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  1. Of course not, but they take it to the next extreme level. I’m not even opposed to playing their clubs if I found they worked better than something else, but to me they are average clubs, with over the top marketing. It’s an image thing.
  2. Ever notice they never make any factual or scientific claims. “Stunning, hot, amazing, sexy etc etc. “. smoke and mirrors.
  3. This thread is as actually as dumb as I was worried it might be when I clicked on it.
  4. A lot of guys on tour could hit this shot. It’s just that none of them have the balls to pull it off in tournament play. Phil loves showing off, testing the limits and taking risks. It’s just the way he is wired.
  5. Harry Taylor has a wedge company now. https://www.harrytaylorgolf.com/pages/harry-taylor-the-story
  6. The grinds will make a difference. Especially if hitting finesse shots around the green.
  7. I’m going 44, 50, 54, 58 right now. Biggest concern is keeping the 54/and 58 for short game shots. The gap wedge could be anywhere 48 to 50. It doesn’t really concern me all that much.
  8. I was messing around with over length shafts. Just picked up a adapter on eBay for $12. You can switch back and forth between shafts right on the range.
  9. From my experience it’s often caused by swinging too in-to-out. if you are swing in a tilted plane, the club moves inside in the target line on the backswing, on the target line at impact and inside again right after impact. If the club moves outside the target line after impact you will eventually shank. Practice with a club shipping box just outside the target line, the clubhead should stay inside it the entire swing. I used a driver headcover today at the range just as a reminder.
  10. There are people who probably spend too much time here, I have fallen victim to this from time to time, They get tired of hearing the same questions or topics for the 50th time, they become annoyed, lash out, feel they need to put others in their place. “Use the damn search bar”. Tiger threads used to be the worst, also Hogan and stack and tilt.. now it’s wedge gapping threads, more wedge gapping threads and threads about Brooks, Bryson and dialing back the ball and how distance is ruing the game. Tiger vs. Jack threads, or threads that start as something else and devolve into one of these will really trigger some drama.
  11. Some people are great tour players, some are great team event players. There are a few who have excelled at both. Also don’t compare Ryder Cup records before all of Europe got involved to when it was just GB &I.
  12. I get your point, and you are correct, except Tiger was starting to fall apart at 31. He had already had a couple of knee surgeries I believe. The 2008 US Open with the broken leg was about 2 years away. Except for the 2019 Masters Tiger was done winning majors at the age of 32.
  13. Missing a really short birdie putt. Usually after you stiff one close and have to watch all your partners putt out because they are away. Especially after one of them drains a long one for birdie.
  14. It sounds to me like Brooks may have had a convo with Jack, or read some of his older thoughts. In a nutshell I recall Jack making these sort of statements. 1. Focus on personal and family time, when you are away from work, stay away from work. (golf) Jack was able to compartmentalize. When he focused he focused. Better than anyone. 2. Forget about the bad shots and rounds, they never happened. 3. The majors are the easiest to win, stay calm, play your game while everyone else is choking. If you linger on the leaderboard sometimes they will fall in your lap. 18 wins, 19 2nd's. 73 Top 10's. 2nd place goes to Tom Watson and Sam Snead with something like 43....... Crazy. 4. Strong self belief. I don't think anyone believed in themself more than Jack, Brooks is trying to emulate that. It does come off as a bit cocky. 5. Down play the amount you practice and your love for the game. Jack always acted like he loved fishing and tennis more than golf. Trevino always said Jack was a closet practicer. 6. Only practice if you have something specific to work on, don't beat balls, don't tinker, hit shots you would hit on the course, visualize yourself playing a round at the range. Jack would literally go through his pre-shot routine on every shot on the range. R7. People often accused Jack of being somewhat arrogant and a know-it-all. That being said, I don't think he can catch Jack, or Tiger. He might win more than anyone of his generation though. Who is going to pass him? Spieth, Thomas, Rory, DJ, Morikawa, DeChambeau? Spieth might have a chance if he keeps getting back on track, maybe Morikawa, but his putter is too inconsistent.
  15. Brooks ain’t catching Tiger, and Tiger ain’t catching Jack. And it’s for the same reason.
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