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  1. Have you tried the Maltby graphite shafts? They are really quite good, a little stiff to flex but smooth.
  2. Golf outlet USA has Ram and Macgregor grips for a very good price.
  3. 5 yards carry difference is about right for 4 wood v. 3 wood. The 3 will usually roll out a little longer as well.
  4. When GG bought GW, Ralph developed a line of irons just for the stores. You could walk in and try several different lines of clubs and buy the components off the shelf. All that went away with the Dicks buying GG. It was probably seen as a threat to the Hagen line they had invested so much into. As you can tell I'm no fan of DSG but they are literally the only game in town where I live now except for a 2nd swing about an hour away. The one GG within an hour had a good supply of GW supplies last I was there and the 3 DSG stores have very different inventory of golf stuff from one another.
  5. I don’t look at records from past Cups, match play is just so random. Phil was cruising against Rose who started making putts from everywhere and turned it around comes to mind. The question is are there an inexperienced player who would benefit from Phil’s experience . Is there anyone who is friends with Bryson and or Brooks who would be a good partner for them?
  6. it is probably included with Golf Galaxy if that broken out separately. It was GG that bought out Ralph before they were bought by Dicks.
  7. Great stuff comparing prices, but an important distinction is being missed, the ability to order the irons a given player needs. I have been looking at the new Wilson CB series but I have no need for a 4 iron, he’ll i rarely hit my 5 iron so why am I paying for them to sit in the closet? A set of TS series irons 6-GW with DG105 shafts and Winn grips $510. Not getting a full set of any off the shelf club for that.
  8. Very believe the new version od the Diablo Tour is a little softer. Yes the few times I played them I thought, man this ball is hard.
  9. First thanks for the review! For low cost wrap grips it is hard to do netter than Tacki-Mac, they need to be cleaned after install but they age well and the bonus of being made in America
  10. What I love about the MXU is the zero offset and square club face which makes them closer to an iron than a wood. I might give the FDI with the Maltby shaft which I use in the MXU’s.
  11. Was it actually Walmart or another company on the Walmart website?
  12. According to the Golf Digest 50 yard wedge test the Wilson Duo Pro which has a thin urethane cover, spins a little less than most urethane balls. Similar to the Tour Soft and Q Star Tour
  13. Might try the Callaway Diablo Tour at Dicks or maybe the TruFeel from Titleist, it’s two piece but develops plenty of spin on full iron shots for me.
  14. The stock Super Stroke is a little smaller than i expected, but i will give it a try for a while.
  15. I finally got a Moment XII putter, I love the look of it online for a long time, but never pulled the lever until now and my first impression is, wow this thing is huge, lol and light.
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