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  1. Nothing crazy prob $200 and under. For my wife who played college golf and has a decent swing
  2. Hey bro just responded...sorry I wasn't getting email notifications and didn't know the site was live again.
  3. I am here to sell you some really crappy stuff that doesn't work at all...I honestly wouldn't even buy this all it sucks so much...but most of you are suckers so here we are again. Sik DW 2.0 C armlock putter This thing COMPLETELY sucked...I missed like 4 putts in a row with it during a round...and now it is here. To be honest, it likely won't help your game and you are like me and completely desperate. My loss is your gain...40.5 inches long and comes with headcover. If you want loft and lie specs message me and I'll send them your way. Sold and off to the great state of Oklaho
  4. What do you know...look at what I found. Two more golf clubs that absolutely suck and don’t get the job done. My loss and stupidity is again your gain...only warning: NEITHER OF THESE CLUBS WORK Epic flash Sub Zero 9 degree custom USA color driver head. This driver is actually the least Patriotic club i have ever owned...don’t let the colors fool you. If it was really American it would fly straight and high like a bald eagle. This flys more like an Emu. Good news? It sure as hell isn’t the ugly green!! I have the stock smoke 6.0 shaft you can either choose or not choose. It doesn’t work s
  5. I liked it but moved fully to the arm lock Betti last year so I can't justify holding onto it. I have some putter issues...needs to be gone or I'll start tinkering. Gotta go!!!
  6. Not looking for any trades at this time. Let me know if you have any questions. NONE OF THESE CLUBS ARE ANY GOOD MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN!!! Odyssey 1w red putter with a stability shaft and a brand new gravity grip 34.5 inches I recently 3 putted with it...gone. $200 (heck the shaft alone retails for $250...free head and gravity grip AND YOU SAVE $50!!!!!) Seriously...buy these damn things Pin 1/20
  7. Got caught in the changeover...will list later.
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