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  1. Hi All, just selling my Skytrak as I barely got to use it this season. Would love to keep it but can’t justify it collecting dust in my closet. I received the item in February of 2021. It’ll come with a metal case (I got used on eBay and has some paint chips. All superficial.) and included 5 months of the game improvement plan. I will transfer the plan and device once you receive it. The buyer will need to create a Skytrak account prior to me transferring. SOLD Shipped OBO (insured via UPS, which can definitely add up depending on your location. United States only). Please let me know if you have any questions. pin 8/31
  2. I got mine earlier this morning at Golf Galaxy. I got there at 8 AM, and only one person was in front. By the time GG opened, there was 6 people on the line. GG only had 5 total, 2 Newports, 1 NP2, and 2 Flowbacks. I was able to picked up the last Newport. Already took off the shaft and taking off the paint now. Going to slap a 33 inch shaft with midsize scotty grip. Can't wait to game this weekend.
  3. will definitely strip that paint. Any other sites to preorder? they don't have 33 inch length.
  4. Should be standard, as I never adjusted it. It's not plating but a coating called Cookies and Cream from The Golf Garage. He modified this a while ago and I never installed / put it back on a shaft to use.
  5. Hi All, Just getting rid of some putters and need the funds. All putters are 33 inch in length (except for kingston) and has midsize grips (except for the Golo 5, that’s the original grip). Standard Lie and Loft for all. I did not adjust any. Link to more detailed pics are below. Please look before asking for more pictures. https://www.icloud.com/photos/#0EgWPa19LgKkEoj6UMgGqIF5A Scotty Cameron M1 Mallet, 33 inch length, Midsize Scotty Grip in Blue, Custom Blue Paintfill. Had this putter for a little bit but rarely used it. SOLD Scotty Cameron Futura X5, 33 inch length, Midsize Scotty Grip in Red. I took off all the paint fill except for the text on the face. I filled it with blue. I only used it occasionally and forgot about it. Just wanting to sell and clear up my putter collection. Has superman weights and Swag Queen Headcover. SOLD Scotty Cameron Golo 5, 33 inch length, Original grip (I forgot which one is this). I repainted this a long time ago and you can see not much scratches on the putter overall. In great / excellent condition. SOLD Scotty Cameron Newport 2 2017, 33 inch length, Midsize Putter grip. Custom painted as you can see. I have probably 3 variations of this model. No need for too many anymore. SOLD. Byron Morgan DH89 Long Neck 360 Grams. What you see is what you get, mint condition. I used it once on the course, didn’t agree with me, but it’s so pretty. Midsize Winn grip with black matte shaft, 33 inch length. Would love to keep it but don’t use it. SOLD Swag Handsome One Vice Putter. Midsize purple pure grip, 33 inch length. Used once on the course. Too light for me but I love the color scheme. I wish they made it heavier as I’d keep it. Comes with head cover. The head cover has one magnet that is loose (not sure why or how that happened). The other magnet still works fine. SOLD Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport 2 Custom. Midsize Scotty Blue Grip, 33 inch length. I bought this used and it came from the Scotty custom shop (band and custom colors). I did have it sent in to Golf Garage to redo the polymer for the copper insert. When I received it, it was missing some. I also had them mill the copper insert, as you can see in the pictures. I tried to catch all aspects of the putter. As you can see it is in excellent condition compared to some other Buttonbacks. SOLD Kingston KP1 GSS in Cookies and Cream. 350 Grams. Head only with Swag head cover pictured. I can install a shaft if you’d like but that’ll be a few more $ (standard chrome shaft with Black midsize scotty grip). Let me know. SOLD pin 7/8
  6. All putters pictures are 33 inches, Midsize grips, and will come with a head cover (random). Lie and loft's have not been adjusted by me. Not sure if it was before I got these putters. I’ve posted the pictures in order of the description below. I've only posted on picture since there are limits to post. The cloud link has the rest of the images in high resolution. You can contact me if you need more info or if you’d like to get better pictures or certain angles of the putter. I will be shipping insured USPS. PayPal only to verified address. If you buy more than one, I'd be willing to lower the price / work with you. Let me know. More Pictures here: Putter iCloud Link Scotty Cameron California Monterey Blade (2012-2013) 33 inch SOLD Custom Blue painfill with white site line. Scotty Cameron Teryllium Newport (1998) SOLD Shipped Refinished a while ago and I never gamed it since. Please let me know if you have any question, but what you see is what you get. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No. 3 350g (Asia Spec, 2006, 2008-2009) SOLD Shipped Original finished. I never gamed but there are slight scratches on the bottom. I had a clear protector on the bottom since I bought it and while I love the look of the putter, I just couldn’t bare myself to use it since it was so nice. There is a nick on the bottom of the putter as you can see in the pictures. Doesn’t take way from the fact that the putter is amazing. You be the judge as I tried to take pictures for multiple angles for clarity. The putter comes with a Midsize scotty grip and the original 34 inch putter shaft, grip and shaft bands. It is very rare to find this putter in this great condition (aside from the nick on it). Piretti Black Onyx Potenza 2 365g (2017-2018) Carbon Steel SOLD I removed the white and red paint fill. I put in Black and blue paint, which you can only see in light, changed the shaft to a black chrome shaft with a midsize Iomic putter grip. Putter cover included (in picture). I never gamed this once since I bought it and has just been sitting in my collection. Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Mil-Spec Newport 350g (2000-2002) SOLD I stripped the paint fill and was planning to customize but didn’t get around to it. Putter is in great condition and I never gamed. It’s got the initial JTB stamped, along with the Scotty crown on the bumpers. This putter is also rare in this condition with these specs. Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Mid Sur 2002 SOLD The finish is Cookies and Cream by PutterSpa. I haven’t gamed it since I got it refinished. It is a heavy head (370g). Has two small nicks at the heel of the putter. Also has a black chrome shaft with midsize Pure grip in Grey. Muira KM 009 2018 Sold shipped Got the putter brand new and finished it in Cookies and Cream by PutterSpa. The shaft is black chrome along with a midsize Pure Grey grip. Headcover included. Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach 2002-2004 SOLD Shipped Finish also by PutterSpa. I forgot whats the exact name of it but you can see it looks amazon. I didn’t gave it since I got it returned back. Has a blue Iomic midsize putter grip. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport with GSS Insert. SOLD Shipped The putter was finish was from PutterSpa. I had him remix the GSS insert (you can see in the pics) and the finish with paintfill looks amazing. I have no games this since being redone. Olson Classic SS with sound slot SOLD shipped. Got this a few months ago and never really tried or put in rotation. Putter cover is included. Midsize leather grip at 33 inch. Pin 6/7
  7. I used have a SM 2.5 on this but upgraded to 3.5LS and used the clicgear bag cozy to help keep it in place. Give that a buy and you won't regret it. Take a look at page 4 or 5 and you can see.
  8. Hi All, Some good news... the "buyer" was unavailable / working and didn't see his phone. He advised that Paypal did that "automatically" for some reason. I'm not sure why or whatever happened but they cancelled the claim in paypal (which is great). Just waiting for him to reach out to me and i can transfer the Skytrak device to him. I hope this thread and everyone's advice deterred the buyer from going another route and chose the right route / path. Thank you all for the help and advice. I'm so glad we have this community / forum for things like this. Have a great day all. MODS: Please close this thread (or I can close if need be). Thanks for your help as well.
  9. The “buyer” provided the Skytrak info he is registering it to. So I’m asking Skytrak to suspend or hold it for now. Hoping they can help.
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