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  1. I just played 18 with the ls. Last year I played a prov1 with some rounds with the left dash. I am a high spin player but also don’t like overly firm golf balls. The left dash played well for me since it knocked spin off but the feel just wasn’t good and would get clicky. Same issue I would have with tp5x. After watching txg say the chrome soft x ls was lower spin but still had a softer feel I wanted to give the ball a try. The ball met all expectations. Low spin on driver and enough on irons and wedges. I could spin wedges back on greens if I wanted to. Felt good on the putter and the trip
  2. Haha just posted my existing shafts for sale and trying to get one ordered.
  3. First shaft for sale is a hzrdus rdx blue with the limited edition red white and blue graphics. 6.5tx 65g with a TM adapter and measures a little over 44.25” so plays to about 45.25”. Looking for $225 shipped Next is a Fuji Ventus blue with velocore that I bought from Will Peoples. Has a tour TM 1* adapter and measures 44.5” and plays to 45.5”. Looking for $225 shipped as wel No tipping for both shafts.
  4. If this performs like pro white but with better feel I will get one for my sim2 max the hzrdus rdx blue and ventus blue have been good but one the best combos of recent was my m5 with pro white 60tx
  5. 1. City, State? San Jose CA 2. Handicap? 12 3. Current driver shaft? Ventus blue, hzrdus rdx blue 4. Current iron shafts? Modus 120x 5. What Regio Formula Plus shaft do you want to test?formula b+ 6. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt?yes 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos?yes
  6. I also have the stock Hzrdus 6.0 shaft I can ship out of someone wants that with the head
  7. Only one round with this. Head only. Asking for $175 shipped
  8. I got my size on the app. Logged in right at 7am. Tried to find my brother a pair on other sites two mins later and sold out. I got the 5s last month and they didn’t sell out for a couple of hours. Glad I jumped on time.
  9. Just got a notice that cobra shipped out my driver today. Fastest turnaround ever
  10. Cobra offered a killer trade in on a sim driver that I had bought used (basically getting my money back) so I ordered a radspeed +1” with d5 swingweight I’m peacock blue with hzrdus rdx blue. I want to experiment with the longer playing length and at worst I can cut it down and order heavier weights from cobra or hot melt
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