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  1. Fitted into Hi-Rev/HiRev 2.0 back in 2016. Low spin player. Vokey user since spin milled. Just purchased MG3 w/ Modus 115 wedge shafts as 2.0 backordered. IMO, the 2.0 feel better, launch higher, and spin more than Modus. Actually just check the back order status of the 2.0 on the TM custom shop. MG3 w/ 2.0 would be the bees knees for this guy.
  2. Reviving old thread. Ready to pull the trigger on ‘21 790’s. Always played a 37.75 to end of grip 7 iron. Stock length is 37. So do I order +3/4 or +1 inch given new measuring method. Just confirming to get it right. TIA.
  3. +1 smooth swinger here. 165 7 iron. Fitted into Modus 120X shafts that I like. Coming off some shoulder tendinitis and getting back into it after a 3 week layoff. Looking for an alternative until my strength/speed comes back into the golf swing. Anything comparable in a lighter weight…. TIA.
  4. Used 30 holes this week. All stock. 35 inches. Head cover included SOLD No trade interests
  5. Looking to fund another purchase. Not interested in any trades. PM interest. Scotty Cameron Select Newport. 34 inches. All stock. Won in a raffle over the holiday weekend and used for 18 holes this afternoon. MINT. SOLD Taylormade MG3 60.08 low bounce wedge. Built at custom shop. Standard loft and lie. +3/4 inch long. Upgraded (+$25 upcharge) Nippon Modus 115 black wedge shaft. GP TV +4 grip straight on. Used for 36 holes. Great looking club. Going to a 58* reason for sale SOLD!!!!
  6. Son is heading off to college next week and these won’t be making the trip….would be interested in a set of players distance irons with factory installed stiff flex graphite shafts (recoil or Steelfiber 95 preferably). PM interest Callaway ‘21 Apex Players Combo. 4-7 Apex Pros. 8-P Apex MB. Factory specs: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100. +1/2 long. 2* UP. GP TV +4 standard straight on. Ever so slight browning on the 7 iron. $875 Shipped Toulon San Diego Garage. H2 hosel. Has a 2 inch extension installed to play currently @ 36 inches. No headcover. $250 shipped.
  7. Here’ the difference in top line w/ the Gen2 being thinner.
  8. Clearing out some late summer extras. Not interested in any trades at this time. Will consider reasonable offers. Low ballers will be ignored. PM interest. Scotty Cameron Coronado. A classic. Original finish. 34.5 inches. 68* lie. 3* loft. New Pistolini Plus grip. Original headcover Lowered to $275 shipped
  9. Just one item this time… TaylorMade SIM2 MAX HL 16.5* 3 wood. Factory installed GD Tour AD DI 7 stiff. Pics tell the story. $300 shipped and PP fees. SOLD. PM interest
  10. Not interested in any trades at this time. Reasonable offers will be considered. Low ballers will be ignored. PM interest. Thank you Odyssey White Hot Tour Lined Tour Filled 2-Ball. 35 inches. 68* lie (2* flat). No headcover. SOLD PING HARWOOD putter. 35 inches. orange dot (68* lie 2* flat) All original. Headcover included. Slight arc. SOLD TaylorMade Tour Spider. Was told Tour Issue. No confirmation. 35 inches. 68* lie (2* flat) 2-2 gram weights installed SOLD Vokey SM8 60* L Grind. Extended 1/2 inch. New grip Original stock shaft no label SOLD Vokey SM8 56* M grind. Bent to 55* Extended 1/2 inch. New grip Original stock shaft no label. SOLD TaylorMade SIM UDI 2 Stock Diamana 100X shaft extended 1/2 inch. GP TV Align Midsize grip SOLD Graphite Design Tour AD DI Black 6 stiff. Tipped 1/2 inch. Extended 1/2 inch. Plays 45.5 in SIM Head. TM Adapter installed one notch towards lower from standard with shaft graphics. New grip. SOLD
  11. Clearing out some spring experiments. Not interested in any trades at this time. I feel pricing is very fair. Low ballers will be ignored. PM interest Tour Issue SIM MAX. See spec sticker. Excellent condition GD Tour AD DI 6 stiff. Tipped 1.5 inches. 45.50 playing length. New GP 360 TV. SOLD 3 Dozen brand new 2021 Taylormade TP5X balls. “LP” stamped on side. SOLD 13 GP Team MCC +4 midsize grips. Clean pulls. One round of use. SOLD
  12. 24 5/8? Does this measurement mean no tipping? What about w/ TM adapter installed?
  13. Recently purchased a DI for myself after using my daughter’s for a couple rounds. Confused on possible tipping. The top and left shaft is my daughter’s w/ MCC +4 grip. Both shafts have the same playing length. I’m I correct to assume mine is tipped an additional 1/2 inch? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  14. She’s a beauty. SC ‘21 Phantom X 5.5. Custom ordered at 35.5 inch. 2* flat. Standard 3.5* loft. Chopped off an inch to play currently at 34.5 inches and installed SS. Used 9 holes and a couple practice sessions. All shaft stickers removed. Prefer clean look. Will include OEM Pistolero Plus grip. Fair warning...some tape residue inside grip...haven’t got around to cleaning out. Only trade interest: GD Tour AD DI 6S w/ authentic TM adapter. Must be at least 44.5 inches long plus cash. SOLD PM interest
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