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  1. Ping, Cleveland, Taylormade. Nothing specific, but other than a TM hybrid in high school I just have never ended up with any of these brands in the bag. I guess I did have a Ping golf bag at one point for some reason. Nothing they release seems to get me to even want to hit them.
  2. I got up to 11 last year on 2 different courses. Had a stretch where off a tee with an iron it felt like throwing a dart. Haven't been anywhere near close to that since. Most of our par 3's are around 180 to 200 yards with massive greens, so my actual 2 putt rate was not very good.
  3. I have the 921 HMP and absolutely love them. I have the 4-9 irons, ended up keeping the forged for the wedges. I had played JPX-900 forged before and have slowly been switching over to the HMP. I typically struggle with over cooking a draw so have always had to play more players irons to keep left out of play while needing more forgiveness. The HMP seem to be the absolutely perfect combo. Feel wise, they are not quite as good as the forged but they are still fantastic! A buddy of mine ordered the regular hot metals after hitting mine, so we will see how he likes them. Feel wise the hot metals are outstanding for a game improvement iron. I haven't noticed any hot spots where one seems to fly exceptionally far, and I am able to choke up and keep the flight down when required.
  4. Showed up for a tournament the day after having a couple too many sodas the night before. Opened my trunk, golf shoes weren't there. Bought another pair at the shop with about 4 minutes to spare before we went out to our holes.
  5. I generally start off in April and May grinding hard and trying to shoot as low as possible. Generally once summer hits I have way more fun playing scrambles on the weekend to be honest.
  6. This year we wait almost every time at my course. We have had almost 0 rain this summer so we have been able to bounce the ball on from some absurd distances. Most years I only wait if I'm within 240 yards or so.
  7. I am very glad you brought this up. I dealt with some wrist pain this winter/spring. It eventually went away, but I can see it coming back eventually. I'll have to keep your suggestion in mind if it does!!
  8. I left mine on all season and honestly don't even notice them anymore. So far, the distances on it have been nearly spot on. We had one of our buying partners do a range session and change the elevation to a lower elevation course he was playing the next week and he said they were nearly spot on as well. We have not used it outdoors yet, but from our experience the numbers we were getting inside are extremely helpful when on the course.
  9. I used to play a 3 and 4 hybrid, but ended up going back to the 4 iron the last couple seasons. For whatever reason, my ball striking on my 4 iron has been way more reliable and it seems to not get wrecked by the wind as bad. I still have a 3 hybrid which I pretty much treat like a 5 wood.
  10. 905 R with the 75 V2, all day every day. Still had my best ball flight of my life when I was gaming it.
  11. I had an F8 and couldn't bring myself to part with it. Finally broke down and got a Speedzone Extreme, my god what a club!
  12. Ordered a 6-7 JPX Hot Metal Pro on 5-4, still waiting. I ordered the 4-5 Hot Metal Pro earlier this year and I think it was right at about 6 weeks to get it so I think this one will end up being similar.
  13. I was able to pick up a used 19 degree Cobra F9 for under $100. I love it so far! Lie angle feels flatter than the F7 I had in the past.
  14. In high school we had the 2nd round of a tournament in Wyoming get canceled because the wind was blowing the balls off a green into a bunker. I took a 6 on the hole after holing out my 4th bunker shot. Everyone else picked up and told the coaches to just DQ them when the coaches yelled at us. A couple groups later they said finish to the clubhouse, 2nd round was canceled.
  15. Worst 95. Best 79. Weather was windy as hell when I shot the 79. Still haven't made a birdie yet this season. Golf is hard.
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