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  1. 11 minutes ago, i*windows said:

    so the Lynx VT are a small head, little offset and a thin sole.

    I'll post some data sets when I get them from the fitter, but I'm not steep, 4* down, 4* from the inside, hit a push,push draw. I was hitting from mats as it's winter here in Germany now, maybe this has an effect, but I dont normally take large divots. I'm no unhappy with the fitting results, just seems a little odd thats all :-). 

    So why not just embrace the fact you hit them better?  Also what clubs did you hit in the set?  If it was just a 7 iron you might consider a combo set with the T in the middle and shirt irons and the P in the longer irons. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, bnperrone said:

    I caddied for the president of GolfPride not terribly long ago (probably within the last year) and chatted theory a bit. Really nice guy. We didn't talk specifically about anything going away, but they're definitely trying to promote this idea of the twist-on grips for easy customer installs. I personally don't care for that idea if it changes the weight distribution of the grip, but that's just my opinion. We also talked a good bit about fitting. They are trying to figure out how to best help consumers understand the benefits of figuring out their size, and whether a +4 and/or Align benefits that player. It's interesting, and while gearheads will go and put a bunch of grips on otherwise identical clubs and dig into it, the average golfer probably doesn't have access or an understanding of that. 


    But in line with what others have said, I told my local Top 100 fitter about it and he's been exasperated and wishes they'd just stop it with all the colors and things and get grips to their shops. 

    Did you ask him if their planned obsolescence model was still in place?  Their grips get slick in one season by design, Lamkin you can get 3 to 4 times the use.  

  3. 14 hours ago, ewaldbeukes said:

    Yeah, going to play with some grinds too… want to see if 58-8 isnt a nice middle of the row for me. I am pretty good with low point control on chipping though imho and thats on a 60-6 setup. I need to be able to manipulate the face so think with a good C Grind or similar that should work nicely

    The M grind is a good option with Vokey.  The problem with just looking a bounce numbers is that they are "effective" bounce often times with most OEM's.  The angle of the sole is just part of the equation.  For example I find Callaway's C grind to play as a much lower bounce than a Vokey M grind.  

  4. Most muni’s I play have pretty relaxed dress codes. One of the busiest courses in the Midwest, which is city owned and down the street from my house has this dress code posted.  It has a huge junior program, 27 holes and a par 3 course.  practice area with junior clinics and women’s leagues. It literally goes out of its way to get young people involved in 1st Tee etc. part of learning the game is etiquette, part of etiquette is dressing appropriate.  That being said the code is not very restrictive and most courses I play at aren’t as restrictive as they were say 20 years ago.  An untucked shirt won’t get you kicked out of most courses anymore.  


    Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. Bathing attire, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, short shorts, muscle shirts and dress of similar nature is inappropriate.

    Nonmetal spikes or smooth soled tennis shoes will be allowed. The Golf Professionals may at their discretion allow various other types of golf shoes.

  5. On 11/10/2021 at 4:51 PM, rogolf said:

    This is a Rules of golf forum.  And here we go criticizing people who know the Rules, want to play by them in all games, and are willing to help others know and understand them.  What's wrong with that?

    (flame suit at the ready)

    I am all for playing by the rules, and knowing the rules.  People should come to this forum if they have a question, it is a great resource with lots of knowledgeable people.  Thank you all.  I have learned things here in the past.  


    My previous comment was more about someone butting in on other peoples business when it's unsolicited in a casual round.  If you show up for a tournament round it is your obligation to play by the rules.  It's like getting unsolicited advice on the driving range, it irks me when know-it-alls have to walk around and tell people what to do etc.  That's all, I was not criticizing the OP.  


    I will now leave this conversation because I have nothing to add of importance.  Carry on.  

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  6. 15 hours ago, JAMH03 said:

    You don't need a new wedge.

    You just need to spend some real time practicing I bet in less than an hour you can beat this issue.

    For a right handed player:

    Aim left
    Open the face of your SW or LW

    Swing hard

    Hit the sand behind the ball.

    When you're hearing the thump and your ball is hitting the green and bouncing to the right you're most of the way there let us know how it goes. 


    Old school.  My bunker play got better after moving away from this long taught method.  A lot of the modern teachers teach more  square stance, and less effort.  Much easier to control distance.  Don’t have to swing as hard.  


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  7. On 11/12/2021 at 4:43 PM, OspreyCI said:

    I am just terrible out of the bunker. My course has pretty good sand and that is not the issue. Been working hard on being better. Using a 60 PXG wedge with 9* of bounce. Looking for any brand of wedges to help me more. Bunkers having been costing me too many strokes. 

    TM Hi Toe? What are the suggestions? 

    You already own a really good wedge. Learn to use it. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, bscinstnct said:


    Faldo must have played consistently stronger golf than all the rest to be #1 for 81 straight weeks. 

    But I get your points.


    But it’s interesting to wonder what it was about Augusta that suited his eye and fit his game so well. 3 Masters wins is lofty. 


    Faldo was a great iron player, to win there you need to be a great iron player, almost no exceptions, at least for the week.  positioning the ball in the right part of the green to use the slopes properly is even more important than putting on those greens.  So when Faldo's iron game was on, he won, when it wasn't he couldn't crack the top 10.  He didn't have the length to contend there without almost perfect iron play.  


    Faldo's iron play was at times the best in the world, he was pretty short off the tee, not really that accurate, had a good solid short game, and was a streaky putter.  He was very mentally tough when he was on his game.  He worked his a** off and held number one in the era of some good but underachieving competitors like Couples, Norman etc.  Seve was pretty much done, Watson was done, Price had a nice run, Stewart was never that consistent, Norman was the true enigma, guy should have won 10 majors at least.   So a combo of really good play and no dominant player till he saw Tiger and saw the hand writing on the wall.  

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  9. Faldo was a better Ryder Cupper, Faldo was better in the Open Championship overall.  Ironically Faldo, who was known for precision, never won a US Open, or a PGA, he didn't even contend that often.  Faldo was tough, but he didn't have the ability to go low like Phil did, he was a grinder that won some and had some fall in his lap.  When Phil is on his game, he was better than Faldo, by a mile.  The only time I ever really remember Faldo dominating was when he took down Norman at St. Andrews.  He was a ball striking machine that week, Faldo at his absolute best in my opinion. 


    I would take Phil's record over Nick's any day, he just simply won more big tournaments overall.  Besides the majors Nick didn't win much except in Europe.  He honestly didn't contend in that many majors.  He won the Masters 3 times, but had 3 career top 10's at the Masters.  crazy.  He only won 2 tournaments in the US that weren't the Masters, one was Doral, the other was the Nissan.  

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  10. 15 hours ago, sm_watts said:

    That's why I'm soliciting input, I've hit plenty of the + wedges, but I've never had an original Eye 2 wedge.

    Personally I like the original grind much better, you have a wider sole, some major heel grind and the hollowed out sand cup in the middle.  It's a great all around grind, whereas the Eye2+ grind is more of a hard pan, tight lie grind.  


    In my opinion I would go with the SW in the Eye2+, then get the SW in the original, and maybe the LW as well.  You could also just go with the LW, the 53 is a good high lofted GW, and if you dont mind a 8 degree gap. it's really personal preference.  

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  11. 10 hours ago, mantan said:


    I'm close to putting my 410 hybrid back in the bag.  It was my security blanket club. I just haven't found the same magic with the 425. I've hit some good shots with it. But some squirely ones as well.  I just don't have that blind trust I had with the 410.

    I went with the G425 driver, supposedly the most forgiving driver available right?  I returned it after one round.  While I am sure the MOI is high, the spin seemed so low it just knuckled all over the place, I hit a few pretty long drives with it, but I had a 2 way miss going and it was nose diving into the left rough alot.  The G400 is the straightest driver I have ever hit, I have heard even better things about the G410, and I love the 410 FW's.  


    The online reviews have been mixed as well, the "other site" that does club testing did not rate it well either, after saying the 410LST was the greatest driver ever a couple of years ago.  

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