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  1. Hey everyone. Quick item for sale today…won this in a tourney last weekend. Stock everything with X flex non-velocore shaft. Can’t find them anywhere currently in stock. $245 shipped to you
  2. Hey boys. 7th grade son is ready to get rolling…he stands on the left side of it so here I am. Likely looking for regular flex shafts and prob full bag. What you got?
  3. Simple and straight forward one tonight. Got this mid season last year and upgraded to the speed triple diamond. $210 shipped to you with headcover. Top line is perfect Not interested in any trades. Thanks boys!!!
  4. Ok those of you who have been around a while know me bc I buy a lot of really sucky clubs that NEVER do what they are advertised to do. My loss is your gain. As far as trades, if your clubs didn’t suck then why would you be buying these? I plan to use these funds to buy more stuff that won’t work that I will eventually sell back on here. Circle of life. NO TRADES 1. Ventus velocore 6s shaft 44 inches from tip to tip, callaway adapter. Best shaft ever made? This one will not fly 300 yards straight for me at all despite my 100 mph club head speed. It is likely defective.
  5. Alright gentlemen/and sick deranged ladies who are here...I am back with a lot of stuff that DOES NOT WORK. I will include my impressions of why this stuff sucks so much in the descriptions...BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! PM me with any questions...not a big low ball guy...so keep those to yourselves 1. Taylormade P770/MC combo set: 5-pw with Modus 105 stiff shafts...standard length/1 degree flat. These things...don't believe the Taylormade hype!! Remember when they would come out with a new white driver like every 5/6 weeks? Essentially that is what these clubs are. I played
  6. Hey bro just responded...sorry I wasn't getting email notifications and didn't know the site was live again.
  7. I am here to sell you some really crappy stuff that doesn't work at all...I honestly wouldn't even buy this all it sucks so much...but most of you are suckers so here we are again. Sik DW 2.0 C armlock putter This thing COMPLETELY sucked...I missed like 4 putts in a row with it during a round...and now it is here. To be honest, it likely won't help your game and you are like me and completely desperate. My loss is your gain...40.5 inches long and comes with headcover. If you want loft and lie specs message me and I'll send them your way. Sold and off to the great state of Oklaho
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