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  1. Thing is, I figured the keep your eyes fixed on the ball was like a harmless anti-swing thought. Problem was that trying to do that with my eyes/vision created effects in my body/swing that made the whole deal impossible. I managed to get into my own head. I once played with a guy who said, "Good Shot" to another player in our group then followed up with: "Tell me something, do you inhale or exhale as you take the club back?" That guy's game was done for the day, at least.
  2. Mine was trying to keep my eye on the ball throughout the swing. It seemed so harmless, intuitive and sensible yet the results were dismal. The idea actually came from a non-swing oriented golf book. It was presented as a goal of calm focus rather than an actual swing key or thought. In a very short span of time it ravaged my full swing and it took longer to get it back than it did to lose it. Once I convinced myself of the idea I actually had to purposefully avert my gaze from the ball to get my swing back. Now, I try to give the ball a long look right before I take the club back
  3. I really like the Millar but I almost never wear it. My loss, etc. It's in clean shape, no stains odors or other scary stuff. I'm happy if someone else will wear it... The Millar pullover is gone. Thanks for all the inquiries! Titleist 915 D2 10.5 is a great back up. I tried to capture the thinning of the clear coat on the crown. It's hard to see and photograph but it's there. Kuro Kage R 50G shaft and original HC are in fine shape. $80. Happy to trade the driver for an interesting wedge. Let me know what you have... Traded for two more wedges I
  4. Funny. If this had been hand made by someone from California whose name rhymes with a nice little breed of dog it would be worth...how much? Someone needs to buy this. I miss mine...
  5. The shaft manufacturer's website is pretty sparse on technical details dang clear on the $790 price. Let's see, if I do my whole bag it would only cost me $3600! I'm not taking them seriously until they come out with a putter shaft. Half measures and all...
  6. That is a good looking putter!
  7. NIce. Glad it was named after a longtime Ping employee and not some some guy from Georgia.
  8. Not quite on point but what was the meaning/relevance of the Heppler name?
  9. Sorry, but I'm a born rule breaker. These two are my gamer(s). The Slighter Tacoma is a 2007 FPR 1-100 and plays at 34.6 inches and the brass SeeMore FGP Special Run 45-100 plays at 34 inches on the button. Had to wait for the midsize Pure in green so that the grip color matched the shaft label...just kidding...kinda. The SeeMore has my favorite Rosemark Thorn grip 1.25 in blue because it feels & looks great.
  10. Even if the 25G CW changed your sense of the head weight you can always...wait for it...add a little lead tape to the sole of your Scotty to equalize things. In my experience, an 11G difference would be no difference at all. YMMV. Good luck.
  11. Which Mil-Spec (length/headweight)?
  12. I'll bet the folks at Bettinardi know. My guess is high Ds even at 33 inches (depending on grip) but why guess? FWIW, both my 2019 BB1 and 2017 Studio Stock #8 still felt pretty hefty even at 34 inches.
  13. I agree with MattM97; be conservative. Keep the putter's look "honest" to what it started out its life to be. So much of the work done today maximizes bells and whistles and raw bling factor but there's something to be said for simply honoring a putter's original style and design. Most of all, enjoy the work!
  14. I have sent the CS three putters over the years. All were handled in a timely manner. 1) Was an OC oval track Newport. I was underwhelmed by their then-current version of oil can. It wasn't close to the oil can that BOS did back when it was made. It was really brown and really drab. But, the rest of the putter was OK and the price (then) was fair. 2) Was a 33/350 Mil Spec. They did a super job on a full PP resto and extension to 33.75" and I made a ton of putts with that baby. Wish I still had it. Was probably the best overall value (both for the putter and the resto) I
  15. I tend to break down putter grips into size and surface texture. The Rosemark 1.25 hits the middle on both. It's neither too big nor too small and and the surface texture, with the silicon beads, can't be beat. All of that said, I've recently gotten interested in grip geometry, specifically the Garsen approach which opposes the thumbs, rather than perching them atop the front of flat part of the putter grip. FWIW, I've have never had a grip change the sound or feel of a putter but I suppose it's possible if the diameter or durometer gets unreasonable.
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