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  1. Manufacturers want to make money... you take away their ability to innovate and eventually you have profit problem. How many companies want to get into making wooden baseball bats? Not many... no way to differentiate. length is not the problem; design is... punish players with architecture. Narrow landing areas, add bunkers, add trees. Force shot shaping. as far as I am concerned there is a material limit... just let manufacturer’s find it. Unobtainium does not exist
  2. Add more angles... more trees block approach angles
  3. @Howard_Jones - any chance of getting a refreshed link? Much appreciated
  4. reviving an old thread. Well it took a few years but I finally finished all 60 days in a consistent, time boxed manner... thank you quarantine. I have the original DVD series; I believe that is the “legacy” program. I had never made it past 30 days prior before I would get interrupted by family obligations (youth sports) or work commitments. My summary is that it’s a good program. Yes it’s long, yes it is repetitive, yes Hepler repeats the word “crucial” too much, yes it’s heavy on the eastern mysticism... most of the criticisms on this thread are true. But I can tell you for the first time i
  5. sill have my Vapor Volt with a Paderson imrt as a show piece ... wasn’t that long, but sure is cool looking I would love to have seen the next gen... “According to the report, the VPR Strike represented a major advancement in performance over the previous Vapor Fly Pro model and produced up to 8 mph more ball speed and loads more distance.”
  6. bought a Ruukket Haack for the quarantine... easy and quick to setup/takedown
  7. Titleist TS2, long and straight... so good it made me put a 7 wood back in the bag
  8. Another TS2 vote Knocked the 2014 Big Bertha out of the bag... never thought anything would
  9. Not really... same materials different goal. The UST FF putter shaft was meant to reduce "static / noisy" high frequency vibrations in the effort to better feel the ball on the putter face. Basically this just softens feel... I played them in several putters and these worked somewhat if you a traditional grip (not the fat grips of today). The BGT shaft is about reducing torque and oscillation. I've been in contact with a few of the techs at BGT and they sent me a bunch of documentation there is not one mention of the word vibration or frequency in the materials. This shaft is about reducing
  10. Anybody got more info? Explains why my emails have not been returned... I have been trying to buy an aluminum putter grip for several months now. Anyone got a line where I could get one?
  11. No problem! Sorry to sound like a stalker Hope all is well, look forward to working with you - V
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