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  1. Hahn's is a 12 with the Aluminum not being anodized black.
  2. Here we go. Scotties site says 4 new models. https://www.scottycameron.com
  3. You’ll be waiting till March 2022. The Select line is updated every other year.
  4. Brand New Custom Ordered SM8's Waited since October for T100 S order and they kept being updated to a later and later back order status. These were ordered to go along along with that set up. I've moved on from that order and looking to get different wedges to match my new set up, These have not been swung, hit a ball or have even been soled on the ground. Brand New Custom Ordered SM8's Tour Chrome 52.08 F-Grind S400 AMT White 132 Gram shaft STD L,L,L 1 wrap under New New Decade Blue/Red Team color edition grip Tour Chrome 58.10 S
  5. TSi# 18°, 20° and 23° RH on conforming list and 18°, 20° LH
  6. DS 72 is a fastback the other 2 I have no idea
  7. you need to convert the photos from heic to jpeg and re upload. No one can see them and most won't try to download all the pictures.
  8. Well kinda but not really. Pings sleeve is the lightest by far so sleeves put together with heads are close to the same where the advantage comes is because the sleeve is none existent weight wise ping can control the moi by redistribution of that weight gain elsewhere in the head. Ping has longer lengths for the more counter balance shafts to help bring swing weight back up to normal levels.
  9. Well that's some good stuff for sale. That Monterey is sick. Caleb is one of the best out there so buy with confidence. GLWS!!
  10. I'm OK with your numbers just not the assessment of the the response to the numbers. A softer tip shaft, IE the RDX will turn the ball over, hence launching lower than the HULK would have. The HULK would have kept the club face open a hair longer due to its stiffer tip section and would have a higher launch then the SIM and the HULK would of brought the spin down to at least the the SIM area.
  11. I love it. A sim with hazrdus green would always spin less the a 1 degree higher lofted head and a softer shaft. It’s a draw by the way cause of the shaft and that draw is the only thing keeping the launch down. These set ups are plain and simple not a direct comparison by any nature even though the numbers would suggest the are.
  12. PING Pioneer II Cart bag w/rainhood Use some of last season $160 OBO Shipped ground CONUS!!
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