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  1. It shouldn't be any higher priced than the Tour Soft and it should come in a bright color.
  2. I bought a dozen last year and yes it’s a little pricy but it is actually a good ball. The UK Penfold site had 3 and 4 piece urethane balls for a couple of years. Have regretted not buying those.
  3. Not happy about Penfold being pushed out, now I can’t use my traditional Penfold Hearts when I whip Goldfinger.
  4. According to Britt at GW VCOG has very little impact on launch.
  5. It’s worth a try if there is a something specific you are hoping to improve on.
  6. Price needs to be lower to give people a reason to try it and it needs to be available in yellow.
  7. I would send an email to Aldila with all the information printed on the butt.
  8. High launch the Titleist Tour Soft Lower launch Wilson Staff Model and the Titleist AVX. Of these the Wilson probably has the most spin.
  9. Golfworks has two of them and both are available with a wide variety of shafts. Also, free assembly in the Custom Shop.
  10. I know when Morton Golf sells them they say balls could have black or gold lettering.
  11. This one https://www.lostgolfballs.com/golf-balls/quality/pristine-quality/titleist-prestige-white.html Doesn’t play like a urethane ball. Distance seemed fine but not a lot of spin on full iron shots.
  12. A few years ago I built two Maltby wedges with Rocket steel shafts, I wish I had those on a track man.
  13. Have you tried the Tour Speed? I’m 58 but still have a high club head speed and this ball really flies. I also find it to not be mushy around the green at all. There is also a new AVX coming out soon.
  14. So here’s a question I’ve received different answers to. Is X100 really a full flex stiffer than S300? I have a Dynalite SL X100 shaft I was going to use but was told soft stepping it twice would make it more like an R300.
  15. Correct, the DG spinner and I think he was referring to the KBS shaft as well. it seems to me the DG SL would make a great shaft choice for those using lightweight steel or graphite looking to increase spin in the wedges.
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