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  1. I have no idea as to its worth today. It's just one of a bunch of putters that went into and out of my hands. Loved how it looked but I could never make anything with it. I blamed it on the snow...only kidding. I don't mind letting putters go that didn't work for me go, money notwithstanding. Prime examples are the Tour Circa #3 and the Buttonback. I liked 'em but I coulnd't roll 'em so they moved on. As dollar investments I should have kept the Tour Circa #3, the Buttonback, a Japanese Market Studio Stainless Newport Beach 34"/340G, a NIB Ping JAS Anser, tw
  2. I wrote, more athletic, as in Maggert appearing to be no more athletic than an average guy roughly his size and weight. That said, a measure of athleticism is the ability to do something athletic, like hit a golf ball. But, I was mostly differentiating Maggert (as I did in my OP) from guys like DJ and Rory who have raw athletic abilities, as evidenced by a bunch of their swing aspects, that few of us can aspire to. For me, Maggert presents a more realistic model, especially owing to his age.
  3. That said, Maggert seems like a decent enough guy. This photo gets me thinking about cause and effect and how few people get into a position that's anywhere close to this. If Maggert simply more athletic? Maybe, but I'm thinking not. Looks like a fairly average guy to me. It's one thing looking at Rory or DJ and realizing they can do things few golfers will ever be able to do. But, I've gotta believe that what Maggert's doing here, really staying back after impact, lower body open and feet pretty dang quiet is doable by mere mortals. The right shoulders of m
  4. No idea. I paid $175 for it back in 2010.
  5. Nine years after the last post but I still play this wedge from time to time and it's fantastic. Great for half shots and especially with tight lies. I'd buy another one if I could find one.
  6. It's a Tour Tradition and it was something around 345G. I found a couple more of it...the grip was excellent.
  7. Here's the Flow Neck I had made to compliment my old Newport. Soft as butter and sat true...
  8. I know this about a decade late but it's still one of my favorite wedges. The only problem is that for my game it had a bit too much bounce. I go low bounce in my strong wedge and lotsa bounce in my weak wedge. Still, I really enjoy it when it does find its way into the bag. Not sure whatever became of the company...
  9. All this and the look of his fade on Toptracer last week. The announcers were talking about how Im's drives looked automatic but the look of Johnson's through the air were far more impressive. The biggest danger is a student going to see his pro and saying, "I want to hit my drives just like DJ's."
  10. If I were Bryson I would be worried about two things. The first is obviously injury. The second is the potential inability to back out of the long drive technique back to a more conventional technique if things don't go as he hopes. The whole deal feels like a quest to gain attention and that kind of effort may not be all that good for his game. Frankly, I thought Bryson was smarter than this.
  11. The thing is I don't take very many of them over the course of a round. Last time out I maybe did the rehearsal deal 5-7 times. As I said, I have to be comitted and able to step right in after I do. My golf buddy averages three practice swings per full swing shot. Each is your typical lazy "I don't really swing like this" kind of swing that only exists to keep him loose & suck up some time. My good rehearsal swings sometimes show me just how lousy my swing might be and I'm not even trying to strike the ball. Sometimes they help and sometimes...
  12. Multiple FGP (brass and steel). When I really want to roll it purely you'll find one of them in my bag. Each is 34" with 71 degree of lie and identical Rosemark grips. Amazing company, too. None better.
  13. For a putter like yours length wouldn't matter to me. If I was the kind of guy who uses separate Q-tips for each each I would have Bettinardi reshaft. If I was a one Q-tip for ear I'd shorten or extend the putter myself. Why not just go out and make some putts with it? I'm hoping that's why you bought it rather than to think about its length when you eventually sell it.
  14. Don't forget to email Grace. He may have some helpful thoughts about restoration that is specific to his putters.
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