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  1. Callaway XR Pro 4-pw Standard LLL Recoil 660 F3 flex 475 OBO shipped
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't care about feedback? My feedback score is probably 30% of the total deals I've done on this site, and I really could not care less.
  3. Plastic pulled off on Friday- 10 range balls and 18 holes. $225 shipped obo
  4. Oh my god of all the things I've ever seen on golfwrx, this is the king hands down. A distance thread about putters..... Un be lievable
  5. Just the glides left- $80 shipped for the pair
  6. Excellent condition Black Dot CFS Regular at -1/2" New TM 360 velvet grips $225 shipped for the irons or $300 shipped with a 50 and 58 SS set of glide wedges
  7. Excellent condition Black Dot CFS Regular Steel -1/2" in length with new TM 360 velvet grips. $240 shipped OBO or trade for a similar iron setup.
  8. It will be used almost solely from the deck, so low profile is probably my top criteria, and forgiving. I prefer draw/neutral bias and 15.5-17.5 degrees.
  9. One of the nicer courses in the area. Gonna wear jeans, probably play music.. it's going to be great
  10. You were looking for a solid YEAR, found it for $30, and now you're returning it because of that small mark? Doesn't compute to me, but to each their own. This....
  11. A hat Remember when us older folks growing up got a hat, and it had those cheap plastic adjusters on the back? Well in the age of flexfits, those are cool now, and they even have an official name.
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