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  1. Hmmm, Everyone is different...I'm curious, how old was the wedge? And make? After having thousands of exchanges--I try to be positive and don't make something little into a big thing. If I was your friend, I'd say--"don't stress over this--it means nothing--give it to me" and then I'd happily fix it for you. 1) did he know it was 1/4" under standard? I'm not sure I would know or the average golfer would notice. 2) if I pulled off a grip and that was there and the shaft's integrity was not affected--I'd cut the end more and add extension:) 3) I wouldn't file a pp over tha
  2. 1)I like when a wedge slices thru the grass, with a little divot. The cbx2 seems made to prevent chunks (which is good) but the feeling is like a thump when hitting a full wedge. 2)Also it doesn't work in the sand for me, I like opening the wedge flat--I'm a good bunker player. The cbx2 tends to skid and bounce off the sand--I've hit a few thin because of this, and I never do this with my cg16. I like wedges with very little offset, that's my only gripe with the cg16. 3) Because of the weather I had a few grassy lies that had hardpan under it, and I feel more confident with so-called "players
  3. Wow--I'm kind of stunned. That adapter actually fits a TM or Ping or Cobra?!
  4. I've been using the tm adapter--still 1.75" you think? Also can you tell me more about the universal adapter?
  5. Any good midsize wedges? My cbx2 grind doesn't work for me...
  6. that's exactly what I needed to hear. My experience with the black and blue (I have a flat swing do to shoulder replacement) was not quiet high enough trajectory... So I think I will tip them--did you tip 2" total or 1.5" total?
  7. I was jumping between the black 6x and red 7x with my sim driver. The red untipped is easier to swing, more height and long--but I get a 2 way miss... The black I have to bring and it works as long as I bring it:) My miss is always a right fade/lee trevino fade;-- no 2 way miss. If I tip the red an 1" or 2" will it retain the "easy" swinging feel?
  8. I would think a Titleist 510 with a regular or senior shaft.
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