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  1. $300 shipped. They will ship out tomorrow!
  2. Standard Lofts, 1/2" short, and lie was adjusted to my swing with sole tape so can't confirm specs... Thanks and sorry for leaving that out
  3. Srixon 745 3-PW. 4-PW has X100's and mid size mcc and the 3 iron has Recoil 125 F4 with a tour velvet. Nomal bag chatter and PW shows some face wear but no browning. Looking for $320or best offer. Not looking for trades as I have 5 sets as it is! TIA
  4. Quig... She placed 2nd in 2012 with regular length driver I believe
  5. not untrue though... Actually it is. She's better than a 10 handicap, she's a woman (not a "girl"), and a professional long driver who is successful. You can't just make up crap and assume it's true. ok woman, she hits the ball far for a women, though, not as far as others as she has never won the world long driver championship. 6th i think is actually her best finish. I follow her on instagram so i know she is decent, around a 5 actually. she is very good looking and like all the other "women" on the gram is using it well. Its called sarcasm brother. i doubt she needs your shinning armo
  6. Local guy selling this and wanted to see what you all thought? Thanks in advance!
  7. Great story!! Good job Patrick
  8. Palm Beach/Jupiter area for sure....
  9. All kidding aside... Get there early and spend time at the Range. You can watch multiple guys hitting all different types of shots. I worked the event a couple years back inside the ropes so walking and watching isn't fun like it used to be lol
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