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  1. Does anyone have any experience with both the Steelfiber i110 stiff and the Project x 120g 6.0? Would love to hear some comparisons of anyone who has used both.
  2. Well after two rounds with them and a little testing in the skytrak (I know that it isn’t as accurate as some would like) and Mevo, I am finally getting comfortable with the shafts. My pro talked me into getting the modus 105 stiff. At the beginning the clubs were around 20 yards short of normal (150-155 7i with apex pro 135ish with p770) but still online. But after the two rounds I think I am finally figuring the shaft out and am getting normal distances. The shafts don’t really want to go left or right, they were just short. I’m finding I can’t make as aggressive of a swing as nor
  3. I am looking at getting the new p770s and needed some help with shafts. I currently have a 96 mph swing speed for driver and play steelfiber i110 stiff in my apex pro 19 irons. Everything launches high with low spin and comes down at a very steep angle. Skytrak usually gives me just above ideal range for launch and descent but red on spin. On my skytrak each iron is about 2k rpm less than the stated iron so my 6 iron is spinning around 4K rpm. I can live with the 6-pw but the 5 iron is killing me. Is there any shafts that could offer mid launch with more spin? My pro told me to look at the mod
  4. I have an Epic Flash SZ and I took out the sliding weight and replaced the front weight with the 14g weight from a Rogue SZ. Spin has really dropped since I did that and ballflight has come down as well. I can say doing that really makes a difference.
  5. Thanks. I mean I am loving the performance so far no matter what. Just interesting that the font isn’t straight.
  6. Can someone tell me which 2020 fairway wood is the lowest spinning from Callaway and Taylormade. I got the Mavrik 13.5 with AD-VR but I’m spinning it around 3700-4000. Would the SZ be that much of a difference? Do the sim fairways spin less than the Callaway? For some reason I put a lot of spin on woods but not much at all on irons. So need to cut some spin even though I was hoping the maverik would work. Thanks for any help.
  7. I was out with some buddies today and one of them started to look at my AD VR. He asked if I thought it was authentic. I replied I did and it has performing pretty well so far. But he pointed out that the graphics didn’t go straight across the shaft. Any opinions on the shaft? I know I can look under the grip but I just put a new grip on it and don’t want to cut it off. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  8. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen problems with the paint on the sims chipping. My buddy is a plus 2 and caught one a little high on the hybrid and it chipped the paint. I hit my 3w off the deck today and it didn’t effect the paint but it looks like it chipped the clear coat. Doesn’t anyone have any fixes if the clear coat gets chipped or should I just leave as is? Thanks for any help.
  9. Trying to find weight of each head but having trouble doing so. If that’s the case do you go stiffer or heavier shaft to even it out?
  10. i just received my Sim Max 19 degree hybrid w ad di 85s this week. I have been swinging the 2016 m1 hybrid with same shaft. I am really shocked with the difference in feeling between the two clubs w same shaft. The sim feels really whippy and head heavy whereas the m1 feels very balanced. I am seeing a more penetrating ball flight with the m1 whereas the sim seems to balloon a little. The sim was all carry and minimal roll whereas the m1 had more rollout. Has anyone else had similar results? The m1 seems to be carrying about 15 yards longer which is not what I was expecting.
  11. Up for sale is a brand new Sim Max 9 degree with Tour AD-IZ 7x driver. Drives plays 45" and comes with a Golf Pride Z grip. Club retails for 750 but asking price for this one is 600.
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