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  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you doing that for me.
  2. Can anybody help with this serial # 182737DM ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Not much to say here guys. Some stuff for sale. All prices are PayPal and shipped. Please ask any questions you might have. 1. Ping G20 10.5° driver head. Has been my gamer for three seasons. It has nics in the paint on the head near the back and toe. There are also some paint chips next ot the hosel. I tired to capture all of the imperfections in the pictures. $60.00 2. Royal Collection JP 104 15° 3 wood head. This one has some paint chipping on the topline as shown in the pictures. It also has tons of swirls in the clearcoat on the finish. I took a couple of pictures to sh
  4. I agree. The issue is this was an ebay sale and he is telling me the shaft is too short, but a 39 inch shaft would be the correct length for a 5 iron. I asked for the model of club and the length on the butt of the shaft that he is replacing to see what that can tell me. I will let you know what I find out. My guess is that I am not getting all of the information or he tip trimmed the taper tip shaft.....
  5. Ok guys I am pretty sure I know the answer here but a customer has me wondering what's up. Had asked for a DG XP shaft to replace his 5 iron shaft that broke. I had a 39 inch shaft that sould be right, but customer says the first rib is lower than on 6 iron. So, what are the possible issues here? He ordered the clubs +1 inch from the factory but that should have no effect right? I am cofused as what to do here. My only thought is that the factory installed longer shafts to account for the length, but that makes no sense either. Any other ideas?
  6. So, it's been awhile since I have sold anything. I have been out of the game focusing on school for a bit but the weather has me ready to play so I need some new gear. Prices are shipped to the US. I will ship elsewhere if you want to cover the extra shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions. 1. Rifle 6.5 pulls. 3 thru PW. These must play long because the 5 iron shaft is just short of 37.5 inches. There is a quarter inch extention in the 3 iron shaft as you can see from the pictures. There is also lead tape under where the grips would be as you can see as well. $45.
  7. A few random items for sale today, all prices include shipping to the US. I will ship elsewhere if you want to help with the shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions. 1. Titleist Tour Proven Performance 910 banner. Banner is in pretty good shape. I had it in my shop, but the shop is no more. Pictures show the details, it has some scuffs on the printing but nothing major. $30 SOLD 2. Mitchell Tour Van Repair shop banner. This one has some more wear as I have taken it up and down a few times through several moves. I tried to show the issues in the printing due to this
  8. Sorry, the XTD Ti 3 wood would be the only trade I am interested in right now. Thanks for looking though.
  9. All prices are best offer. Items are described and pictured as accurately as possible. Please ask any questions that you might have. 1. Attas T2 pull. Shaft is a TourSPX 6s, and it is untipped. It has a Golf Pride Z-cord on it right now and there is no extension. It measures 43 1/8in. as shown in the pictures. Played at 44.5 in a Ping G20 head. $60. 2. Matrix F7M2 standard. This shaft was tipped 1/2 inch to play in a 3 wood. It has an Iomic sticky 2.3 in all black on it right now. If memory serves me correctly the CPM's on the butt sticker were 254. It measures 41 5/8in.
  10. The 3-iron shaft is legit. On all of the sets I have had that's the sticker on the butt end. They all should have the marking on the shaft as well. Unless you purchased them from a reputable source I would be wary of the rest of them.
  11. I have some shirts for sale. I sold these shirts a little over a month ago and they did not fit the buyer. So, they are up for sale again. These shirts are size XXL, and I am the one who cut the tags out because they bother my neck. They last buyer claims that they were short so I am going to say they have shrunk I guess. They look like sleep shirts on me now so they have to be at least a bigger XL. The shirts are all perfect, no rips, tears, pulls, or stains. I didn't wear any of them more than twice. The black and navy blue shirts are polyester, and the rest of them are cotton blends
  12. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad to here that the head is treating you well.
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