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  1. San Jose home of the million dollar condos haha. Born and raised and college grad of San Jose. Love the city but it’s cost of living don’t love me haha
  2. Someone make an offer on this bad boy. $250 for the tensei white 1k
  3. Club champion. Was happy overall with the exception of a couple specs like the swingweight since their plan was to shove tungsten powder into it
  4. They recommended d9-e0 for me and when I asked about how to get the weight up that much without adding so much hotmelt that it feel dead and he said tungsten powder. I reached out to Ian at TXG as I wanted D6/7 and Ian said to not go over D7. Especially since I play mcc align midsize plus two wraps. Sounded like a good way to ruin a tour z rpg or Tsi3 head
  5. Haha Tsi3 8.0 at d1 with Accra tour z rpg 462 M5. Never thought I would play a 7.25* driver but it got my numbers up and spin down for once.
  6. No I didn’t pick up golf until I was there. Started as a basketball player but started college as a engineering major so all sports went on pause haha
  7. Forgot that I will split the head and shaft if I find buyers for both
  8. Got fit for driver over the weekend so my current setup and a 5 wood shaft are for sale First is a sim2 max 9.0 with tensei pro white 1k 60tx no tipping and plays at 45.5” with midsize mcc align plus two wraps. Head has 4grams of hot melt added in neutral spot. Asking for $585 shipped Next is a graphite design tour ad vr 7x with Taylormade adapter. Played at 42” and has a midsize tour velvet align plus two wraps. Looking for $125 shipped
  9. As someone playing +1” irons I’m sure there’s a larger margin of error on the shafts. Would love to have the equipment not be the cause of misses. srixon zx5/7 combo with modus 120x
  10. I got the t100 when they first came out and loved them got rid of them and tried to go t100s but order was never completed so I got srixon zx5/7 combo set. I’ll be getting a set of these once able to and I can get fit. I just saw the black version on Instagram and
  11. New Ram. Love the truck but the Laramie night edition has black 22s. Nice looking wheels but I am putting a 2.5” suspension level kit and 18s on
  12. Unloading more gear to buy some truck stuff first is a Callaway epic max ls 9.0 driver with mmt 60x shaft. Never seen the course just hit a few balls at the range. $415 shipped next is a sim ti 5 wood with headcover. Toe has a mark that can only be seen up close. $165 shipped last is a Scotty select newport 2 putter. Removed the paintfill and redid it in black has a black kbs ct tour putter shaft at 36” and black superstroke pistol gt 1.0 grip no headcover but will ship protected. $275 shipped
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