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  1. Too many shafts not enough space. All prices shipped to US. All but 2 have TM tip 1 no tip, 1 with Ping G400 tip. PM with inquiries Tour issue Speeder VC 8.2 tour spec S flex. Played 42.5” in TM 3 wood. No tip $oldSpeeder Evo IV 661 X flex. Plays just under 44.5” in TM. $150Ventus Black Velocore 7X. Plays 44.5” in TM. $oldVentus Blue Velocore 8X. Plays 42.5” in TM. $oldAldila Rogue Elite Green 65X. Plays 44.5” in TM. $75Aldila Tour Green ATX 65X. Plays 44.5” in G400 LST. Ping tip. $75Speeder VC 6.2 Tour Spec X flex Demo. Was in fitting cart. Plays 44.5” in TM. $75Fuji Atmos Red Tour Spec 8X
  2. The spy pic you have posted is what the wedges from the tour department look like when new...no finish just raw steel
  3. 1. 9.5 Adams Super LS XTD Kuro Kage Silver 60s Driver is in very good shape. Was my Dad’s and he does not play too often. I would rate at 8/10 for its age. Has some sand and tee marks on face and a paint chip in the white paint on the toe. Obviously none of these imperfections affect playability. Includes headcover but no wrench. $100 2. Odyssey RSX #7 Got this on a whim direct from Callaway. Ordered at 34.5” and have since put 1/2” extension so plays at 35”. Also in very good shape. Easily 8.5/10. Might have payed 8 rounds with it. Like new Superstroke GT Pistol Tour. Will include co
  4. I think the effective loft of that head would be 10.7*.
  5. Really enjoyed Maderas and Balboa Park in addition to Torrey South. Balboa has the public feel whereas Maderas feels mort resort-like. Maderas is also a Johnny Miller design so you have to hit it semi-straight for it to be enjoyable I think.
  6. [quote name='Turberticus' timestamp='1431544021' post='11553448'][quote name='Ascan' timestamp='1431459208' post='11546804'] Who is rocking the MP-32s? [/quote] Chad Campbell? Wedges have CC stamped on them.[/quote] Chad Collins
  7. XI and XII are the illest of them all to me. Space Jam and Concords and Flu Game oh my....
  8. Golf Club of Dallas is pretty sweet, also my only experience there. It hosted the Nelson I'm pretty sure back in the 60's. Don't drive too far by it though, I've seen the area past there on First 48.
  9. I think Morning Drive was live from the PGA Show this morning.
  10. Looked to me like Ernie was playing a Pro V1X in the four ball yesterday, too.
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