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  1. Cheyenne Country club is laid out like this... they unofficially call it the Devils course.
  2. Been using Arccos for three years now and have never had a problem outside of a tap in putts which are usually rushed attempts and the sensor didn't pick up a pause first. I now have the link so my phone stays in the cart, and Monday they dropped the strokes gain AI into the dashboard...
  3. I was up there on Saturday 4 wheeling in the Jeep and stopped by to see the conditions... I does look pure right now.
  4. So far 2300 signed up, usually 6000 play... the famous 19th hole is shut down. Most out of country travel is locked down. Thoughts on if and when this will be cancelled??
  5. Hmmm ... OK, Thanks. Surprised they are allowing it to be built just off the south end the the runway.
  6. No idea... nobody was talking about it last weekend, it was my first time playing in a mens club event there.
  7. Played with a guy last weekend at Palmbrook... he told me that they have permanently closed Falcon Golf Club. I guess a factory is going in. And Palmbrook is in pretty good shape... greens are rolling pretty good.
  8. I play them and had them retro lofted because my yardages were unreal long... like 6 iron flying 225. The retro lofts bring me closer to the S56 numbers... you get use to the sound and I've always like the feel and look at address...
  9. Rules these days... flag stays in, foam noodle fills up 75% of the cup... I've seen more balls hit the flag stick and trampoline out of the hole than I care to remember in the last month, one person per cart, very limited facility operations. No dining, one restroom on the entire course... just letting you know what you guys are in for. We may hit peek virus by Memorial day so by the 20th we may be on our way down with restrictions.
  10. Absolutely no hype when they say working at PING is like being in a family... The Solheims do it right. Kudos.
  11. Went from iBlades to i500's... best club decision I have made in years. Had to get use to the lack of feel and the sound, but I am hitting them unreal. 5-6 irons feel like wedges in my hand and mind... dart throwing shots. The i500's were standard i500 lofted and all my distances were crazy off, 195 7 iron, 245 4 iron distances. got fit at PING and had them retro lofted. Much better consistency, though occasionally I get a hot shot that fly's 20 yards over the intended target. Played a tourney Saturday and hit two tee shots OB with my driver and shot 73. Missed two greens in regulation.
  12. Papago will always be my local valley favorite... I luv that beast of a course from the tips. Hardest finishing holes in the valley.
  13. I played GCU Sat morning as well... ASGA???
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