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  1. Fantastic. Hoping to get back to Sac and Truckee, maybe over the summer, if things keep getting better. Beautiful time of year...
  2. My favorite cousin and I spent a fantastic week way back in 2015 doing nothing but hanging out, playing golf, eating out, sipping whisky, drinking wine & enjoying the end of summer. We played nine rounds in seven days and battled our way through a series of matches that all ended with a couple guys thoroughly enjoying each other's company. I treasure these two photos... The first is of my cousin on the lone day where some unexpcted weather threatened the day. We ended up getting on to the slightly soggy course a couple hours before sunset and the mix of
  3. Yes, it went in. No, I can't remember the last time I missed one like this.
  4. I gave up playing Rancho after i played it one time, during the week, and that was before the Tiger Era. It's bad enough in the valley...
  5. Nice, I had the same ISI wedges as part of my full ISI set right around the same time. After all these years still very hard irons to beat!
  6. I'm usually pretty good about avoiding having too much golf stuff. I only have one bag. I have one set of irons. I have two nearly identical drivers. I have one Anser-styled head putter and two other SeeMore gamers. But, it seems that I cannot prevent the relentless accumulation of wedges. Earlier in the pandemic I sold a bunch (between 15-20) on Ebay; all playable and with fresh grips. For a while, my office closet looked positively empty! Then, they started to multiply. I don't know how it happens, it just does. There's a rogue head
  7. I'm all for it. Enjoy yourself. There are multiple substrates in all platings. That's why the other poster mentioned the idea of having them dealt with professionally. You can systematically remove the plating and substrates solely with abrasives but the plating in the grooves and paint-fill areas would survive. Realize that a lot of the chemicals needed to do this without abrasives are both toxic to you and your dad and also difficult to dispose of properly. I recall that Steve Pate was the first pro I recall having raw irons on tour back in the
  8. I usually try to avoid answering questions with questions but why do you want to strip the J15cb? And, yes, J15cb are plated as are virtually all production forged irons, except for a few, especially from Japan, like various models from Zodia.
  9. Since the OP states he wants to prevent rust, just do the basics: 1) Keep the head out of the cover unless you're playing it. 2) Apply a tiny about of whatever oil you like between rounds and / or get yourself a Scotty or non-Scotty oil cloth and massage the little fellow with love. 3) Not meaning to contradict anyone but I would really avoid steel wool, even 000 or 0000. Just go at it with a crappy old terry cloth and live with whatever is left behind. Question: Did you take the finish off this putter or did you buy it that way? I have found GB a
  10. Well of course I ravaged my own swing by trying to do something that's impossible (for me anyway). I can do it on putts and chips but on a full swing there's no way. So, if I accomplish one goal (eyes on ball throughout the swing) I fail on another the critical goal of letting my swing work as it must for me to pull off a shot. I should have known better, even Hogan said he lost sight of the ball somewhere in his downswing. If he couldn't do it what chance did I have?
  11. Thing is, I figured the keep your eyes fixed on the ball was like a harmless anti-swing thought. Problem was that trying to do that with my eyes/vision created effects in my body/swing that made the whole deal impossible. I managed to get into my own head. I once played with a guy who said, "Good Shot" to another player in our group then followed up with: "Tell me something, do you inhale or exhale as you take the club back?" That guy's game was done for the day, at least.
  12. Mine was trying to keep my eye on the ball throughout the swing. It seemed so harmless, intuitive and sensible yet the results were dismal. The idea actually came from a non-swing oriented golf book. It was presented as a goal of calm focus rather than an actual swing key or thought. In a very short span of time it ravaged my full swing and it took longer to get it back than it did to lose it. Once I convinced myself of the idea I actually had to purposefully avert my gaze from the ball to get my swing back. Now, I try to give the ball a long look right before I take the club back
  13. I really like the Millar but I almost never wear it. My loss, etc. It's in clean shape, no stains odors or other scary stuff. I'm happy if someone else will wear it... The Millar pullover is gone. Thanks for all the inquiries! Titleist 915 D2 10.5 is a great back up. I tried to capture the thinning of the clear coat on the crown. It's hard to see and photograph but it's there. Kuro Kage R 50G shaft and original HC are in fine shape. $80. Happy to trade the driver for an interesting wedge. Let me know what you have... Traded for two more wedges I
  14. Funny. If this had been hand made by someone from California whose name rhymes with a nice little breed of dog it would be worth...how much? Someone needs to buy this. I miss mine...
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