.
  5. I think you have it reversed, drive from Halifax airport to Cabot is about 3.5 hours, it's longer than it looks on the map. Sydney is a little over 2 hours.
  6. I noticed I had more energy towards the end of the round.
  7. How much is GT charging to regrip, used to be a buck but went up to $3 last time.
  8. Played in damped conditions, and my feet stayed dried. The shoes are suppose to be waterproof.
  9. Played Coyote Springs for $45, course was in great shape and is in the middle of nowhere. OP, is La Purisma in decent shape? Will be in Santa Barbara this year, might have to make the drive up there.
  10. wrigley

    AK in 2021

    He should get his "Amateur" status back, then get some sponsor exemptions to see if he can still be competitive. If he is still good, he can easily make 10 million in a couple of years through endorsements and purses.
  11. For those of you that had the Navigator for some time, how many charges can the battery take before it has to be replaced?
  12. Played WC last year and was a bit disappointed. Having researched the course, I had huge expectations. For a top ranked course, I was expecting the practice facilities to be better, it's quite small and you can only hit long irons max. The practice green was undulating and too small considering the undulations The speed was not even close to the speed of the greens on the course. The course itself is quite spectacular, depending on the tee boxes, some tee shots are blind. The elevation changes are crazy, we started on the tenth hole, when we reached the 11th tee, we had zero idea how long it would play due 60-80ft drop. I wished I had slope on my range finder, it would have saved me several strokes during the round. It's a course you have to play a couple of times if you want to score well and I would definably go back and play it again. On a brag note, I ended up acing the 17th hole, had to buy beers for the rest of the night, but with my luck, we ended up at the casino for most of the night. Almost forgot, it's a slow round, don't be surprised if it takes 5 hours. I really liked Coyote Springs, it is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Agree with the OP that the clubhouse is minimal at best, I'm not looking for fine dining or a spa, as long it has cold beer and a half decent dog I'm ok with that. I understand that the course was suppose to be part of a bigger development that went bust. The course was in great shape, probably the best shape of all the courses on our trip. Wolf Creek, The Oasis, Sand Hollow, Paiute and Royal Links (starter was a dick!). The practice facilities was huge, wished I had more time there. Not a huge Nicklaus fan but really enjoyed the layout. I would definitely go back next time, even though it is a bit of a drive. Have not played Cascata, don't know if I would drop the big coin there. I think there a two course deal with Rio Secco.
  13. wrigley

    Alberta Courses

    Will be in the Calgary area in the end of August for four days. Thinking of playing the new Mickelson course, Heritage Pointe and Kananaskis. Any other suggestions? Also when do they aerate the greens in the Calgary area? Thanks
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