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  1. I bought very cheap harbor freight bench grinder--fantastic for sanding tips
  2. Armlock seems sound, but I don't like a lot of forward press--- any grips out there combat this? I know the evnroll 14 or 17 does--
  3. 25 years ago, there was a big difference. The vsteel tour issue changed my game mostly because it was open and toe weighted to combat hooks. Now-a-days--it doesn't matter.
  4. Thank you for the tips. Your advice helps because at the moment my body is finding it hard to make the appropriate moves considering the surgery basically ripped my arm off 1 year ago...and cut out the shoulder joint and put in a new one:) I am happy about it:) That the fix was possible. Now I just have to work with it....
  5. Ok the deal is I had my shoulder fully replaced a year ago. I'm working hard on fixing the bad habits that 6 years of a bad shoulder caused. My miss 4-6 times a round is a push/slice coming from a swing flaw related to the shoulder replacement. In time, I believe I will overcome these faults but till then, I'm hoping to find the best fit for this. I'm driving it 270-300. I'm getting lessons, but my swing is greatly inhibited by the shoulder replacement. I'm thinking a sim2 D driver? Any other suggestions.
  6. Yes, you are right. 1) No turn as in "turning in the barrel." 2) The grip is awful.
  7. I would do x100 maybe softstepped--a heavier weight often improves iron play.
  8. The grip is too skinny--I want something fatter... Also I wish there was a way to change shaft to something without a bend..... anyone know if these would do anything? https://www.valuegolf.com/plumbers-neck-putter-adapter?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6ZOIBhDdARIsAMf8YyHtEBhQ8p43IcONhe4vvB18C2TCf7NKGiVW1DEb1E9-3fvUoGGVrb8aApQ3EALw_wcB https://www.hirekogolf.com/slant-hosel-putter-adapter-h002.html
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