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  1. I for one think it is a great back story but I also have no negative opinion of Mr Poulter, especially when I read articles about Dream Flight. Good for him.
  2. No question but I for one appreciate you taking the time to provide insight into your tour life, especially on circuits that I know not much about. I will follow this thread, thank you, and good luck wherever you find yourself.
  3. Awesome experience...one that you will remember and smile about many years from now.
  4. I hope he gets to feeling better.
  5. What a great thread. Congrats to both player and family and I am hoping he enjoys the ride and finds great success.
  6. You were very fortunate as they have given a lot of power to buyers the last couple of years. I am glad it worked out for you.
  7. [i]"My basic thing was, doing this at work, I was distracted, and didn't pay as close of attention as I should have"[/i] Says all I need to hear. Blaming both the seller and Ebay is ridiculous. You are kicking yourself because you made a mistake. We all do it. Some of us more than others. Man up, learn from it, and don't make the same mistake again. Good luck.
  8. Look at you trying to hide all of those club boxes under that work bench lol Nice clubs....good luck with the sale....
  9. [quote name='aussiefreddy' timestamp='1310158310' post='3375516'] PM sent on the Byron and C & L [/quote] Pm replied. Both Byron and 9015D have been sold and will be off to their new homes tomorrow morning.
  10. [quote name='BlakeBstone' timestamp='1310097175' post='3373819'] That's not a cb3 looks like a cb1. Love the Byron I have the same one in mystic pearl [/quote] You are correct and I just fixed the typo...must have had the "3" in my head when I typed it. Thank you for bringing it to my attn.
  11. [quote name='Thermopylea' timestamp='1310092147' post='3373555'] Ill take the 9015D ! [/quote] Sold pending funds to Thermopylea...thank you.
  12. Come get 'emThinning the herd of some nice clubs that I dont game. I try my best to describe all clubs but I will not rate them, just look at pics and ask any questions. I will however stand by my word and guarantee my description and hopefully your happiness. If pics look funny or like there is smudge on the clubs it is just where I took the clubs from a cold basement into a very humid and hot evening. 1- Byron Morgan 007- torched finish, site dot and slot, 34", white iomic grip and 350 head. I could not capture the beauty of this club due to the lack of sunlight outside tonight. It s
  13. Heated tailgates...haha...thats a good one. I have a F-150 Supercrew Lariat and love it, up to and until the point that I go to the gas station. Luckily for me my drive to work is only 2 miles and I have other vehicles to drive when needed. The truck is solid and is probably the best vehicle that I have ever owned. Would I buy it again? Hell yes. But if I was worried about fuel costs, I may have to hold that dream and buy something more efficient. Though 16mpg is not horrible if you dont have a long commute to work. Overall, it is a great vehicle and I am happy to own it.
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