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  1. Thanks! If the headweights were different I was just going to get the 33" and extend it because I dont mind the heavier head but lighter bothers me. Also does anyone know where I could get a black shaft that would fit this head?
  2. Im in the market for the Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 the problem is it seems no one has any left in 34". My question is are the headweights the same on the 33", 34" and 35" putters? If the headweights are all the same wouldnt the length change mess with the swingweight?
  3. How do you create that deep dimple look? or hammered look?
  4. Under the Number red dot, leave a white dot, then a blue dot. Red, White, and Blue - God Bless America!!!
  5. This spring I will hopefully be buying my first motorcycle at age 31. Now does anyone have any good ideas about a good starter bike? I keep hearing Suzuki SV650, Honda Shadow, Sportster, etc.? Im 6'2" and 210 so the Shadow & Sportster are alittle bit small but honestly I dont think I will have the starter bike for more than a year.(Will move on to a Harley-Davidson Fat-Bob) Style doesnt really matter and would like it around $3,000 anyone have any good ideas/advice.
  6. [quote name='TooMuchAwesome' timestamp='1381927005' post='8009447'] Superstroke just released a grip that is mainly black with some grey accents, hope that helps [/quote] I havent seen pictures of this when is it coming to retail?
  7. Anyone know why the Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 is not on there website anymore?
  8. Lanch Angle, this head is very very low launching due to the weight moved forward towards the face.
  9. Here is a question for anyone who knows. I was testing the TMAG Slider the other day I was informed that if I play the SLDR I need to be Hitting a 12° head and right now I am playing a 9.5° head. So brings the Question what are the loft degree changes of the Pros that changed to the SLDR? I will play whatever works for me but, im just very intregued/curious if the pros are changing 1.5-2° or even 3°?
  10. [quote name='H.A. Kerr' timestamp='1380525651' post='7930655'] [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1380506950' post='7929957'] I always think it is funny, though, how this shot has been around since...forever...and people only associate it with one player now. [/quote] Tiger "owning" the Stinger isn't that big of a deal. Even I have shots that are associated with only me. There's the "Son of a Dirty *****", the "I Quit" and the famous "Sand Wedge 'Fore!'" [/quote]I just laughed so hard at this!!!!!
  11. I thought you may have been talking about me the way I was playing this weekend. Some days the Driver just doesnt want to wrok. Maybe the guys were trying to work out the kinks with there drivers????
  12. WOW!!!! Nice work, please keep us updated.
  13. Yea I wasnt sure if PGA SS even did sharpening, but I think ill just pick up a groove sharpener online and give it a shot. Thanks for the help!
  14. Ok ive noticed my Cleveland CG12 wedge has lost some of its bite. Ive had the wedge about 3yrs never sharpened the grooves. My question is should I buy a groove sharpener(is it worth buying?) or just take 10 minutes and take it somewhere to have it done? If I do buy a tool anyone have any suggestions for a good tool for my CG12s specifically? Or should I just take it somewhere and have it done - I have a PGA Superstore 15 minutes from my house? Has anyone ever had the PGA SS sharpen the grooves on there clubs? P.S. I have worked with my hands most of my life(Roofing and Construction) so I
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