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  1. Most of woods were touched up on crown near face. Shipping is extra, will give deals on multiple purchases. Shipping is extra and deals given for multiple purchases. 1)Taylormade r7 tp Aldila NV 65 stiff 15 $49 crown is good 2)Tour issue Taylormade r7 tp 17.5 5 wood Aldila NV 85x $49 no serial 3)Rare Tour issue Taylormade r7 tp 13 “ST“ speeder 652x tu $49 no serial 4)Tour issue matrix code 6 Taylormade r7 tp 13 $49 no serial 5)Taylormade Burner tp 13 head tu $30 6)Taylormade 3 wood tour 300 15 head $20 7)Taylormade r7 tp 3 wood 15 head tu $30 8)
  2. That's because they are soft in the butt like...well you know.
  3. 1)Ad di7s Tipped 1.5” Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S Stiff FWY Shaft 42" $139 2)ad di7x Tipped 2” Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7x X-Stiff FWY Shaft ~41.5" fairway wood $139 3)Ben Hogan ft worth 15 heads21, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44 (7 heads)” $229sold 4)4-pw stiff Ust recoil prototype 125 F4 $225 sold 34 1/2 34 9/16 35 1/4 35 1/2 36 1/4 37 1/4 37 9/16 5)Ts3 10.5 head headcover, tool $239 6)Driving iron ad di105x Srixon u65 18(bent to 17) $199sold to mongo 7) Mint Srixon u65 3 iron 20 degree prototype Recoil 125 f5 x-stiff $169 8)M
  4. The cbx2--really have a unique sole. Their turf interaction and sand interaction is way different than any wedge I've played before...I'm coming from cleveland cg14, cg16, cleveland tour...
  5. I would get new wedges. I use the cbx2, and love them, but the sole on the is really wide and I imagine adjusting their loft will really affect their turf interaction more than most. I have always bent my wedges, but the cbx2 sole is really different(bulkier) than your average wedge...
  6. I'm hard pressed to think of a made putt harder than Rahm's 66 foot putt at the BMW to win a tournament?
  7. I think its this one--I'm at work though... can't send pick... https://www.golfworks.com/callaway-advanced-opti-fit-adaptors/p/ca0020/
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