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  1. %7BI copied this from Microsoft News, for whatever that is worth...... © Provided by The Spun Tiger Woods at the Genesis Invitational. Tiger Woods reportedly did not remember driving on the morning of his accident last week, according to information acquired by USA TODAY. According to the report, the 15-time major champion told officers on the scene that he did not remember driving that Tuesday morning. We still don’t know much about Woods’ accident, other than he suffered serious leg injuries and there’s no evidence to suggest
  2. My though would be then that your 3/4 swings are pretty good distance wise, you need to learn to maximize your swing with the higher lofted wedges, if those distances pick up about 10 yards the gaps will make more sense. You are probably adding loft at impact instead of delofting.
  3. I have read a lot of history, most of it occurred before I was born. I have also read a lot of golf history, I never say Bobby Jones play but reading about him is pretty fascinating, same with Vardon, Hogan, Snead etc. We should always look to the future but honor the past.
  4. Great pics! I'd love to know the WITB on that pic with the Big 3. Looks like it's Arnies bag, but the putter looks similar to Jack's George Low?
  5. It doesn't seem like you are hitting your 54,58 very far for a full swing, considering you hit your PW 120. If you are just going at it with a smooth swing, that's cool, but it could be a technique issue, maybe not getting enough shaft lean and getting scoopy? On the other hand, if you are consistent with those distances, and you are controlling your ball, then just go with it. It seems all of your gaps are covered.
  6. That distance makes sense at the local club from the member tees, and it should be risk/reward. It seems a drivable par 4 on tour now needs to be at least 300 or they will be hitting 3 wood, and it's really a par 3. The other thing you need to remember if a hole is 300, it's probably only 280 or so to the front of the green, still a 3 wood for many of these guys. It needs to be a legit driver for the majority of the players to be considered a par 4.
  7. uuugh, I know a course like that .....so boring. In fact more than one long par 3 a round is too many. Every good design should have a short/mid/long Par 3,4,5. That's 1/2 the holes, do what you want with the rest of them. The "tweener" holes always seem to be the most interesting, and the short ones. Think of Augusta, #12,13,15,16 are all very exciting. The 17th at the Old Course, used to be considered a par 5, now the best par 4 in the world by many. The drivable par 4's are great if you don't have too many of them, they do tend to slow down play as too many people think
  8. Better than the jogger look. Not really my style, but I guess it’s kinda retro thrift store hip.
  9. Seems he would be a good candidate for your Cast No Turn video???
  10. I play in a 9 hole Monday night league from April through September. I also frequently play 9-12 holes at twilight after work. I understand some public courses only offer a 18 hole fee during morning and daytime hours, but from my experience a 9 hole round is pretty easy to come by. Do you have 9 hole courses in your area? They usually allow you to make just one loop.
  11. I shattered my tibia and fibula when I was in my early 40’s. I was lucky I didnt destroy my ankle joints, the fractures were right above the joint, but I have a plate and a bunch of screws. I know what you mean about stepping in a hole. .... it was 6 months before I could walk normal and about a year till I didn’t walk with some discomfort. 14 years later I still have aches and pains, and they aren’t getting better. walking 72 holes anytime soon for Tiger is going to be difficult, although he will have the best health care and rehab. My doctor basically said just go wa
  12. From my experience the firmer ball will usually go farther off the driver than a softer ball, all else being equal, how much? Probably not that much, but a little. I do think in general I get more distance with the short irons out of the softer balls, especially the ones with the harder covers, as they don't spin as much, but you lose stopping power. I also do NOT want to give up control around the green, so I always play a urethane covered ball, and they are not all created equal. To me I go with the ProV1 X, as it gives me a bit more carry and higher trajectory, or a similar
  13. dlygrisse


    Interesting. I for one, like you, feel the same about the Tiger incident. Yes Tiger has some serious personal issues we all know about, but as far as we know they are moral missteps not legal ones. We are in 100% agreement. As for Phil, he has never been convicted of anything illegal, that we know of, and as far as we know he is a solid family man. Who really knows but he seemed to have been devastated when his wife had cancer, and would fly across the country or skip the US Open for his children's activities, as do many pros who have the means. Sure he can be c
  14. Years ago a friend of mine wanted to learn to play golf, I took him under my wing, got him set up with some clubs and took him to the range a few times. He never became a great player, rarely breaking 100, but I told him the first time we went to play golf. "Look you suck, no one cares if you suck, just play quickly and no one will care how bad you suck" He took it to heart, and a couple of times I almost had to slow him down as he may have been hitting his 5th shot out of turn, but he learned to just walk up the the ball and whack it, and move forward without fiddling around.
  15. One of the reasons, not the only reason, lofts are stronger with modern non-blades is because the thin faces flex more and launch the ball higher. I think you will find at equal lofts, let's say a blade 9 iron vs. a modern PW or GW, that the blade will launch a bit lower but spin more. The faces aren't springy, they are solid, you will get higher spin, trajectory control and will be able to work them better. You will find the soles are thinner, which will help in certain circumstances, but not others. Of course they also have lower MOI so they will be less forgiving on off center strikes.
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