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  1. FWIW, I ordered a full set of 5s on Monday and they quoted 10-12 days to ship.
  2. Almost positive it’s a cavity. It has been for the 545s, 65s and 85s. The 7 series gap wedge is more of a blade, although it does have a small cavity as well.
  3. Still playing mine, 17 turned down to 16, stock shaft. Replaced my 3 wood. Whatever nominal distance was lost is made up for in accuracy. It’s firmly in the bag.
  4. I wear a large in PM polos and I got the large in this jacket (but the 1/4 zip version). It’s a tiny bit snug with the layers underneath but it’s not too snug.
  5. That’s spot on. I just bought the quarter zip version and the sleeves aren’t particularly warm. Wore it today in the mid 40s with a base layer and was fine walking but might have been a little cold in a cart. Really like the quarter zip however.
  6. 1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2. 7 3. Zx7 4. Yes I can test immediately 5. Srixon 585 w Modus 120 S, 1/2 inch long and 1 up 6. The look and feel 7. Yes
  7. > @"SC Seawolf" said: > Took advantage of BDAY promotion - Received my beautiful white Player 2.0 yesterday. First the good. The bag is gorgeous and the materials first class. Straps are awesome. I think the white will stay clean and crisp with nothing more than a wipe-down. A solid well built bag. > > Few observations: > * Full length dividers - it has full length dividers, but they are not connected to the sides, or in the same configuration of the 6 way top. Its 3 dividers, top to bottom, but not attached on sides...so you will still have some club tangle. >
  8. Those pics are awesome, thanks for posting. Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 2.0 stand bag 14 way in black. The wait is driving me crazy.
  9. Great looking, thanks for the pics. I’m still anxiously awaiting my 14 way that I ordered 3-4 week ago. Getting frustrated at the lack of communication. I haven’t received anything about a delay, etc. I’ve reached out directly so hopefully I’ll hear back, and more importantly get the bag, soon.
  10. My apologies for leaving that out. I got the 6 way. I'm sure the 14 way doesn't have an issue. Thanks for clarifying!
  11. Thanks! I ordered the same bag in black a few weeks ago but have not received shipping notification yet. Very anxious.
  12. I wonder if he’s referring to the 14 way model? Can’t tell based on the post.
  13. And I hope 3/10 ship date is accurate. When I ordered, it said 2/15 ship date, but that obviously didn’t happen. Excited about the product, anxiously awaiting.
  14. The website says the single strap is available for separate purchase, I believe.
  15. I ordered one on the 12th or so and it was supposed to ship on the 15th, still hasn’t shipped. I called customer service and they said they still haven’t received but should get them shortly. I asked about full length dividers, and Vessel responded that the 14 way has 14 full length dividers and the 6 way has 3 full length dividers. I haven’t seen in person so I can’t confirm, but that was in an email from Vessel in response to my question.
  16. Can anyone comment on whether the 14 way version comes with 14 full-length dividers? Thank you!
  17. Yes there are 14 but one is bigger to accommodate large grips. Thank you!
  18. Random question: does the vessel 14 way stand bag have 14 full-length dividers or no?
  19. Agree with all the positive comments here. I’ve got a satin set of CB3 heads I’ve been meaning to shaft. Great sticks, absolutely no reason I stopped gaming them other than just being a club ho...
  20. I’ve had both. If you predominantly ride or push, I’d go 4.5. If you walk and carry, I’d go 3.5. This is totally personal but the one thing I didn’t like about the 4.5 was the cart strap tunnel, as it made the largest pocket considerably smaller. The 3.5 doesn’t have that. Hope that helps.
  21. I saw that - the 765 was much shorter if I recall. I was also looking to see if anyone here had switched from the 565 to the 790. thanks! That's the switch I made. I think they are really comparable and I just switched because I wanted to. Both great sticks, similar distance, similar dispersion. I do think the 790s look a little better but that's obviously subjective. Went with a different shaft to justify the switch haha
  22. I’m in the same boat, I just want a custom number and no other personalization. Based on the criteria I read, I can’t tell if custom numbers are an option this year. I got them last year. The way I read it, a single symbol (like a period) isn’t sufficient.
  23. I just called SM customer service and ordered over the phone. Roughly $25 and I got them in about 4 days. Only color is black, just FYI.
  24. So interesting how subjective the sound of the Max can be. I have both the reg 400 and the Max and while the Max may be a bit louder, my perception is that they don't sound all that different. YMMV.
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