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  1. I think I could but I would have to have a split personality on the big day. Meaning? I would have to be at my best but at the same time I'd have to leave my ego in the trunk of the rental car. Like Roger Gunn likes to say, I would have to make aggressive swings at conservative targets with more discipline than I usually display (Ok, ever display). I'll also need a good caddie, the airfare from LAX and green fees. Oh, don't forget cocktails after the round especially if I fail (and even if I succeed). Can anyone donate to the cause? I'd like to get it
  2. And again, the company may offer it in different head weights, I’m only talking about the review sample that I have. The aggregate weight of the putter is apparent in just pulling it out of the bag and of course while making a stroke. My two gamers are decidedly different head weights so it really doesn’t bother me.
  3. Nope, I’m just a reviewer & golf blogger. As an aside, putters that are milled from 303 stainless bar stock (or carbon steel) are not, by definition, forged. Part of my interview will be of Mr. Sakakibara himself, though my questions for him will relate mostly to his experience and techniques. I won’t be dealing with questions about other manufacturers when I question Yoshi or Mr. Sakakibara. Thanks for your post and stay tuned! Cheers. Sticks
  4. The head weight of my review putter is 386G...
  5. Yup, graphite: Deramax 01-105P-MH... I’ll ask Yoshi about head weight but I can tell you it’s dang heavy (I know that’s a technical term).
  6. And, just for the record, Sakaki says nothing about their face milling being unique or even unusual.
  7. Thanks, the Sakaki is first in line to be followed the new HT Mallet from SeeMore. Busy summer but it gives me an excuse to play more golf this year than last!
  8. Ah yes, the loft. My review putter was indeed built to 7 degrees at Sakaki's request. However, you can order whatever loft you like between 2-7 degrees.
  9. I came upon Sakaki on Instagram and I'm currently working on an in-depth review of their putter and an interview with Ishizuka Yoshimasa of Sakaki. The putter arrived last week from Kasugai City near Nagoya, Japan. It's a naked 303 stainless Anser-style head that comes directly off the mill with no touch up. This is a very daring way to make a putter. Touch up and finishes can go a long way to hiding milling issues of all sorts and there's none of that here. When I first got it, I sent a few iPhone photos to a well-regarded putter maker to get his confidential reaction to the mill
  10. The Peter Millar cost me a fortune, only to learn that I don't really wear green. SOLD The lesson? Know thyself and thy colors...SOLD Green fairways, yes, green jackets, no. SOLD It's a true medium, certainly does not run small. Has literally been worn twice. SOLD Let's say $45 shipped. SOLD SOLD: SeeMore FGP, an oldie but a goodie. 34" with a worn Rosemark grip and even more worn SeeMore headcover with weak velcro. SOLD How about $50 shipped? SOLD Bettinardi Studio Stock cover from some year I don't know. Assu
  11. Fantastic. Hoping to get back to Sac and Truckee, maybe over the summer, if things keep getting better. Beautiful time of year...
  12. My favorite cousin and I spent a fantastic week way back in 2015 doing nothing but hanging out, playing golf, eating out, sipping whisky, drinking wine & enjoying the end of summer. We played nine rounds in seven days and battled our way through a series of matches that all ended with a couple guys thoroughly enjoying each other's company. I treasure these two photos... The first is of my cousin on the lone day where some unexpcted weather threatened the day. We ended up getting on to the slightly soggy course a couple hours before sunset and the mix of
  13. Yes, it went in. No, I can't remember the last time I missed one like this.
  14. I gave up playing Rancho after i played it one time, during the week, and that was before the Tiger Era. It's bad enough in the valley...
  15. Nice, I had the same ISI wedges as part of my full ISI set right around the same time. After all these years still very hard irons to beat!
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