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  1. 4:40 round in a tourney... Shot 69 with a double on 13, four putt from 12 feet. It was a great test and fun round.
  2. Played GCU last weekend and it was in great shape with the greens rolling at 13. defensive putting all day long. Great muni deal.
  3. I might be interested in the i210 heads at the right price. Let me know.
  4. Played today and hit the driver and 3 wood... legit. Luv the rogue shaft in them as well.
  5. Hit the 425 Lst today... the sound is much better and added a few yards... I will be dumping my 410’s soon. Also hit the 3 wood.... luv the smooth top and three dot aiming on the crown. The new rogue shaft was in them and it’s a great match up to the heads.
  6. I would guess that you would be able to order the 425 line around the second week of Jan... and in your hands by mid Feb...
  7. Selling my SX500. The unit is in great shape with a near perfect screen. No nicks, gashes, or dents. Comes with a travel case, charging block, and cable. Asking $150.00 OBO. Shipped USPS priority mail to lower 48.
  8. My thoughts are that the driver shaft I pay 400. for swings at 108mph.... my putter is 1mph. Don't really need to worry about shaft lag in my putter.
  9. I keep asking for a Heppler Wolverine H on twitter... a kid can dream can't he...
  10. Cheyenne Country club is laid out like this... they unofficially call it the Devils course.
  11. Been using Arccos for three years now and have never had a problem outside of a tap in putts which are usually rushed attempts and the sensor didn't pick up a pause first. I now have the link so my phone stays in the cart, and Monday they dropped the strokes gain AI into the dashboard...
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