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  1. This is true for most grips, and it does help, but what really makes them slick is UV light. The rubber they use in most GP grips is planned obsolescence. Lamkin is much better in this regard, the compound they use will stay tacky for many years if you keep it clean.
  2. The Lamkin ST hybrid grips are great, I have switched most of my clubs from the +4 to this.
  3. Can’t remember the last time I used the mag swipe on a CC. just use the chip or Apple Pay. If you run the magnet close to the mag stripe I am sure it could cause damage to it.
  4. One may fall in his lap someday, but if he is going to go on another run he will need to refocus mentally. Jack and Tiger had that ability, not sure about Rory. none of his majors were won on super fast greens either.
  5. I will add that I 100% agree with the comments about chipping from Bermuda, the grain is a big deal there.
  6. Putting on bent most of my life I don’t even worry about grain. The first few times I putted on Bermuda I was worried, but modern Bermuda doesn’t seem that grainy and it was no big deal.
  7. It works, also graphite shafts help a bunch, once you are healed. Yes many doctors are "quacks" in that they haven't really done any research, they just follow a list of procedures that someone gave them as an intern. My Dr. sent me to a PT, nothing they recommended helped. 1. rest, don't hit balls 2. Theraband 3. ice after any use or daily while in pain. 4. Deep massage, the kind that really hurts. 5. Avoid hitting balls off of turf, try to find a natural grass range, yes it's becoming almost impossible unless you join a private club. The big one is rest, if you don't take time off it wont get much better no matter what you do.
  8. Agreed. And that’s why I think the rankings at “the site not to be mentioned” hold more water. 3 clubs, actual data, from actual players hitting balls. Yes there are flaws with both, and while MPF was groundbreaking I feel they have fallen behind the times.
  9. It must have been an incredibly difficult reality to accept. But something tells me he will be happy he had it done and probably regret not doing it sooner. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have to make the decision to have a limb amputated, but my guess is his quality of life will improve dramatically.
  10. I haven’t read any of the book in awhile, does it discuss modern thin faced irons and how all of his data points behave in relation to this tech? I also wonder why he just does this for irons, the actual process seems much more relevant for drivers, fairways and hybrids. Until, he does this for at least a long, middle and short iron I just don’t see how it is valuable at all. from personal experience, owning multiple sets of irons over 30+ years I know that sometimes his data seems good and other times total garbage.
  11. Duh, obviously he crashed his car on purpose. Nothing like a career threatening injury for an all time great to get the buzz going. Tiger needed some cash to get his yacht de-barnacled, and he needed his private 3 hole course aerated. Tiger could tweet about his trip to Cabellas for some fishing lures and get more buzz than Bryson and Brooks making out in a hot tub with each other.
  12. It was 1986, I was sporting a mullet and a well worn Pinnacle. Golfsmith Tour Model 2 6 iron. In the hole! Haven’t had one since.
  13. No clue, wasn’t watching or counting. Which is why they probably weren’t spending big money on adds. Winning doesn’t really correlate to marketing. It’s more about personality. Arnie was for many years the biggest earner off the course even though he hadn’t won in 20 years. Tiger will be the same. If you want to sell mortgages or insurance Rickie will always be your choice over Rahm or Koepka.
  14. They are a bit compared to a standard cord grip or a firmer rubber. Still firmer than a lot of midsized grips or these squishy tacky grips they have now like the CP2. My favorite grip ever was the Lamkin Performance Plus cord. It was a firm feeling full cord with less taper, almost like a Tour Velvet cord with less taper. Sadly they quit making them.
  15. Usually front. Or both feet together. Great for balance and timing. You really got to swing the club.
  16. I doubt that. It’s not really about winning. He’s a marketable brand image now.
  17. Rickie's cool. It's just the TV exposure to win ratio that drives some people nuts.
  18. Swinging from one leg is actually a very good drill, I use it often on the range. Maybe not the leg totally off the ground, but 98%. I often hit the ball better this way, in terms of solid contact than I do on two legs.
  19. Golf clubs are used in a dynamic fashion, not static. So while some of this data might give you part of the picture it’s not close to the big picture. sole width, bounce, grind, you know actual turf interaction…face flexing dynamics, true launch and spin data, and where the forgiving spot actually is. How about long and short iron data? Just picking a 6 iron seems pretty weak. It seems with modern Tech it’s becoming less valuable every year. There are much better places to get data on how clubs actually perform.
  20. It’s probably more of a lie angle issue. Making the clubs longer makes them effectively more upright, which might bring the contact closer to the sweetspot. that being said if you are taller this may be a factor with the short irons, it also increases the swing weight, which might help you find the sweet spot. but as others have said, what’s really the difference between a 38” 7 iron or 8 iron? Well, all things being equal the swing weight/ head weight, and the lie angle.
  21. I am quite confident Tiger could stand on one leg, as could all PGA pros and whoop anyone posting on this site, unless they are a PGA pro. nice troll post though.
  22. I love this style of grip, I have built up the bottom of my grip a bit for years. It works different for different people. If it allows you to grip lighter with your bottom hand it may help. Conventional wisdom says you won’t release as much, but I find the opposite in that I don’t release too soon. This prevailing theory is overblown In My opinion. Get a grip that fits your hands and feels comfortable. I will say that I have tried a jumbo sized grip or even a mid sized and notice more pushes, but a few wraps under the right hand helps my swing. YMMV
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