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  1. Having played a lot of winter golf out west in 40 degree weather I think the most important thing is don’t leave your golf balls in your car overnight. Warm golf balls fly further than cold ones. On occasion I would alternate balls between holes from in play to in my pocket trying to keep the balls warm.
  2. I am a huge Phil fan but thinking about his past equipment deals he was with Yonex between 1992 and 2000. While with Yonex he played graphite shafted irons. During that time he had 11 top ten finishes in majors. I haven’t looked at how close he was in some of those but he did admit later on the graphite shafted irons affected his ball striking. Likely poor proximity to hole stats with his short game bailing him out. I think 2-4 more majors would have been possible had he made better equipment choices. Though he probably made great decisions, at the time, for his bank account.
  3. Some thoughts. Titleist 690 MB Ping Eye 2 Tommy Armour 845s Taylormade RAC MBs? Adams CMB Nike VR Pro Combo Mizuno MP-33 Cally X Forged? Honorable mention Cally MB Proto Taylormade R9 TP
  4. I guess I am confused by your question. Why not order Forged 4 iron (1 degree weak), Forged 5 iron (2 degrees weak), and Tour 6-GW (standard loft)?
  5. All prices shipped CONUS Only the Toulon Las Vegas left. New price is $250. Mizuno JPX 919 Forged with DG 105 S300 shafts. 2 degrees flat, standard loft and length, with 15-20 rounds on them. No longer for sale. Vokey SM7 50/8 F grind and 54/10 wS grind. Both with PX 6.0. SOLD Bettinardi 2018 BB1 35” stock grip. Sold. Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas 34” stock grip. $250. Evn Roll ER2 35” Golf Pride Tour Sensor grip. Sold
  6. Like I said it's my opinion and the great thing about an opinion is it is mine and mine alone. My opinion makes no assumptions about anyone else, nor does it have to.
  7. Like I said, unpopular opinion. However, I base that off of their irons and wedges are their most desirable items. Irons: 0211: 56% 0311ST: 20% GEN3: 20% Wedges: 0% I applaud them for offering discounts to veterans and first responders. But their advertising, IMO, oversells the discount they provide to those people. People can buy what they and I know many people with PXG equipment. I just don't think their Hero pricing is as good as they advertise.
  8. Unpopular opinion: The PXG Hero Pricing isn't a deal unless you are buying the 0211 irons.
  9. So I just won $500 in pro shop credit over the weekend and not sure what to spend it on. I don't need any thing golf related at this point. My first thought was just buy a new Scotty Select and place it on the BST for about $300 but with the new models coming out in the spring (I think) not sure this is a good idea. I guess I could get 10 dozen ProVs and sell those on the BST but not sure. Any thoughts?
  10. > @Scooter4k said: > Do you have a top down view? Sorry just saw this. I can have a top down view posted Monday night. I am out of town at the moment.
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