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  1. Can be any model really, just looking to match the loft. Ideally a Ping Anser 17*. Can be head only or shafted. Less than $100 shipped!
  2. That math is correct. Wholesale prices are actually pretty high and then various discounts are applied depending on how much business your store does with Callaway. Best time to buy new clubs is when you can get some good value as a 150% bonus trade in. They will offer it for the Big Bertha line pretty soon and sometimes that extends to the prior model year.
  3. I have two Mizuno T20 wedges in satin chrome for sale. Only used for about 5 rounds on the 56 and 2 rounds on the 60. 56.10 and 60.06 +1” length Standard Lie Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Golf Pride MCC +4 Align in Grey Standard Size +3Wraps Would like to sell as a pair at $160 shipped to CONUS $90 for either one individually. Thanks
  4. They’ll have it up again soon. I’m sure they were just reworking the website for the fall release.
  5. My favorite experience was from the only major I’ve been to. I got the chance to walk around Augusta in 2016 for a Tuesday practice round. Simply amazing to be able to walk around that place and see everything it has to offer.
  6. I’ve got a Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 with matching headcover for sale. Club is in fantastic shape with extremely minimal wear, it looks near new. It was a 33” putter that has been extended to 35”. Grip is the new golf pride pro only green, probably has about 10 rounds on it. The only blemish on this putter is that Bettinardi factory put a small cut in the putter shaft to trim excess tape. Pic is included. I didn’t find out about it until I extended it. Let me know if you need any more pictures or angles. Price is $190 shipped to CONUS obo. SOLD Only trade interest is a newer 17* hybrid. Ship
  7. I’ve got a nearly new Taylormade GAPR mid for sale. I got it March of last year but I’ve probably only got about 8-10 rounds on it. GAPR Mid 3 driving iron 18* KBS Prototype Hybrid 80 - X-stiff +1” Length Lamkin Sonar Midsize Grip Comes with stock headcover and no tool $120 shipped obo SOLD
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