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  1. I’ve worn out multiple wedges. Forged irons can certainly be worn out if you spend a lot of time on a sandy range. Big hitters can break a driver on occasion. For the most part a set of irons, putters and fairways should last for many years for most players. I played a set of i3’s for about 15 years, they are retired but are still in great shape. Vokey wedges on the other hand can lose their chrome pretty quickly.
  2. Water cooler talk: hey man, did you catch that WNBA game last night? Yeah brah the Sparks really came back on the Dream, did you see that crazy fall-away layup to win the game? Nah, I missed it, my wife wanted to watch Monday Night Football......
  3. Depends, you are really just adjusting face angle, so a lofted up 3w is going to play closed while a lofted down 5 wood will play open. Both fun options to experiment with.
  4. If you want to be consistent with your short game, and wedge shots in general you will get much more control with a urethane ball. Hitting pitch shots with a 2 piece ball like a Callaway super soft I tend to get fliers when I don’t expect it. Especially the rough but clean lies too. Sometimes I’ll play these balls in the winter when it’s cold and the ground is soggy, then I regret I because there will be a couple of shots a round that jump and I end up 10 feet past where I thought I’d be. I don’t see much difference with driver, fairways or mid irons.
  5. ......yeah no. Not saying she wasn’t good, just saying except for die hard LPGA fans she is unknown. That’s my point. They need a better marketing strategy.
  6. They need to market themselves better plain and simple. Even casual golf fans who play little to no golf can name Tiger, a handful of old timers and probably a few current players like Phil, Rickie, and some seniors like Freddie. ask the same people to name a LPGA player and they might say Annika, or possibly Wie, but they would be hard pressed to name a current “star”. Honestly I have a hard time any more. I had no idea either. Honestly never heard of her. I’m sure many of the current top players are famous in Asia, but not here. The strange thing about LPGA golf
  7. If you look at the money winners 2019 the leader earns approx 20 times the #100 player. It seems the top end earn a disproportionate amount over the lower tier players. Maybe they should pay all qualifiers a small appearance fee to cover basics and lower the purse a bit.
  8. I’ve got a relative (male) who tried to make it as a professional bowler, PBA. He would have loved to make what the LPGA players make. This argument goes both ways when you talk different sports. It’s a free market economy still, kinda sorta, and different jobs pay different wages. if we are talking entertainment, which is what pro golf is, Sofia Vergara earned 43 million this year. 2020 earnings would put her 17th on the ALL TIME PGA Tour money list. One spot ahead of David Toms. Compared to most professions, PGA and LPGA. Players have huge earning potential, but compared
  9. A lot of people these days criticize Hogan for being a gruff surly SOB. But when you grew up like him and had to work your a** off to put food In Your belly and then become successful it’s a different perspective. Those who “throw stones” are typically those who never had to fight for much.
  10. The actual size of the head may not make a difference, if it does it’s probably psychological. It could be factors such as offset, bounce, shaft, weight, swing weight, cog etc. Simply the club may just fit you better for a variety of reasons. For some a larger head brings more confidence, for others a smaller head gives more confidence. Concentration seems like a weird explanation, but just thinking you will perform better with one or the other, for whatever reason, can certainly alter how well you swing. I would rather swing well and hit it solid than have a more fo
  11. Sometimes you just have to clean house and get a fresh outlook. Look, I know we are just speculating,we don’t know what is really going on with team Jordan. He got married, he had early success, money changes things, but he seems like a guy who is driven to win. It might be as simple as removing everyone who is in your ear and going to the range and digging it out if the dirt. Or he might just need to find some new advice from different people. I hope he figures it out because I think he makes golf more entertaining.
  12. Our group has a firm “inside the leather “ rule. All of our bets are usually based off of match play rules, so they are basically auto concessions.
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