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  1. If you are a fan of golf course architecture, it's a must play. Having played over 200 courses myself, playing #2 in May was very humbling. Because of the severity of greens, you need to very accurate with approaches; even chips and pitches. Get dialed in with the wedges, and you can go low. Most putts inside 10-15 feet are pretty tame. Once you get on the wrong side of a ridge or section, lag putting and/or chipping become very taxing. I actually thought the course was much prettier in person that on television, and there are some subtle elevation changes. All that being said, if you just
  2. I'm looking at hybrids online and would love to get a proper fit. What are the best recommendations for me (brand, shaft, shaft flex, weight) based on my specs? Thank you everyone.
  3. French Lick is excellent. Dye is spectacular- 40 mile views, eye candy, wow factor, and exciting golf holes. Ross is a nice courses as well. Have your pro call Victoria National as well. It's about 90 minutes southwest of French Lick, and is widely considered the best course in Indiana. The Dye Course and Victoria National are like nothing you will see in Chicago. Enjoy.
  4. Very accurate. Friar's Head was #3 on Golfweek's Top 100 Modern by 2014, in contrast to Golf Digest and Golf Magazine's lists, where it very slowly tries to pass the old guard (i.e. country clubs with a long history of championship golf).
  5. I've been fortunate enough to evaluate course for two of the major publications. The handicap cutoff for Golf Digest is a 5. Personally, I've fluctuated between scratch and a 4 since 2010. Many club pros and assistant pros have NO IDEA that Golf Digest has a handicap limit, and the ones that do think it's 10; not 5. Everyone has their own criteria for rating/ranking/evaluating courses- if they do it for someone else, they are simply going to do it by the given guild lines. Personally, I've played 19 of the current Top 200. Twelve in the Top 100; seven in the Next 100. The order the magaz
  6. A couple buddies and I are looking to play Kiawah Island in late April. It will be the first time for each of us. For those who've been, is that generally a good time to visit? Are the courses in season yet, or are they still coming out of off-season conditions? Is everything greening up at that time? How is the weather typically? Thanks.
  7. In total, I have played 206 courses, all in the United States. The first 15 years of golf for me were generally in and around St. Louis, and the last 6 have been all over the Midwest and the South. Fortunately, my list includes 22 of the courses seen on the Golf Digest Top 100, Golfweek Top 100 Modern, Golfweek Top 100 Classic, and Golf Magazine Top 100 lists. Listed alphabetically, they are: Bellerive Country Club, Town and Country, Missouri Bluejack National Golf Club, Montgomery, Texas Butler National, Oak Brook, Illinois Crooked Stick, Indianapolis, Indiana Cog Hill No. 4 (Dubsdr
  8. What’s your Top 5 in 2018? I’ll start: 1. The Alotian Club, Roland, Arkansas. Opened in 2004, this Tom Fazio masterpiece offers a great layout in a truly spectacular setting. The course debuted at #14 on Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses in America many years ago, and now sits at 27th. Holes move up and down as well left and right, featuring elevation changes, mountain backgrounds, and gorgeous views of Lake Maumelle. The conditions border on perfection. 2. Whispering Pines, Trinity, Texas. Chet Williams, a Nicklaus protege, calls Whispering Pines his masterpiece. The course is currently ra
  9. Subjective, indeed. One thing I've noted, many times new courses debut with high rankings, but after the initial wow wears off, they start to slip down. But the great classic designs seem to maintain their rankings year after year. I find these lists interesting as well as seeing the differences with the lists from the three main mags. Not only are the criteria different, the panels are very different as well. Golf Magazine has a small panel made up exclusively of industry people. Golf Digest limits their panel to low handicap players. GolfWeek has the largest panel and has players of
  10. Very nice course. Everyone in our group of four preferred it over Southern Hills.
  11. I'm traveling through Alabama next week, and will be able to play one of these two courses. For those who've played them, which one would you chose? Thanks.
  12. Who has played here recently? Is the course in great shape?
  13. Southern Hills Country Club. If you didn't know the history, accolades, and esteem behind it, you'd never think it sniffed a Top 100 list.
  14. Heading through Paducah this weekend. Just wondering which courses are best, and even more importantly, which ones drain the best; as they are battling thunderstorms as we speak. Thanks for the info.
  15. According to me... 1. Wade Hampton 2. Wolf Run 3. French Lick (Dye) 4. Mountaintop 5. Whispering Pines According to the publications... 1. Wade Hampton 2. Southern Hills 3. Honors Course 4. Victoria National 5. Butler National
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