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  1. If I recall correctly I am already at 8 iron length The long iron gapping was already too tight to the mid irons. The distance of the 19 Cobra One hybrid was appreciably shorter than my old 20 degree Callaway. Going even shorter I fear just exacerbates the issue. This is my second attempt with SL as I rebuilt and bent to get better distance separation from a set of EQLs over a dozen years ago. Same problems, long iron gapping and little to or worse performance in short iron accuracy. On paper it all makes sense… I am just not seeing the hypotheses proved in my observational experience.
  2. Screencap’ed a couple pics sweet looking
  3. I gave single length 7 months this year… my handicap went up nearly 3 strokes. Returned to my old MP-59s this past week and shot best round of the year. I totally bought the the theory but I just couldn’t get it to work for me. Short game with SL was terrible and long iron/hybrid game wasn’t appreciably better. if it works more power to you
  4. @Stuart_G - so bottom line is if I was fit for KBS $ Taper in a traditional set, using 7 iron length $ Taper throughout a SL set would work well. It would require no soft or hard stepping at either end of the set. That sound correct? I do not have a late release so according to Wishon the shaft bend point cannot affect trajectory, but can shaft weight?
  5. just the typical SL issue of trajectory and decent angle. I have the original KBS FLT shafts in my playing set but I also have a backup set I eBay’ed with a mix of shafts that I would like to replace. I like the flighted concept with the goal of making to easier to launch the longer irons
  6. Seeking thoughts/comments on utilizing True Temper AMT configuration for my Cobra One Length; I am considering ordering all 7 length taper shafts; but using Red AMT in 4-6 iron, Black AMT in 7-9 and White in the PW and GW. What problems am I creating by trying to solve for flighting?
  7. What could have been... https://www.ebay.com/itm/373444306364
  8. Sadly this video has been removed... did anyone download it or know the person who posted? I wish I would have downloaded it as this was a meditation for me. I would love to get a copy
  9. I don’t understand what is behind all the long cryptic posts of Hogan followers that say nothing. It’s like QAnon followers... gotta feel like they know something other people don’t. They are enlightened... they took the red pill
  10. Manufacturers want to make money... you take away their ability to innovate and eventually you have profit problem. How many companies want to get into making wooden baseball bats? Not many... no way to differentiate. length is not the problem; design is... punish players with architecture. Narrow landing areas, add bunkers, add trees. Force shot shaping. as far as I am concerned there is a material limit... just let manufacturer’s find it. Unobtainium does not exist
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