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  1. I am really, really sorry to see this one go, but it needs a new owner. It's a putt maker not a wall hanger. It is just back from restoration at Slighter and they did a superb job. My assignment was to keep as much of everything (face milling, especially) original looking while softening the leading edge just slightly. I wanted to keep the original shaft since I know Slighter now uses a stepless shaft and I didn't want to take a chance that the feel would be different. Rest assured this putter looks even better in person than it does in the photos. Sorry, no headcover. Questions? Ask away... Thanks for reading. Cheers. Sticks This putter is yours for $450 OBO.
  2. A few more photos I took when I got the Slighter back home yesterday. The work is fantastic. The softening of the lines really brings the shape together. I kept the original 2007 shaft because I really liked the feel and didn't want to gamble on how a new shaft might feel. I gotta say, I'm not sure I'll be able to live with the black. It's just more reflective than I like. I do not want to make the putter into a wall hanger. If I don't play it I'll sell it to someone who will. Tom Slighter said they had great results with the "new black" in terms of durability & consistency. I'll make a decision once I get it out in the brutal SoCal sun. We will see. Cheers. PC
  3. I was actually Ok with the finish wear / patina but there was some top line chatter that had accumulated since 2007. Plus, it was an opportunity to soften both the lead and trail edges of the top line. I did not want the face re-milled since I liked the look, sound and feel as is. Cheers. PC
  4. Slighter calls it, wait for it: New Black
  5. It’s been a while but the heart-breaking putt maker is on its way home. I put the resto off for a long time since the putter’s patina was perfect. Finally, I relented and let Tom Slighter and his wizards do their magic. These are the pre-shipping proof-of-life pics. I’ll take more once it’s back in my hands, if anyone is interested. Thanks for taking a look. Cheers. PC
  6. Played with a guy like that once. Another player in the group finally says, “Please don’t talk to my golf ball unless it’s in my pocket.” The guy still did it, but not quite as indiscriminately. Old habits…
  7. Yeah, I don’t get being stuck on playing one course, especially one that’s in marginal condition. Since I turned 60 my GF has outlawed me walking 18 when it gets north of 100, which is pretty much every day where I live between July and September. Oh well.
  8. Sorry, but that was a joke. Still, I AM hoping to buy a land/sea capable golf cart some day. (Hint: That was also a joke…)
  9. Both sound tough to handle. I used to play in an occasional foursome. The organizer guy was a tool. If he thought someone was conversing during his preshot he wouldn’t say anything. He’d save it up until he had a chance to talk during the offender’s actual swing. Didn’t like the guy before I witnessed this and wouldn’t waste my time playing with him thereafter. I used to play a bunch at a local 36-hole muny as a single. Got paired with a guy who was a very good player. Problem was that his head wouldn’t fit between a standard doorway…total figjam. Anyway, the guy was even or one under thru 16. He then bogeys 17 looks at the scorecard and announces that he should be able to birdie 18 since it’s so easy. Instead, the guy flares a high bomb that runs thru the right fairway’s rough. The guy says, “I can’t believe I could finish over par on a lousy course like this.” I waited until we got to his ball to point out that not only was he likely to finish over par but his ball was also OB (it came to rest on the first hole of the other course, way beyond the OB stakes). Yes, I enjoyed waiting to let him know.
  10. Sadly, the last decade has seen me drive more than 20 golf carts into a collection of ponds, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and at least one ocean. Accidents? Possibly… Intentional? As yet unproven…
  11. My regular game is with my buddy whom I like to call, Da Playah. Good guy, a year younger than me. Fave: Playah strikes the perfect balance between wanting to play well but not taking it all too seriously. Peeve: When we ride he has the annoying tendency to park the cart so the front of the cart is pointing away from the direction of his next shot. Can’t figure out why he does this. Who wants to be facing the tee when your partner is hitting his approach? He’ll reposition if I ask quickly enough but he does it almost every time, so I usually end up getting out just so I can see what the heck happens with his next shot. I still love playing with the guy and frequently taking his lunch money from him. We met on the golf course but we eventually became friends away from the game, too. I’m really glad we crossed paths all those years ago. He’s a great friend. So, what’s a fave & a peeve of your regular partner?
  12. I think I could but I would have to have a split personality on the big day. Meaning? I would have to be at my best but at the same time I'd have to leave my ego in the trunk of the rental car. Like Roger Gunn likes to say, I would have to make aggressive swings at conservative targets with more discipline than I usually display (Ok, ever display). I'll also need a good caddie, the airfare from LAX and green fees. Oh, don't forget cocktails after the round especially if I fail (and even if I succeed). Can anyone donate to the cause? I'd like to get it done before the heat and humidity take over. Maybe this weekend...
  13. And again, the company may offer it in different head weights, I’m only talking about the review sample that I have. The aggregate weight of the putter is apparent in just pulling it out of the bag and of course while making a stroke. My two gamers are decidedly different head weights so it really doesn’t bother me.
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