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  1. I am looking for a great course near Camarillo Ca. Basically Ventura. Do I have to drive to LA? I just moved here. Also I need a good pro shop. Not a big box or Roger Dunn.
  2. What's up with the club thieves over the past few years! I have had my clubs stolen twice in 3 years. Once from my garage and from my car. These idiots are probably getting 1/4 of what they are worth. Shafts by themselves for woods and irons is $1200 minimal for new shafts. How about the time spent building a set and getting everything just right. So there is a new plastic tracking device to put on your laptop and I'm going to put one in the very bottom of my golf bag and then I'm going to follow it to where my clubs are at and break every club they stole over there heads. Nothing is sac
  3. Who wouldn't want more distance and at 39 I can use anything I can to keep hitting it long. And Hank Haney! What else could we ask for except a pro am and the Ritz.
  4. [quote name='nochct1' timestamp='1384734304' post='8164020'] [quote name='playa' timestamp='1384733060' post='8163916'] [quote name='Fore(ged)' timestamp='1384722299' post='8163010'] Stenson isn't close to Woods and Scott. He's far above them. When you win both the US and Euro PGA titles, you are the world player of the year. [/quote] Stenson is ahead of tiger, but I can't separate him from Scott. Scotts masters win, plus the last two weeks in additio to contending evey time he teed it up is hard to overlook. I would throw hefty in the mix too. He won the Scottish Open before his Open wi
  5. I play a more players iron but these would be perfect to finally get my brother playing with me. His reason is he has no clubs and I would love to spend time with my brother so I really hope we win. I heard these are even better than the last model and they kicked butt.
  6. Callaway is killing it this year or actually technically 2014. The Apex & Apex Pro are something very special and anything they would give the Big Bertha name to will be special. Can't wait to see the BB.
  7. Sorry I know its in this thread somewhere, what is the release date? Are weights interchangeable ? Can I order it with heavier weighting? I had the ltd oven model that came out before the offical release. Came in a cool Wooden box and it was numbered with the Oven stamp. I'm sure there a few floating around. Anyways it was a great putter but it was way to light weight and I had it covered with lead tape. I would love the high toed blade at 390 grams but could live with 380 and a few pieces of tape.
  8. I don't trust TM irons. These look great but I can't bring myself to even demo a TM iron. The Apex and Apex Pro are going to be the best irons released in 2014. It will take something special to out do what Callaway has done. TM makes the best Drivers, fwys and I even love the wedges by TM but I can't get passed thinking the irons are junk. They just do nit have the feeling a good forged iron should have. I know they are not junk because a good portion of the worlds best players play TM irons. Maybe it's no confidence in them. Anyone on here that wouldn't play anything but TM irons? And wh
  9. [quote name='bruinsPATSirish' timestamp='1383859943' post='8116362'] [quote name='MCoz' timestamp='1383859420' post='8116338'] Some of these have been speculated and I am sure there is more. You may see some in new gear but most won't be allowed to until Jan 1 after existing contracts expire. These are done deals, hats and shirts have been ordered and are in production for those that need custom and personalization. *Pat Perez to Callaway *Harris English to Callaway *Ernie Els to Adams *Matteo Mansserro from Titleist to Callaway, he looked at a couple of major OEMs but Callaway offered
  10. SLDR still, can't wait to see how his driving numbers do after the switch. He's liking it and it is pretty bad a**. Imagine what he can do with one. I hit and loved it. 430cc Is on the way.
  11. Loving the 430! It's all me. I have heard so many great things about the 460 I was about to break down and grab a 460 head. This is perfect, I get the driver I want in the size head that's close enough to what I want.
  12. I had a 6' chip from right off the fringe and I hit it thin and through a window. My dad offered to pay for it but the guy was very cool. He did say he lived there 15 years And no one ever hit his house because of the angle it's at beside the green. Everyone was asking how coukd that even happen from the tee. I didn't want to say again I was basiclly on the green when I did it. It was a big window. There was so many people around I almost died.
  13. My dad says there used to be a cross handed golfer. Not just putting. Maybe short game but no way can you cross hand drive the ball Right?
  14. What dose the post" Water is wet" mean? Guy just a smart a**?
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