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  1. Funny. If this had been hand made by someone from California whose name rhymes with a nice little breed of dog it would be worth...how much? Someone needs to buy this. I miss mine...
  2. The shaft manufacturer's website is pretty sparse on technical details dang clear on the $790 price. Let's see, if I do my whole bag it would only cost me $3600! I'm not taking them seriously until they come out with a putter shaft. Half measures and all...
  3. That is a good looking putter!
  4. NIce. Glad it was named after a longtime Ping employee and not some some guy from Georgia.
  5. Not quite on point but what was the meaning/relevance of the Heppler name?
  6. Sorry, but I'm a born rule breaker. These two are my gamer(s). The Slighter Tacoma is a 2007 FPR 1-100 and plays at 34.6 inches and the brass SeeMore FGP Special Run 45-100 plays at 34 inches on the button. Had to wait for the midsize Pure in green so that the grip color matched the shaft label...just kidding...kinda. The SeeMore has my favorite Rosemark Thorn grip 1.25 in blue because it feels & looks great.
  7. Even if the 25G CW changed your sense of the head weight you can always...wait for it...add a little lead tape to the sole of your Scotty to equalize things. In my experience, an 11G difference would be no difference at all. YMMV. Good luck.
  8. Which Mil-Spec (length/headweight)?
  9. I'll bet the folks at Bettinardi know. My guess is high Ds even at 33 inches (depending on grip) but why guess? FWIW, both my 2019 BB1 and 2017 Studio Stock #8 still felt pretty hefty even at 34 inches.
  10. I agree with MattM97; be conservative. Keep the putter's look "honest" to what it started out its life to be. So much of the work done today maximizes bells and whistles and raw bling factor but there's something to be said for simply honoring a putter's original style and design. Most of all, enjoy the work!
  11. I have sent the CS three putters over the years. All were handled in a timely manner. 1) Was an OC oval track Newport. I was underwhelmed by their then-current version of oil can. It wasn't close to the oil can that BOS did back when it was made. It was really brown and really drab. But, the rest of the putter was OK and the price (then) was fair. 2) Was a 33/350 Mil Spec. They did a super job on a full PP resto and extension to 33.75" and I made a ton of putts with that baby. Wish I still had it. Was probably the best overall value (both for the putter and the resto) I
  12. I tend to break down putter grips into size and surface texture. The Rosemark 1.25 hits the middle on both. It's neither too big nor too small and and the surface texture, with the silicon beads, can't be beat. All of that said, I've recently gotten interested in grip geometry, specifically the Garsen approach which opposes the thumbs, rather than perching them atop the front of flat part of the putter grip. FWIW, I've have never had a grip change the sound or feel of a putter but I suppose it's possible if the diameter or durometer gets unreasonable.
  13. Ping is the king of iron durability when it comes to cast clubs but no other forged iron maker can match Mizuno's quality and durability in this era. No current forged iron even comes close. You can play these irons for the rest of your life & savor every moment of buttery goodness!
  14. That was a bomber. Sorry to see Sonartec go the way of the dinosaur.
  15. 2008 Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid 20 deg. About the only place I don't use this is out of the rough. I'm always on the hunt for a back up but there aren't that many out there. My guess is I'm not the only guy who is sold on it.
  16. I will say that I don't much enjoy playing with someone who truly doesn't know enough to play golf. Seems like there are fewer of them around these days but every now and then you'll come across someone who would really be better off at a 3-par. There's often a difference between a poor player and an inexperienced one but either way they're not doing anyone a favor by playing a course that's well beyond their ability. A buddy of mine (who I generally avoid playing with) plays twice a month at some very difficult local courses, and his group always plays from the back tees. When my
  17. 1. Gone to the Great State of NM: Free NIB Slighter cover to a good WRXer. Please, actually own a Slighter putter to get this! 2. Nearly new Bettinardi Covers. $25, each. NOTE: Only the gray Studio Stock cover is still up for grabs. Thanks! 3. FREE to loyal GolfWRXer: TRUE Linkswear lyt//dry Black 9.5...very light use. Please, don't resell here or elsewhere. Either use them or give to someone who can. Please... 4. SOLD SeeMore updated with new grip and current all-black shaft. Includes new cover. 34" and standard lie. Head and topline show some wear. $65 SOLD: Thanks Golf WRX!
  18. I have no idea as to its worth today. It's just one of a bunch of putters that went into and out of my hands. Loved how it looked but I could never make anything with it. I blamed it on the snow...only kidding. I don't mind letting putters go that didn't work for me go, money notwithstanding. Prime examples are the Tour Circa #3 and the Buttonback. I liked 'em but I coulnd't roll 'em so they moved on. As dollar investments I should have kept the Tour Circa #3, the Buttonback, a Japanese Market Studio Stainless Newport Beach 34"/340G, a NIB Ping JAS Anser, tw
  19. I wrote, more athletic, as in Maggert appearing to be no more athletic than an average guy roughly his size and weight. That said, a measure of athleticism is the ability to do something athletic, like hit a golf ball. But, I was mostly differentiating Maggert (as I did in my OP) from guys like DJ and Rory who have raw athletic abilities, as evidenced by a bunch of their swing aspects, that few of us can aspire to. For me, Maggert presents a more realistic model, especially owing to his age.
  20. That said, Maggert seems like a decent enough guy. This photo gets me thinking about cause and effect and how few people get into a position that's anywhere close to this. If Maggert simply more athletic? Maybe, but I'm thinking not. Looks like a fairly average guy to me. It's one thing looking at Rory or DJ and realizing they can do things few golfers will ever be able to do. But, I've gotta believe that what Maggert's doing here, really staying back after impact, lower body open and feet pretty dang quiet is doable by mere mortals. The right shoulders of m
  21. No idea. I paid $175 for it back in 2010.
  22. Nine years after the last post but I still play this wedge from time to time and it's fantastic. Great for half shots and especially with tight lies. I'd buy another one if I could find one.
  23. It's a Tour Tradition and it was something around 345G. I found a couple more of it...the grip was excellent.
  24. Here's the Flow Neck I had made to compliment my old Newport. Soft as butter and sat true...
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