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  1. Up for sale is a set of Scratch forged wedges. There is a 50*, 56*, 60* wedge. The 56* and the 60* come with DG Spinner shaft. The 50* comes with a standard Dynamic Gold shaft. They also have oversized Winn Grips. I used them for 2 New England golf seasons. They do have some nicks and scratches on them. I didn't really get a chance to clean them up, so i will take the hit for my laziness. $160 $140 shipped. No trades yet. My bag is full, but I will listen if they don't sell within a couple of days. I will listen to cash offers though. Thanks again.
  2. If the sale falls through....let me know. Lol. Just kidding i hope your house turns out great. I am easy going so you can send an offer and we can talk if your interested.
  3. 1. Up for sale is a brand new never been opened or unwrapped Scotty Cameron 2013 Limited Edition SQUAREBACK Holiday Putter. I still haven't pulled it out of the bag yet. I really wanted to save it as a collector's item, but I changed my mind. I originally bought this off a fellow wrx'er. The pics will show that it is still sealed in it's original bag, and it will come with the original box from titleist. It has a red Pistolero Grip and a shaft ring for a sweet look. I am open to any offers or trades, but please do not take it personally if I say no. $950 shipped CONUS I am interested in a
  4. [quote name='G-Bone' timestamp='1389987526' post='8479241'] GoLo and GoLo 5 = 330 grams with NO weights. Adjust from there. [/quote] thanks for the help. I was researching for weeks.
  5. Golfwrx is the largest golf forum in the world for a reason. It's truly a place where the golf fanatic can "just let go", and not worry about the real world. I'm proud to be a member of such an elite golf only website.
  6. [quote name='Baby Blue' timestamp='1369181152' post='7080550'] nice [/quote] Nice what?
  7. [quote name='granata10' timestamp='1369153488' post='7077144'] Which arc is that on the Nome TR, it looks like SBST. [/quote] Straight, but it has sold and shipped. 2 degrees flat.
  8. PUTTERS FOR SALE!!!! I'm looking to get rid of another load of putters. Prices seem fair, but I will listen to all reasonable offers. My bag is complete, so I can't take trades right now. Send me an offer, and I'm sure we can work something out, as you can see from previous transactions on Golfwrx and ebay, I am very reasonable. Any questions, please PM me. 1. Ping Nome TR: Brand New still in package. Ping Nome TR 34.5 inches long, and 2 degrees flat. It is brand new and has never hit a ball. I ordered it from PING, and they were unable to cancel my order. I am going with th
  9. Thanks for the info. A lot of golf course pros tell me to try the exotics. I guess i have to buy another toy.
  10. As of today Golfsmith is the only place taking orders, although I still want the adjustable one which is not available right now. http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30097475/ping-nome-tr-putter-black-dot
  11. Ok, so I have called 5 places, including ping, and I can't find a place who will pre order this putter. Any idea who is selling these? Ping says they are going to be a limited release. NEED HELP!
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