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  1. Wow. No votes for the Nike Vr Pro Ltd Ed yet? Still getting love from players on tour. The original Sonartec SS-03 is still money. The r7TP is still amazing. You can probably pick up all 3 for less than $100.
  2. Totally. This 3 wood still stands up even after all these years. I still have one with a Tour Only PX steel shaft.
  3. If the F9 is considered old then the Nike Vr Pro Ltd Ed I have in my bag might as well be in a museum. I’ve flirted with virtually everything released since then and I can’t find anything that I can hit as well. Even with the 3 wood, I have an old r7TP titanium that goes in when whatever flavor of the month club is in that spot goes south. It’s amazing what getting comfortable with a club can do. The closest thing that’s come to replacing the Vr is the original SIM Ti. Only thing is that it goes way too far.
  4. Did a fitting with both and decided to go with the Max. I got nearly identical numbers out of both but far better dispersion from the Max. I also found that the Max sounded more muted at impact on center hits and much quieter on off-center hits. The difference between the models this year are much less than last years SIM. The original SIM was 5 to 10 yards longer than the SIM2 or SIM2 Max but the spin is much more consistent this year therefore way more forgiving and predictable. With my SIM last year I’d get the occasional slight high toe shot that would go for miles then I’d venture another 1/4” further toe side and it would turn into this low spin snapper or a twist-face adjusted high push. Big fan of the Max this year.
  5. Just my opinion but the TP and the CB, being that they were both forged, had a little more mystique to them. Even the combo set had some panache, although the fact that TM decided to include a cast PW with an otherwise forged set raised some eyebrows at the time.
  6. Ahhhh….good ol’ BSG. Lime green shafts and Superquad 282s.
  7. Having had Miuras in the past, you can certainly see the influence in the rac CB. I’ve been comparing them to the P7MC that I’m gaming and the CB has the Japanese aesthetic in every aspect.
  8. Great article! so it’s safe to assume that I scored a set of Miuras for peanuts.
  9. This comment adds nothing to the thread….but dammit if it isn’t everything! well played sir, well played
  10. A guy posted them on Kijiji (like Craig’s List for my neighbors south of the 49th).
  11. So I was able to track a set of these irons down for a fantastic price. Regardless if they’re Miura made or not I remember them being great irons and I thought they’d be ideal for a backup set so I took the plunge. Of course this led me down the rabbit hole to figure out if these were in fact forged by Miura. There are conflicting reports that only a percentage of the number of sets released were Miura (sets intended for the tour and for the Japanese market) and the rest were sourced out to a forging house elsewhere. Other things I read stated that all of the sets were Miura-made. Some articles said that the Miura heads had a different sole and the 5-iron had a ‘T-stamp’ in the s/n. Then I can across an interesting timeline on the Miura website that states that the 2004 CB and MB were “overlooked” by Miura. The plot thickens. https://miuragolf.com/pages/yoshitaka Does anybody have anymore information on the history of these irons?
  12. SIM 9° w/ Kuro Kage XT 70TX because I’m a Tiger and Rory homer.
  13. I bought an Anser 2 from ebay for $35 (I know....it’s a little more than $25). When it arrived it turned out to be a BeNi head. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised.
  14. If I’m not mistaken the AP2 is the most played iron across all professional tours. There’s gotta be a reason.
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