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  1. Son shattered his SIM early this week. Custom NV 75X shaft. Warranty claim thru website. Quoted 6/20 ship date. Emailed them stating unsatisfactory result just need head or stock option since shaft still good. TM replied back we’ll have a stock club shipped out in 2 weeks max.
  2. 0.4. Sim TI Rocket 14* Tour Ad Di 7 stiff 90% tee 10% fairway
  3. 921 Forged Modus 120X +1/2 1* UP grips (whatever available) uninstalled ordered 3/22 delivered today.
  4. Set of irons for quick sale. Funding other purchase. Not interested in any trades. PM interest. Mizuno 919 Tour iron set. 4-P. Professionally extended +3/4 (5 iron=38.75). Standard loft and lie. Factory installed KBS C-Taper 120 stiff. GP TV Align midsize grips. price drop...SOLD TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw wedge set. 56(bent to 55*) and 60*. Ordered direct from TM Custom Shop. See spec sheet. GP MCC +4 standard grips straight on. Selling as set only. SOLD
  5. Ordered a set of 921 Forged Nippon Modus 120X stock Mizuno branded grip unattached (hoping that would save time) on March 20th. Was quoted 6 weeks...3 weeks to go. Fingers crossed.
  6. Round weight=4grams Check out Billy Bob’s Golf for aftermarket weights. Note: M6 round weights will fit as well. Experimenting myself. Good luck.
  7. Fuji Ventus Red 6 stiff Velocore. 2* Taylormade Adapter installed one notch towards lower setting from standard to line up w/ shaft graphics. Untipped. Plays stock 45.75 in SIM2 MAX. Brand New GP Z-Cord Midsize +2 wraps. Received earlier this week. Purchased brand new. Little too low launching for this 50 year old. Will consider trades for SIM2 9* or SIM2 MAX 10.5* heads. Obviously adding $$$ on my end. SOLD shipped via FedEx Ground PM interest
  8. Maybe this is answered in the 88 pages but....has anyone see an increase in spin/launch/cog bias going with a heavier round screw weight in club head. TIA
  9. Mine arrived today...194g
  10. Clearing out the extras. Feel pricing is very fair. Not interested in any trades at this time. PM interest. New in Box. Team Titleist Tour Performance hat. $45 shipped
  11. SIM DHY 19* #3. Custom factory ordered. 1* Upright. 40.25 length. GP TV 60 Round +1 wrap +1 wrap under right hand. SOLD PXG GEN 1 BAT ATTACK H. 36 inches. SS XL 2.0 OEM GRIP SOLD SIM MAX RESCUE. 22* #4. Factory ordered Tour AD DI 85 stiff. 40 inches. GP TV 60 round + 1 wrap +1 wrap under right hand SOLD Pricing includes all PayPal fees and shipping via FedEx Ground. Not interested in any trades. PM interest
  12. Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Red 6 S better fit for me.
  13. My fantastic bride of 20 years got me a SIM2 MAX yesterday at my fitting she attended for Valentines Day so this beauty must go... Tour Issue Sim Max head see spec sheet + on hosel SOLD PM interest. Thanks Dewey
  14. Played and stayed at Montgomery Bell, Pickwick, Chickasaw, and Paris Landing over the last 20 years w/ a group ranging from 16-32 players making the trip down from Wisconsin. Great experiences all at sites. Very accommodating. Consensus over the years is that the Montgomery Bell/Greystone combination is the best golf and accommodations. We’ve moved our trip farther south last couple years into Northern Mississippi.
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