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  1. PRICES LOWERED 2/22!!!!! It's time to clean stock. All prices shipped to lower 48 U.S. via PayPal. Drivers (heads only) 1. Epic Flash Subzero- this was my long time gamer. 10.5. It currently has heavier weights installed. I can't remember what they weigh, but it played close to D4 at 44.25, IIRC. I've got the original weights for you, too, and the original headcover, which never saw the course. I'll throw in a wrench. This has some minor bag clatter, which I don't really notice at address. See the pictures. SOLD. 2. Ping G410 Plus,
  2. In a post below, answering the following questions 1. Golf Fore Less, Cartersville CC, or Barnsley Gardens 2. Rome, Georgia 5. 3.0 4. Epic Flash Subzero, Oban Kiyoshi HB6 5. No 6. prefer Tsi3, but I'll test whatever gives me the best fit 7. Absolutely
  3. I think this is mis-guided. You are looking at it as framework of how to better to manage expectations, but the reality is that you really shouldn't have any scoring expectations. The proper course management for every player is to understand their own shot dispersion and then play as aggressively as possible while reasonably avoiding trouble. There really isn't a hole, that during the round, you should be expecting to make any score on. Rather, you try to hit each shot as close to the hole as possible while avoiding lost balls, penalties, trees, and disasters. For a 30 handicapper, that m
  4. > @Paddy_2_Iron said: > Us mere mortal look back at the yellows, blacks whatever the **** color they are for that course and wonder what demi god can play this. > > Just saying.... 229 on a par 3 is pretty impressive if you are getting there with an iron. > > Hats off! > > Shoot sorry in tour talk, should of been in regular...... To be honest, I've pretty much stopped looking at the yardages. I know I'm comfortable from 6700-7000 on most courses, but elevation changes and hole designs can make yardages misleading. What I've figured out is that I enj
  5. I hit the MP 20 on the shaft fitting shaft thing the other night and got the following recommendations: 1. C-Taper Lite X 2. Project X LZ 5.5 3. Project X 5.5 I’ve never been a big Project X iron guy, I may be mistaken, but I thought 5.5 is an R. How did I get an X and an R recommendation? Also, in hitting different stuff, I thought DG 120 S had the best numbers in terms of spin 6900-7100, but the PGA store employee said the mat takes off about 750 rpm and it would probably be too much on the course. I currently play modus 130 S hardstepped, but I’m open to a better fitting shaf
  6. 510TP. Just a nice smush sound. Not too metallic, not too thwacky like a persimmon wood. It just sounded like compression.
  7. I would be amazed if a pro could deliver 10 pure strokes at 0.0 on the gold setting + - 0.2*. It's fun though because it makes you want to keep going and going. Yep. I use a blast motion solely for putting. I quickly found out that I tended to leave the face open at impact, usually 1-1.5, but working 10-15 minutes per day (usually in 3 separate 5 minute sessions), I got a lot better. Now I feel like anything under 0.5 is acceptable, anything under 0.3 is good, and anything over .8 makes me frustrated. I've had plenty of sessions with 18/20 at .5 or better, but I can't imagine having 1
  8. ABOUT: [*]​Current handicap - 4.9 [*]What is your current driver and shaft (be specific)? Callaway Epic with Rogue Silver 110 70X [*]Were you fit for your current driver? Not really. I demo’d several heads on Flightscope, but wasn’t in-depth. [*]State why you'd want to review the new Ping G400 Max driver I have been in a driving funk since I got the Epic. I legitimately believe it’s caused my handicap to go up close to three shots. Even before this thread came out, I was intrigued by the idea of testing a G400 driver just to try to bring some accuracy back to my driving. I’ve go
  9. I haven’t tried any others; this was my maiden voyage so to speak. It doesn’t feel hard, but it’s not like original Winn grip squishy.
  10. I decided to go back to gaming my Cameron Select Newport after some flirting with other putters, but I needed to reshaft it to lengthen it a bit. Since it was getting a new shaft, I was going to need a new grip. Fooling around in my basement with my putters, I was reminded of how much I loved the feel of a leather grip. The leather gripped putter I have is 40 years old and the original grip still feels great. After reading the comments here, I ended up ordering a Rancher Paddle from Best Grips and I'm glad I did. It's got a great shape and size, looks great, and feels great. The orde
  11. Thanks for the opportunity! TaylorMade Community username - LitigatingDawg Current driver model / specs - Callaway Epic Rogue Silver 110 70X or TM Aeroburner TP Rogue Silver 125 80TX, both 9º Current handicap- 4.6 RH or LH - RH
  12. I've got a Kai 'Li 80 in my three wood. It's very stable, but very smooth.
  13. My current USGA Handicap is 3.3. I currently play Titleist 716 AP2's with Nippon Modus Tour 125's. I was not fit for these irons. I am a Taylormade fan, having had at least one Taylormade club in the bag for almost as long as I can remember. Currently, I have two TM fairways and a TM putter in the bag. I'd like to share in this experience because the seeing the 750's made me wish I hadn't gotten the AP2's. I'd love to see if they perform as good as they look.
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