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  1. Ya about the best shape putter for us Leftie's. GLWS!!
  2. Everything CONUS only Canada add $45 for shipping. No trade offers please!! Customer ordered clubs!! Will listen to offers especially made on both clubs. PING G410 9° LST digitally lofted to 9° for reassurance. PING Tour 6X Plays @ 44.75" D4 Swing Weight Tour Velvet 360 Plus 2 wraps $335 OBO shipped 2-3 USPS Priority. SOLD PING G410 14.5° LST. I only pulled out of my bag once and not sure I hit it even that one time. PING Tour 7X Plays @ 42.75" D3 Swing Weight Tour Velvet 360 Plus 2 wraps
  3. Had that same set up with the TS2. Love for the Evenflow white. Not a better feeling, more stable shaft out there. Absolute beast. Top notch seller as well who underpromises and over delivers. Can't go wrong guys!! GLWS!!
  4. Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 with custom work playing @ 34.5" STD size Bettinardi grip. 6061 aluminum has durable Cerakote H-150 Savage Stainless finish. $380 OBO shipped! No trade offers please. Price is CONUS only. Canada add $25
  5. HaHa. I will update my signature now. As for the rest of the forged the 921 SEL is the only set up Left-Handers get. What you see is what we get.
  6. If it was the Jonny Wunder review that was never indicated. Is there a different review?
  7. I’m gonna go back and re read. I did not pick up on that at all. Only the he wanted 2100-2200 spin and constantly got it. Maybe I read wrong.
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