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  1. These are sick! Wish I had the dough! Really want to try single length!
  2. The usual suspects are at it again! They call me up and talk their way in to my bag, only to let me down again and again! I decided I'm not giving in anymore, I'm sending them on to someone else's bag hoping they'll help you instead of costing me! Trades:??? Might be open to... Putters!!! Up first is a Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance putter that was professionally cut down to 34.5" and has a brand new Winn Jumbo grip on it in all black. Great putter that rolls the rock well but I can't get it to suit my stroke! $old Next is a Taylormade Ghost Manta center shaft putter. It's in
  3. Help me get rid of these extras that are sitting in my office bag! They need a new home so I can bring in some new stuff. #1 - Ping G30 9* driver. It measures 45"and has a Tour 80 stiff shaft. It has some small nicks but is in good shape still. Does not have head cover but I will protect it. $old #2 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6, that is in pretty good condition. Comes with a Matador grip and measures 34" and has 2 15g weights in the sole. Does not come with head cover but I will protect it. $old #3 - Taylormade MC irons 4-PW. The 4 iron has a steelfiber i95 stiff shaft an
  4. Great vid as usual from Mr. Sheils! G20 has always been one of my favorite driver's. Glad to see it stacks up with the latest and greatest
  5. Congrats on the ace! Be sure to notify the pro shop if you haven't already. Pretty sure they will give you a framed pic of that hole as a keepsake. They sure did! Already hanging in my office! Thanks all, appreciate the love! It was a fantastic moment. Can't wait for my next trip down there!
  6. Well day three didn't finish quite the way I wanted, but I got to cherish something special. I made my second hole in one of my career on the Trails course. It was on #5 and it was incredible! A moment that will last for an eternity. Also, just an update. The greens are verti-cut and top dressed with sand. They didn't roll bad but they were definitely slower than expected. Enjoy!
  7. Agreed! Just need an ice chest with some sandwiches and drinks and you'll be good for the day! Making your own course is like painting a picture! Poetry in motion
  8. Greens will still be in great shape Steve Y! Weather will be the biggest concern as previously stated. But it is the most amazing place to play golf! Today was great, 77 on Pacific. I took two skins and won a round on the Punch Bowl! No matter what you won't have a bad time! Day#3 tomorrow. Hopefully the putter and wedge change will seal the three day victory! I was just putting in the dark and loved every minute! 68 today felt like 85! This property is exactly what we as golfers look to enjoy! Sorry for the drunken rant but it's the truth! Enjoy the chase everyone.
  9. Alright gents, day #1 in the books! Old Mac won the battle today. Bunkers were difficult but hopefully the 84 I shot will be a blip on the radar after tomorrow's round at Pacific. Chatted with our caddies and it sounds like aerification will happen in late October and they are going to close down one course at a time. So we shall see.
  10. Love playing Sandpines! It's a great "feel good" course! Great start to your trip!
  11. Good stuff :) Do clear up this aeration topic from the horse's mouth for us, ha. Driving to Bandon really does build up the anticipation, have a great time! Thank duffer! I'm truly stoked to get on Old Mac for the first time and Shorty's! Only courses I haven't touched yet.
  12. I totally agree with the FJ shirts. I'm 6'2" just under 260 lbs. And I still where a Large for when I'm playing the course and XL for lounging! They are extremely comfortable
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