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  1. I used have a SM 2.5 on this but upgraded to 3.5LS and used the clicgear bag cozy to help keep it in place. Give that a buy and you won't regret it. Take a look at page 4 or 5 and you can see.
  2. Hi All, Some good news... the "buyer" was unavailable / working and didn't see his phone. He advised that Paypal did that "automatically" for some reason. I'm not sure why or whatever happened but they cancelled the claim in paypal (which is great). Just waiting for him to reach out to me and i can transfer the Skytrak device to him. I hope this thread and everyone's advice deterred the buyer from going another route and chose the right route / path. Thank you all for the help and advice. I'm so glad we have this community / forum for things like this. Have a great day
  3. The “buyer” provided the Skytrak info he is registering it to. So I’m asking Skytrak to suspend or hold it for now. Hoping they can help.
  4. I can but let me hold off on providing that as I don’t know if that’ll be a risk or possible issue if this is brought up to authorities. I did go through some searching and found some info but waiting on PayPal at the moment.
  5. I’ve sent the info the a moderator and the buyer hasn’t signed on since 2/11.... What I don’t get, is if the PayPal account saw the transaction, and the money cleared, wouldn’t you dispute it if you didn’t initiate it? I did wait a week for payment to clear too. Buyer is averageGamer. Btw, thanks for all the insight / advice. Just freaking out about this situation and hope this works out.
  6. Yes UPS showed as delivered. The address sent via UPS was not the same as the paypal once since buyer said to ship it there... (I know, I know.. I shouldn't have done that..)
  7. Yup, I definitely paid for extra insurance on item through UPS. I'm just worried about different address it was sent to and the buyer suddenly is not responding to text now.
  8. Hi All, I'm sorry to post another one of these threads but I'm not sure what to do next. I was selling a high value item a few days ago and someone messaged me interested in the item. We go through the price talk and agreed at the price. He sent the payment via paypal and the payment took a week to clear due to high price. When it cleared, I shipped out but I shipped to the location the buyer advised via Text and not the address in paypal. I didn't think anything of it and now realizing, I should have stayed with that address. The buyer advised that was his GF's account and was apo
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