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  1. Soft felt inside with some cushion. Also not cracks, just the way the photo came out. It looks like CF, but it's some flexible plastic.
  2. Hi All, barely used / some didn’t even go out on the course headcovers. I have it collecting dust. Figured someone could make use of it. SOLD each shipped. If you want all 4 headcovers, I’d be willing to sell SOLD shipped. Let me know. If you need more details, let me know too. US shipping only.
  3. What shoe is Morikawa wearing today? Looks like the 360 XT but spikeless. Don’t think I’ve seen that color way.
  4. Hi All, I have way too many pairs and some of these have been neglected / haven’t used in over a year or two. So trying to sell the whole lot since they’re all the same size and makes it more worth it for shipping. Please let me know if you’re interested in some of them, I can break down a few as long as it’s bundled together. Selling them individually won’t make up the cost for shipping so keep in mind the prices are to be added with an additional item or two or three. Also if you want all, message me and we can work out something. G/Fore MG4-1 in Navy: SOLD. Only worn for 18 holes. Can’t ret
  5. Just picked up two pairs of these. Feels pretty good walking around the house but haven't used it on the course yet. Did a few practice swings on my mat and didn't feel like I lost grip or anything. I did get the MG4.1's prior, didnt like them at all as it gave me two huge blisters on my heel after walking 18. Might be a good driving range shoe / practice but not sure about the course. Can't even return as I used it already. Oh well.
  6. Hi All, M6 is used, as you can see in the pics has marks on the face and bottom. Also there is a small ding / dent by the T logo. I zoomed in so people can see it fully. I doubt it’ll affect anything on the driver but just know what you’re buying. Also it look worse than it is on the picture. Please feel free to ask any questions. selling for SOLD shipped. Just want to get this gone so I can pay some bills. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, just trying to sell this as I only used a handful of times. I don’t have the original box but everything is there. $SOLD shipped.
  8. Give this a try. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/comment/19106958#Comment_19106958 :)
  9. I bought this bundle about in early 2018 from costco for around the same price. Love the package and the deal it got. Enjoy every feature of it, except the phone holder and the ball holder. Pretty useless. I use the seat to hold stuff more. Enjoy it man. Any questions or concerns, let me know too. :)
  10. For this model, adidas did run a little bit big for me. But the newer Adidas prime knit were truer to size.
  11. Hi All, purging some shoes as I didn’t even realize I had two of these in the closet. Hoping to get rid of them as a set. The black/white, and the dark blue pair were never worn. The blue and white pair was used for 1-2 round. Don’t recall. Price for all three is SOLD shipped. For each shoe, if breaking the set would be SOLD for the two new pairs and SOLD for the Barely used one. Shipping in US only. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  12. Oh wow. had no idea they were different. Odd that it would be though. Thanks for the pic!
  13. Oh that’s because I placed the putty in there. They are perfect circles, I just placed a little more than the whole can fill so that’s why it looks like that, but got 4g’s on each side.
  14. In case anyone was wondering if this would work.... Used tungsten putty and was able to get 8 extra grams. I’ve got a 33 inch putter with the stock 40g weights each.
  15. Where did you guys that received it already order it? or I'm better off driving to PGA Superstore and picking one up? If ordered, can you specify grip size / custom loft / lie / etc?
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