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  1. Yes, I just want to make the game simple. Driving it in the fairway, wedges, putter.
  2. I was looking at an sldr 14 460 driver. They were low spin, so trajectory might not be too high...
  3. It's a great shaft. I may regret it, but I had a shoulder replaced, I bought all this equipment, and I haven't used any of it. I think I have to get fit, because my shoulder replacement has change my swing dramatically.
  4. Actually they are tipped 2" like TXG did. They still play as soft or softer than the blue... Are you talking red ventus? Because the red still goes very high...
  5. I like either a 1 iron or driver off the tee (don't like small headed 3 woods), wonder of there's a good 13-14 degree driver head?
  6. I think I got lucky and that he already sent me emails through eBay saying that the shafts didn't fit him. He didn't say there's anything wrong with them--he said they didn't fit--too stiff.
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