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  1. I love Ping. 12/14 clubs in my bag are Ping right now, but people on Golfwrx who are some of the most educated golf consumers don’t know if i59 replaces blueprint, i210 or iblade. What about i500? Don’t forget G425 and G710...
  2. Ping really needs to clean up their iron names. It was much simpler when there was an S, i and G line of irons. i59 should have been named s59.
  3. Prices include shipping and PayPal. No trades. 1. PING G425 5 hybrid with Tour 85 stiff shaft. Brand new. Never hit a ball. Standard length. Comes with head cover and stock gray Lamkin non-Arcos grip. I ordered this thinking I would loft it down/open the face, but decided to go in a different direction while I was waiting for it. $265 obo. 2. G4 Gallivanter. Size 11. Color is snow/onyx. Worn for 1 round while riding a cart, but they’re just too big for me. $old.
  4. It was a limited release. They made enough covers for the number of putters produced. They’re not going to make extra replacement covers for a putter they are not producing any longer...
  5. I was playing sim max until I hit the G425 fairways. They are the easiest fairway woods I’ve ever hit. Pair them with the tour 75 shaft and you’re good to go.
  6. If you are set on needing to send it to Ping, then call them yourself Monday morning. Again, it’s going to cost you more to send it to them then just purchasing a 22 g weight.
  7. A swing weight adjustment is pretty easy to accomplish on your own. It should just require you to change the weight on the bottom of the club and would almost certainly be cheaper to do on your own rather than paying for shipping to and from Ping. Is there a local shop that can do it for you? What specifically are you trying to change?
  8. People who think this is nothing more than a cash grab by Ping are being ridiculous. Everyone knows there is a markedly increased cost of goods and manufacturing worldwide and unfortunately, this gets passed on to the consumer. Like others have said, this isn’t isolated to the golf industry. Just wait til your taxes go up too ...
  9. PING G425 Max 3 wood with Tour 75 stiff shaft. Standard length. Standard size GP tour velvet 360 grip - No Arcos. Comes with head cover. $old.
  10. 2 pairs of gently used Gallivanters. They were each used for 2 rounds. Great shoes, but these are just a little too small for me. I’m dealing with a foot injury now, so there’s no way I’ll be wearing them any time soon. No trades. Prices include PayPal and shipping. 1. Collection Gallivanter size 10.5. Small blemish on the front right toe. $old. 2. Navy blue saddle Gallivanter size 10.5. $old.
  11. How about Ping? I’m pretty sure their fairways have a flat lie angle setting.
  12. Prices include shipping and PayPal. No trades. 1. Brand new PING G410 plus 10.5 driver with tour 65 stiff shaft. Standard length. Head still in plastic. Comes with head cover. $old. 2. Taylormade Sim Max 5 wood. -1/4’’ length. Stock stiff shaft. GP tour velvet cord grip. Only used a few rounds. One ball hit high on the face. Comes with head cover. 3. Taylormade Sim Max 7 wood. -1/4’’ length. Stock stiff shaft. GP tour velvet cord grip. Only hit a few balls. Comes with head cover.
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