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  1. I like my original Rapture more than my G15.
  2. The TP Black is my favorite ball!
  3. Got a dealStopped in the local Golf Stop in Overland Park, KS and as I walked in the door I got a $25 off a $50 purchase promotion card. I looked around for awhile and decided to get some spikes for my shoes and some sunglasses. It was going to be $75 so I went to pay and they had a wheel to spin for a certain % off up to 50%. Well I landed on the 50% off so it came out to $37.50 so I couldnt use my promotion card but I cant complain. I will have to go back. Thank you Golf Stop.
  4. I am a member at the golf club of kansas and really enjoy it. It does not have a club house but the course is nice.
  5. Start playing him for money. If you play a dollar a hole he could make some real bank as an 11 year old.
  6. Ya I am suprised people dont see a problem with this. Basically the two parties shook hands and agreed on a price. Then the seller said nope I want to sell it to someone else for more. I guess a man's word isn't worth as much as it use to be.
  7. Does the plastic clip break or does the tap tear off? I just got one as a gift and have enjoyed it so far.
  8. Favorites?It is time to decorate my office. I want to add a couple great photos from the golf world. What are everyone's favorites?
  9. [quote name='Skaffa77' timestamp='1301927910' post='3116935'] True enough. For my sake, I hope the sizes don't run small. Nothing worse than buying shorts online to find that they don't fit, [/quote] Yes since this will be my entire golf wardrobe. I figured I would either have to gain or loose weight to make them fit.
  10. [quote name='Skaffa77' timestamp='1301927169' post='3116904'] [quote name='Kansas Bound' timestamp='1301926600' post='3116877'] Thanks for the heads up. I was wanting some golf shorts so I ordered 9 of them. [/quote] Holy crap! I felt kind of goofy buying two pair, but 9? Well...you just made me feel better. "Didn't you just wear those same shorts yesterday?" "Nope. I have 9 pairs!" LOL! Well at least you shouldn't run out in a given week. [/quote] Ha well I was going to buy 5 but then shipping was $18. So I just ordered 4 more to get free shipping. I thought it was like buying one and getting 3 free since shipping is free over $50. They better be good.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I was wanting some golf shorts so I ordered 9 of them.
  12. [quote name='RJRJRJ' timestamp='1301611985' post='3107176'] You made the right move. $100k vs. $14k. End of story. Glad it worked out for you. [/quote] Or to put it another way - that is 215 R11's a year
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