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  1. All prices are shipped in the lower 48. Not needing anything in trade. TM Hi-Toe 64 deg with Modus 120x -$sold Titleisy SM8 46 Tour Chrome - Std specs, used for one indoor range session - Sold Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 58 deg SS grind orange dot - $75 TT Tour Elevate S300 shafts - never hit, one time pulls 5-pw- $110 TM GAPR Mid 5 Modus 120s shaft - Sold 13 lightly used New Decade plus4 align grips. Blown on and off. Used for a few range sessions and one round. Align is not for me. Sold Titleist 818h 19 deg head
  2. Ok so I picked up callaway apex mb 7 and 9 iron heads that will be bent to 33 and 40 degrees I have a 27 deg 5 iron and a 46 deg wedge that I’ll bend to 47. Add in a 22 hybrid 5 wood, driver, and a 56 deg. I’m going to do the progressive swing weighting with 0.75 inch increments between clubs described by Howard. Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts.
  3. I thought of this but does hogan do individual irons anymore?
  4. I was thinking about using i210’s but I’m not sure how easy they are to bend. Will likely go with either callaway x-forged or new level pf-2’s. Trying to keep costs manageable.
  5. Yeah, I am thinking the 9 club bag is what I am going with. Can I ask what irons you are using to hit your lofts?
  6. Wow. So much great stuff here that I hadn’t thought about. I currently play a set of callaway Apex with px lz 6.0 shafts. I don’t dislike them other than their inability to “create” shots. In the chase for distance and a deteriorating set of skills I assumed more forgiveness would mean better scores. I love them if I have a stock, full bore, yardage. They go high and straight. I am going to take your advise except I would prefer an iron to the 31 deg hybrid. If I replaced that with a high core iron what loft would I be looking at to keep the progression?
  7. Really appreciate you taking the time to post this. Gives me a lot to think about that I didn’t even consider. How would you recommend doing the lengths? Start at 6 iron length then go incrementally until I get to PW length? Otherwise some will be 1/2 inch gaps and at least on full inch gap. I am going to definitely consider those heads as well. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
  8. Ok so I will preface this by saying my golf game has deteriorated as I have had kids and all that comes with it. It has reached a frustrating level, but I love the game too much to hate it as much as I have recently. If that makes any sense... In an effort to bring back some joy and to focus a little less on score. I am thinking of playing this season with as close to a half set as I can. Will most likely be 8-9 clubs. I’m hoping this will alleviate some expectation and will make the game more “golf shots” as opposed to “golf swing”. So thinking about this I’ve come up with
  9. @dmeeksDC appreciate the time you took to respond. I like the Apex in that they are long and straight. I don’t love them as they are definitely harder for me to hit partial shots. I am going to give the 902’s a run.
  10. Anyone have any experience with the PF2’s? I just ordered a set on a whim during the Black Friday sale. Live in NY so won’t get to play them anytime soon. I’m coming callaway apex 19’s and before that blades. As I have started a family the amount of golf I play has suffered. While I loved the distance gains of the Apex it really didn’t equate to lower scores. This is a lot of background for a fairly simple question. Does anyone’s experience allow them to compare distances between these two sets? I am willing to take a hit in distance for more workability but need to adjust my gapping
  11. They are stiff as well. Post edited to reflect this.
  12. All prices are shipped to lower 48. Ask any questions you would like. I’ll get back to you ASAP. Callaway Apex 19 Black Irons 5-SW (54 deg) - stock stiff shafts, standard specs, very lightly used. SW has Nippon Modus 120 stiff and is a degree flat. Sold Callaway Apex 19 Combo Heads Only - 5-PW - standard blended lofts and one deg flat sold Taylormade FCG Plumbers Neck 34” Stock Specs. Never made it to the course. Used for a few practice sessions. Sold
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